Featured Friendly PMC 3.3.5-beta

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Spawn with a squad of your side, recruit others while in the raid, and command them on the battlefield.

See Pinned Comment for regular updates regarding available commands.

Requires :


Big Brain

Unity ToolKit


Conflicts with QuestingBots Mod (some say this is no longer the case - needs confirmation)

If using Swag+Donuts Mod, you must use Alternative Spawn in combination with Spawn Delay to have your squad spawn. And it does not always work.

Update 3.3.0-beta:

  • Added "Attention" command which is meant to help reset the followers in case of when they are stuck or running of
  • Added "followerstome" console command to teleport all followers where the player is
  • Added ping squad which you can assign to a button (default F10) that will display where your teammates are within 150 meter radius
  • sameSideHostile flag will no longer turn the followers you spawned with hostile towards you
  • Bots will now get their ammo refill on becoming a follower
  • Improvements on enemy approach logic
  • Added option to spawn with the Goons Squad (all or individually)

Gameplay of the Goons:
I wanted to create a situation in which the Goons will act more as your allies than your followers. To keep their original personalities yet have them take you into account. This led to a lot of trial and error, testing upon testing, and at this point I don't even care anymore - however they are, they are good enough. I do not plan to update them or even add new bosses. The pain is too much. With that said, compared to the regular followers, much of the commands they will ignore.
They will listen to:

  • Regroup, Need Help (in combat) - will try to get near the player
  • That Direction - will try to approach the enemy (in combat) or will try to go in front of the player (out of combat)
  • Come Here - will try to go near the player (out of combat)

They follow the player in this matter: Knight follows the player closely, BirdEye follows the player at a distance and BigPipe follows BirdEye closely (BirdEye is the most vulnerable). Knight and BigPipe have an aggressive combat while BirdEye tries to find spots to snipe from.

When you play with them, especially as you hear their lines you will see that having an aggressive style is part of their personality. Unfortunately, that means they can die quickly. I tried to tone down that aggression but still, best to run after them when you see them charging. Acting as a support unit (for them) will give results and can give interesting play runs. I hate BirdEye's no-sound footsteps but did not find a way to stop that. Have fun!

Update 3.2.0-beta:
Followers will return the stuff you gave them at raid end. This is available only for followers you spawn with and they must survive the raid.
Should you die, there is a configurable chance they will return what you give (think of it as setting the chance they survived without you).
Looting bodies is excluded from this. That command is mostly for when you want your followers to have new gear, found in raid.

Update 3.1.2-beta:

Added "Contact" command in the "Enemy" group under the say panel. You can use this command to assign an enemy to the bot. It is conditioned by if the bot already has an enemy and how visibility close the enemy is to you. The closest visible enemy (head or torso is visible) will be the one picked up.

Exposed several more parameters under Miscellaneous.

A note: Some people expect the followers to make decisions on how to attack and how to protect. But the "brain" is you. You switch them between 2 goals using commands: enemy or you.
When the goal is you, you become the center around which they find cover and try to shoot the enemy. They will try to get closer to you, prioritize enemies, and in general cause movement to get fire off you when you get hit.
When the goal is the enemy, the enemy's position becomes the point they will try to reach, moving from cover to cover (if any is available) or straight run to him.

Update 3.1.0-beta:
The mod is now dependent of LootingBots. With it, items that you point to for being picked up remained in the backpack instead of going in the secure container.
You can also now tell a bot to loot a body, but it will decide what to take based on the looting plugin. Thus I do not recommend doing this for followers with clone equipment as you will find them doing swaps.

Version 3.x.x :
Major release where you can now have bots follow you everywhere across the map, spawn with them, and issue commands. As things are not yet stable, expect some bugs and limits, but here is what you can do :

Choose a number of followers to spawn with the option that they will have the same equipment as yours or random. I recommend having this one as bots go through bullets fast and might also not spawn with medkits.

Issue a number of commands to your followers:
Open Door - bot will try to open the door the player is point at (only when out of combat)
Take Item - drop an item in front of the bot and press the quick talk button (default Y) and your player will say "some loot here" and the bot will pick up. This is useful for medkits when they run out. They will pick up anything but as of now, they do not seem to use weapons they picked up.
-Cooperate or Follow Me will turn a bot into a follower if limit was not reached

The default following range is 10 meters, say "Get Back" to have them follow you at a 25 meters radius and say "Cover Me" to get back to default.
Say "Regroup" to have wandering bots come back to you. They tend to go astray if enemies are still around.
The default battle tactic of the followers is a combination of push and defend. They will push if the enemy is close enough and stay otherwise. Your followers can get pretty fast when in push mode as they will push regardless of how many enemies there are. Say "Hold Position" to switch to defend tactic. Say "Fire" to switch to push tactic. Say "go go go" to switch back to balance tactic.
Say "Go Forward" to have them push the enemy once. Say "stop" to have them temporarily switch to defend tactic.
Say "Suppress" - to have them suppress enemy fire. (Still a work in progress)
Say "NeedHelp" to have them try and get close to you while in fight.

Gesture "hold position" to have nearby followers hold position (out of combat) or temporary switch to defend tactic (in combat)
Gesture "that direction" to have nearby followers move somewhere in front of you (out of combat) or temporarily push the enemy (in combat)
Gesture "come here" to have nearby followers come close to you.

Server config:

sameSideHostile - enables or disables the mod (default false, meaning the same side is friendly - leave this off for testing 3.0.0)
armband - gives usec bots blue armbands and bears red armbands (default true, followers will ignore this if "Clone Equipment" is on)

Client config (F12):
- Squad Spawn - spawn with a specified number of followers (bots can take up to 10 seconds to spawn after the initial raid start)

- Squad Size - specify how many followers to spawn with (for now, it is limited to 3)
- Maximum followers - specify how many followers a player can have (limited to 4)
- Clone Equipment - the followers spawn with the same equipment as the player

This mod is compatible with AKI 3.8.3

  • Version 3.3.5-beta

    Finally fixed bot getting stuck if asked to pick up loot while having no space left.
    Also removed the inclusion of the UnityToolkit mod in the zip.

  • Version 3.3.4

    Updates to the fighting logic of the followers. Normal and the Goons. In my opinion, goons are a lot more better now, although bird brain still could use some work. And still haven't managed to find the best logic for fighting marksmen. I will try to find time to focus just on the marksman fight.

  • Version 3.3.3

    Fixed bugs in taking multiple items on the side of the Goons and regular followers.
    Improved come here and that direction gesture commands.
    Added display info about the combat mode of a follower when doing ping squad. Increased the ping radius to 300.
    Added detection when a group makes the player an enemy. This should make the rogue faction be enemies of the Goons as soon as they mark the player as an enemy of theirs.

    Known issue: Giving a follower loot when he has no room left will end up with a bug where the bot gets stuck in the take item action and appears frozen. Use the "attention" command to get him out of it.

  • Version 3.3.2

    More bug fixes on taking multiple items and then obeying commands.
    Made BirdEye no longer be silent as a follower ( thanks MADDOG MATT).

    Increase the follower limit up to 30 (use at your own RIG expense).

  • Version 3.3.1

    Some bug fixes in loot pickup and in receiving "Go Foward" and "That Direction" commands for normal followers.

  • Version 3.3.0

    The Goons come out to play (see main description for what's new).

  • Version 3.2.1-beta

    Fixed issue with a squad not spawning in Labs.

    Fixed spawn setup not respecting "alternative spawn" and ending with double teams in case of non-Swag+Donuts systems.
    Fixed an exploit with items return where if you gave a squad member an item and then asked him to loot a body, and he ended up swapping his backpack, at the raid end you would still get the item you gave him back even though it was no longer in his inventory.

  • Version 3.2.0-beta

    Your mules are ready. Followers will now return what you gave them at raid end.

  • Version 3.1.4-beta

    Some new bug fixes on detecting enemies and added something that seems to help with Swag+Donuts. You have 2 options : Alternative Spawn and Squad Spawn Delay.
    With this bots spawn with Donuts, but it won't work with FIKA I believe. Also, I don't know if they will spawn in consecutive raids.

  • Version 3.1.3-beta

    Tested on Fika system and normal. 6 raids tested in total, mixing it with clone equipment and scav run. The followers spawn every time. I don't see how it wouldn't work now unless we are dealing with conflicts.

  • A new version is released to help address some of the bugs: https://hub.sp-tarkov.com/file…89-friendly-pmc/#versions

    Also, as things changed a lot since the initial release of version 3, here is an updated list of commands:

    "Command" Phrases:

    • "Attention" - attempts to reset all followers' current actions and clear any enemy info
    • "Cover Me" - for normal followers, patrol at a near distance to the player
    • "Get Back" - for normal followers, patrol at a distance from the player
    • "Need Help" or "Regroup" while in combat - ask all followers to try and get near the player
    • "Regroup" out of combat - ask all followers to get closer to the player
    • "Silence" - for normal followers, ask them to stay silent for 1 minute (this means just hand gestures, no phrases, and no enemy report). SAIN tends to make this useless unless the option regarding BotTalk is turned off.
    • "Fire" - for normal followers, switch them to Push tactic
    • "HoldPosition" - for normal followers, switch them to Hold tactic
    • "Go Forward" - in combat, for normal followers, get closer to the enemy. If no position is found they will just rush the enemy.
    • "Stop" - for all followers, ask them to wait or, if in combat, for normal followers, temporarily switch to the Hold tactic
    • "Go Go Go" - for normal followers, switch to the default Balance tactic
    • "Suppress Fire" - ask followers for suppression support.

    "Enemy" Phrases:

    • "Contact" - make an enemy you see known to the followers. This is conditioned by whether you are able to see the enemy's head or torso and by the "Maximum scan distance" from the BepInEx config. BirdEye has this hardcoded to 300. Also, the Goons tend to forget the enemy pretty quick compared to normal followers when using this (a known issue).

    Quick Phrases:

    • "Loot This" - all followers, ask the closest follower to pick up an item you are looking at. Must be on the ground. Only followers you spawned with will return the items you gave them at the raid end. Goons will not return anything.
    • "Check Him" or "Loot Body" - for normal followers, have them loot a body. Items looted in this scenario will not be given to you at the raid end even if the follower in question was one you spawned with.
    • "Open Door" - for normal followers, attempt to have the closest follower open a door(does not always work).


    • "Stop" - ask closeby followers to wait
    • "Come Here" - ask closeby followers to get near the player. Works only out of combat. BirdEye and BigPipe will not obey this as long as Knight is alive.
    • "That Direction" - ask the closest follower to move in front of you, or, if in combat, ask all nearby followers to do a push. BirdEye will not do push.


    • "followerstome" console command - teleports all followers to the player
    • In BepInEx Config, you have a Ping Squad option that you can bind to a button. This will reveal the position of all the followers within a 300-meter radius. It will tell their current combat status, current health, and current combat mode.
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  • Great mod with some flaws. Sad I can't use Questing bots as that's a huge one for making the world feel alive. The AI of the followers is also pretty hard to deal with at times, AI will sometimes see an enemy 400m away and laser them before I've even noticed, or they'll walk into a room with an enemy and ignore them. Also most raids end with one or both of my followers missing because they've gotten stuck somewhere.

    This all sounds pretty negative, but I really do like this mod and hope to see it grow!

    • You should see what 3.9 brought, especially from SAIN. Followers will go after who knows what enemy at the edge of the map. Why he felt the need to touch the enemy chooser I don't know..
      I am still working out the conflicts though.

  • Have you changed the health of your followers' bots? It seems to me that they are somewhat stronger than ordinary bots.

    • Yes. Total health appears when you do team ping and you will see its higher than normal.

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  • what's wrong with this mod, my teammate killed me

  • This is so fucking AWESOME !!!!!!! Can the team have random pmc gear based on character level ?

  • Great mod, one think i will like to see is that your followers ping with a marker the enemy position, a lot of times my followers enter in combat but i cannot see the enemy, so they end up doin the most kills because i just cannot see what they are shooting at. Thx and keep up the good work (srry bad english)

    • This would be awesome tbh, this is definitely a constant in my game as well. Buddy starts screaming in Russian and I clench bc I don't know whats going on

  • Great mod but waiting for a better stable version. This is genius! Thank you.

  • Found a funny bug.

    when followers hit barbed wire they start spamming "search this" voiceline. and they will not shut up during that time xD

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  • Thanks for the latest update! Should we delete unity toolkit from our mods since it's not included in here anymore?

    • No, it is still required, but instead of me including it, you just download it separately like a regular mod.

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  • Thank you for keeping this mod updated, with this I don't feel alone in Tarkov and the randomness of encounters I have had it has been a lot of fun to use.

    On a slightly down side however I have noticed that sometimes my followers can get magnetised to enemies and unable to be brought back or pulled away from fighting usually with them ending up dying in doing so but it's quite hilarious to watch so it's not a big deal. Sometimes they can win fights but stay still like a tree and not move at all even with commands to regroup, cover me or need help don't work for them, again it's not a big issue as it's a rarity that it happens and when it happens I just continue on with the raid like normal.

    Please keep this mod updated and if you need any help going forward don't hesitate to reach out :thumbup:

    • I suggest you install BotDebug and turn it on when the bots gets stuck and give details. Because we want to understand what decision they got stuck on. I can fix it, but need to replicate or at least know the potential cause.
      You mentioned "cover me" - this only sets the patrol distance, and doesn't do anything else.
      Also, were these normal followers or the goons?.
      Say "hold position" to stop them from going to the enemy. By default, they have the 2 mods on (push and hold) and they switch between them based on equipment power and enemy distance.

  • This is a great mod. You're a wizard! Thank you for your work and frequent updates. This mod has now become as much an integral part as Realism.

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  • so ive encountered an issue and i also have a question. so for one, my teammates automatically shoot at the BTR-82A. and another thing is the btr doesnt shoot back. at least it didnt shoot at them until I specifically shot at it. and for the question, are you ever gonna implement a feature where your teammates can follow you into the btr? i wanna use it but i cant if my teammates act like scared cats around it

    • Not in my current plans, in post-beta maybe. If I find in the meantime some easy way for them to not see it as an enemy (I think I have an idea) I will at least do that.

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    • well, all i can ask of you is to try to fix that little shooting issue. hopefully you can figure out a way to get them to follow you in, but since thats probably not a top priority, im just gonna go ahead and insist that you take your time! modding probably isnt easy. of course, i wouldnt know since i have no experience nor have i tried despite wanting to make mods

    • Check 3.3.5 and see if followers still attack BTR. I added it in the "friendly bot" list but did not confirm if it indeed works.

    • a little idea for people who are insane and looking for a game of chaos, are you ever going to maybe add the other bosses to the follower list? it sounds like a fun idea having kaban, shturman, killa, tagilla, and the rest of the bosses following me just ripping through the map

    • Yea, next on my list is KIlla. But after beta

  • What a mad lad. Is there any way I can follow this mod updates? It's literally my favorite mod for tarkov.

    Does the "Suppress Fire" makes your follower throw its grenades? if not, it'd be sick a command to make the follower throw a grenade.

    • Bigpipe can do that. There is a special decision to throw a grenade, in 2 modes actually - but there is no exposed command so I can trigger that. I am trying to figure out how to add custom commands on the gesture panel. So maybe in the future you will be able to ask them to throw a grenade

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  • Weird little bug - when I spawn in with a Scav squad, run around, shoot and loot and then extract, it keeps giving me the equipment of another Scav in the squad rather than the stuff that I gathered and extracted with. This means that after having a really good Scav run where I get a ton of stuff, I end up spawning out with some random Scav's weapon and starting gear with nothing else.

    It doesn't happen on PMC runs at all - I always extract with what I've looted. The error is replicable, as it happens every time I spawn in with a squad on Scav runs. Happy to provide load order / more details if needed.

    • I would avoid scav runs. They have not been tested and ironed out.

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    • Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply! Will stick to my PMC for now.

  • The way this mod is goated.

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  • ok it worked this morning but now i cant get them to spawn at all... idk why? i didnt change anything

    Okay, so i turned off Alternative spawning mid match and they spawned on me immediately lol. so let me see what happens now.

    Alright so the timer is just being weird i guess since i use SWAG+donuts. if i turn on/off the enable disable button for alternative spawning mid raid then they spawn either on me or randomly. it'll work.

    • The swag mod is not friendly to this one at all. Whatever works for you to make them spawn, stick with that until I reach a point where I can play with swag mod and figure out something.

  • Is any way of make pmcs are hostility to me?

    i mean pmcs are not included my squad

    i want friendly pmcs are just in my squad

    any others are hostility to me and my teammates.

    • sameSideHostile true in the config.json of the server mod

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  • not sure if its bugged or theyre just dumbasses but the goons love to just sit still after getting shot not shooting back and accept death, shit is happening so much and to everything i will turn my back hear a scav shooting not worry about it since its a scav and one of them is fucking dead, is there a way to change how they work or make them a different type of follower that actually has a will to live as trying to tell them to get to cover mid fight is a pain in the ass? also they will just stare at enemies and watch them shoot me even when not out of ammo i thought they may have to see me get hit but nope they just watch if im fighting the goons they will spot me from across the map and not let their squadmate get hit wtihout rushing towards me but these guys just seem like they cant be bothered half the time

    • Putting your frustrations here is not going to help anyone. First off, when you fight the goons you are their only enemy. They don't move around, they have one target - thus their default combat mode is good. But when you put them against the entire map, moving from zone to zone (whereas bots are normally locked to a zone, especially bosses) then having that type of aggression will get them killed pretty quickly. So don't compare because you are not comparing the same situations where it's just that you are on the other side.
      Second, Tarkov is not a single-player game. That means the AI is not built to do what I am trying to do at all. The normal AI just sticks to a zone and waits for action. And even then you might see some glitches like how I saw a bear spinning in place for no reason. So you are not dealing with quality from the start.

      Now for your particular issue, where they do not react seems to be a conflict issue. I don't get that, in fact, I need to keep up because they go all over the place even with my added bumpers to stop them from rushing everywhere. So what other mods are your running?

    • my bad not trying to sound like I'm complaining just have tried so many things I can't think of anything else to do everytime I thought i fixed it and they'd be on point instantly when getting shot at kill the people shooting at them but had all 3 of them stand still to one of shturmans guards a little bit up the hill but still definitely in view without shooting back and just had to watch while i finished my surv which is what ultimately made me feel the need to say something also the last thing about them not being like the goons was just a poor attempt at a joke I understand that they aren't treated as the same and didn't mean to make it seems like i blaming you or something. as for the mods part I completely removed all mods i had that affected bots which I'm fine with having slightly derpy ai as I've been enjoying this mod a lot i was having an issue with svm making them do what you are saying with the running in circle or in place against a wall or something but when i reset my preset it fixed it so can't really think of any that might conflict, tho i have found that ammo might still be an issue i had thought it wasn't because so many times I had looked at their body and had some and weren't empty I feel like it might be an ammo percentage thing like a low ammo mode for their ai to conserve as they are they are usually about the amount however this can be overwritten by just spamming the contact voice line until they are out completely, again didn't mean to be passive aggressive just was feeling like I had tried everything and when I thought I fixed it I was shown otherwise but ye just wanted to you to know i think you've done amazing work with this mod even dealing with the spaghetti that is tarkov code

    • So there can be a situation, I encountered it and thought I fixed it, where the goons are friendly to boss followers - was that the issue with Shturman? I have not put them against all bosses to see what they do. So far I have gone with them against Sanitar (it is where I first encountered this) and at the moment I am testing fighting in reserve. Is it replicable every time? Meaning, they simply will never attack Shturman and his followers? Ammo should not be an issue now. At the moment, at long-range fights, they are set not to pursue - perhaps that is your issue with them standing still. I am still working on tactics with them. Maybe don't use them in Woods, stick to normal followers there until I reach the point where I can work on long-range tactics.

  • A strange problem arose: Big Pipe was on my team - he killed a wild one, and then immediately turned to me and killed me. Although I didn't shoot at him.

    • So, need more details to narrow it down:
      1 ) Was it the case where he ran, you ran with him, he got close to an enemy shot the enemy in full auto and right after the enemy died he turned to the left or right - still shooting and got you?
      2) Was it friendly fire, shooting through you for another enemy?

    • I was in the squad of my followers on the base and with Big Trumpet. The raid took about 15 minutes. Wild appeared somewhere nearby, and Pipe and I ran to wild. The pipe was in front, I was behind. Pipe destroyed the bot in front of my eyes, he was sideways to me, and then, after killing the bot, he abruptly turned around and just crossed me out of the MCX.

      In the raid where I was killed by a Pipe, I managed to kill several Bears.
      I'm playing for a faction USEC

      I did not open fire on the bot and the Pipe.

      It happened in the Epicenter location. In the last raid in the same location, I accidentally killed 2 friendly USEC bots, and now some USEC are also closing fire on me. And some are still friendly. This is a very strange situation. I have Realism, SAIN and SWAG mods

      I'm sorry for my poor English, it's not my native language.

    • That is issue one. He and Knight have it - they will keep their finger on the trigger after killing the enemy and turn. It's best not to be so near them as I have no clue why they do that.
      And killing non-follower bots, even if on the same side, will make at least the ones nearby enemies.

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  • Hey, would you be able to update the description with a consolidated list of the commands and what they do? I know you have them spread throughout the description, but it would be a nice small QOL to be able to see the commands/what they do without searching through a wall of text.

    If not, oh well! Thank you for a great mod.

    Also, a command that allows the followers to ignore combat would be ideal for situations where you're trying to traverse a map and a firefight that you want to avoid starts near you.

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    • As soon as I push 3.3.3 I am pinning a comment with the list of commands. I had this in mind, yes.

      And that's a good idea, that will be the 3.4 feature update. A command to ignore combat unless they or you get attacked.

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  • just wanna say thank you for the new follower system. Truly a game changer. I love SPT and Tarkov. I hate trying to find people to play with as a Solo gamer mostly. This truly changes the dynamic of what I enjoy as a solo gamer. Ready or not gives me mostly full control over AI squad and i like that, glad to see it coming together slightly for tarkov.

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  • I took the goons to the treatment plant.

    At first, they and the rouge didn't attack each other, but when the rouge attacked me, the goons fought back and killed a rouge close to the team. Then the rouge on the roof started to attack BirdEye. I don't know it was too far away or the AI just stuck, BirdEye didn't react to these attacks until he died.

    At the same time, my other PMC followers didn't react to these attacks either……

    • Yea, still some bugs when it comes to the goons and the rogue faction which normally are not enemies. Were the rogues enemies to you from the start or did they just aggro you? Rogues I noticed have a "warn" behavior against Usecs. On my end, I just set them to attack because they will attack you after warning you anyway. Now I am Bear and for me, the rogues see bears as enemies from the get-go, thus the goons also see them as such. Is this your case? You are Usec and they become enemies, but are not enemies from the start?

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    • I am a bear like you.

      I will try the 3.3.3 and see how it goes.

      BTW,When I use the "forward" gesture to let my followers attack, I experience frame drops. Is my computer too bad? Can it be optimized?

  • Next raid he worked fine until I gave him an AFAK medkit since the goons spawn with no meds for some reason. I wanted him to heal himself, but after I did that, he's been refusing to listen to my commands and only reacts to getting shot at and defending himself. Kinda weird. i just enabled the rest of the goons, hopefully they will listen to me better now on the next raid.

    • Yeah, that is by design from the game. BirdEye has chances to spawn with no meds, I saw Knight and BigPipe always have some. And depends on what commands where you giving him. Goons assist you, but they don't listen to you. You can use "help me", "regroup" and "that direction" with them.

    • yea i spammed regroup hoping something will happen but instead he just gives a thumbs up sometimes and sits dead still..but 2 raids before he would follow perfectly fine without commands.. i must be having the most unique bug that makes me insufferable to be around with ai to the point they dont like me anymore or something... oh i forgot to mention i have "Algorithmic level progression" mod installed..

    • Loot command breaks them, so that's for sure the issue i'm having. Knight is stuck after i commanded to loot a cultist body, and he did it. The others are walking and following fine and dandy.

      so from now on i cannot command loot on goons

    • Loot command still broken in the latest 3.3.2? And Goons do not loot bodies, only take items. If they are going for the body - that is the bug that is causing this.

  • Birdeye got stuck on a pipe on customs near the golden watch truck so i really need a "unstuck follower" thing for this mod to teleport him on a surface that fixes the ai please

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    • Have you read the overview? I have mentioned "followerstome" as the console command to teleport them to you. Just be on a somewhat stable terrain when doing it.

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    • my bad i forgot

  • Did a total refresh install and got the mod to work with just Sain / Swag / Loot / Big Brain... wondering if Realism mod is interfering with this?

    Mod: Artem Trader version: 1.7.0 by: Crackbone loaded

    Mod: Artem Equipment version: 1.7.0 by: Crackbone loaded

    Mod: DoorBreacher version: 1.1.5 by: Props loaded

    Mod: Fontaine FOV Fix & Variable Optics version: 2.0.0 by: Fontaine loaded

    Mod: friendlyPMC version: 3.3.0 by: Pit Alex loaded

    Mod: gunsmith version: 2.0.7 by: Alex loaded

    Mod: MoreCheckmarksBackend version: 1.5.13 by: VIP loaded

    Mod: LootingBots-ServerMod version: 1.3.4 by: Skwizzy loaded

    Mod: SPT Realism Mod version: 1.3.1 by: Fontaine loaded

    Mod: SWAG + DONUTS version: 3.3.5 by: nooky and props loaded

    Mod: Virtuals Custom Quest Loader version: 2.0.1 by: Virtual loaded

    Mod: WTT-PackNStrap version: 1.0.6 by: GrooveypenguinX loaded

    Mod: SAIN version: 2.3.0 by: zSolarint loaded

    Is there any mod conflicts here that would make friendlyPMC not run anymore?

    • Since you have SWAG+Donuts, do you have "Alternative Spawn" turned on?

    • Squad spawn - Enabled
      Alternative Spawn - Enabled
      Spawn Delay - 5

    • Increase the spawn delay, 10-15. 5 is kinda low.

    • Did not work, reinstalled SPT. It's looking like when I edit SPT Realism to get rid of the new medical changes that it starts acting up? I'll work on finding the cause of this.

  • Im a bit late to this mod but I'll share my findings.
    At customs new gas station the bots seems to be way too interested at what the other bots are doing on the other side of the concrete fence. They shoot all their ammo at the wall and just sit there against the wall shouting "Get back!". Only one of them followed me after i walked around. I will test more today but so far pathing seems to be the greatest weakness.

    • You told them to regroup or need help and only one followed you? You also have "Attention" command, new in 3.3.x, that helps with bots that seem to not get out of some action.

    • All my mods are updated daily to the new versions, I run the latest spt, at the time of this error i was using Version 3.3.1

      Take your bots to custom new gas where you can use factory exit key to open those two doors. If there are bots on the other side, your ai teammates will agro to them. They will refuse to leave at times. They sit right up against the wall.

      Adding a button to force tp your ai to you would solve this problem for a temp fix.

    • You have it as a console command "followerstome".

    • thanks for the fast reply! I had no idea there was a command. That should solve the issues i'm having temporarily. cheers! :thumbup:

  • hi, I'm having some problems with this mod. For a couple of days it hasn't allowed me to extract anymore. I'll start by saying that I use the fika mod to play with friends. I noticed several lines present in the console when I need to extract. if I remove the mod everything works fine. also if I play alone without friends everything works. the problem only occurs when I am the "host" of the game. thanks if you can help me

    • It works for you alone, but in multiplayer - that is different, you are probably getting several types of errors. I have no plans to make it multiplayer-compatible, that's a hole different thing.

    • ok thanks for reply

  • The following is machine translation:

    Sincerely thank you for all your efforts. Could you please set an option with no upper limit on the number of team members, or simply refresh the shortcut key binding option for teammates by your side during the game? This will supplement the shortage of team members. Thank you :thumbup:

  • Any thoughts on making a patch for Realism? Would be nice if bots could heal with realism installed!

    • Do bots heal with that on their own? The enemy ones. Because I don't have a special setup for followers, I use the same code that is in the core of Tarkov regarding healing.

    • I'm not sure how realism mod's healing mechanics work. The main thing is that in order to "Heal" you need to either use a stimulant with regeneration, (Adrenaline, Prop, ETG.) or use a Surgical kit to enable slow HP regen.

      Otherwise, I was wondering how exactly the companion loot extracting thing works, I've had multiple raids where I got out with my default friendlies, and I don't seem to get any items from the message thing.

      Like the message appears saying "Your stuff is moved to where we agreed." etc. but there is no option to claim any items.

      So I'm curious how do I get the AI companions to share loot we find together in raid.

      Many times I've been fully looted up, and tried telling them to "loot this" and they will give a thumbs up, and then stand there and not pick up items. (the only time they actually have ever really looted anything is when "changing gear" from a body. And they'll pick up a gun, or trade armors.

  • To make Birdeye have footstep sounds you need to go to SPT Folder/Aki_Data/Server/database/bots/types.

    Then open followerbirdeye.json and go to the very bottom of the file and change the value for "Botsound". Default is 5100, i turned it down to 3100 so he is still stealthy but not silent.

    • What? I looked that json up and down and saw nothing that gave a hint about this movement sound. Thank you!

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    • No Worries. Glad it helped. I always turn that setting down each time i install a new SPT version as Birdeye being totally silent is a bit silly imo.