Featured Softcore 1.3.3

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Fun, Fair and Rewarding flea market, economy, crafting, and hideout vital overhaul mod for definitive single-player RPG experience and progression. Variety of SP-focused and anti-MMO quality of life tweaks included.

The mission of this mod is to make Tarkov feel like a proper single-player survival-RPG game with as little changes as possible, removing MMO annoyances and cheap flea market abuses, while saving overall tone and vibe, offering fun, thought out, fair and balanced progression and economy experience.

If you are too used to buying all your loadouts, items and keys on (fake)flea market, while totally ignoring trader and quest progression, abusing (fake)flea sales to generate free millions, and bored to death with cheap availability of items in stock SPT, this mod radically changes that aspect of the game. All items, even the cheapest, are valuable now.

In a way, it makes the game easier. In other ways - harder.

But most important of all, it offers fresh, engaging and fun singleplayer Tarkov experience. Enjoy the Softcore!

New profile highly recommended.

Some reviews from Discord:

Major customizable features included:

  • Overhaul of flea market based on fair barter-only economy
  • Hideout quality of life features (faster crafting, construction, bitcoin farming, moonshine & purified water production, balanced by increased fuel consumption)
  • Bigger stash, with options for progression construction for all account types.
  • Progressive secure containers crafting, bigger containers and alternative Collector quest. Info below!
  • Fair hideout case trader barters
  • NEW FEATURE: Better sales to traders and alternative categories.
  • NEW FEATURE: EXPERIMENTAL, disabled by default "Skier uses Euros"
  • Crafting changes to make most of the hideout crafts useful and/or profitable
  • Introduction of completely new crafting recipes
  • Major scav case rework, making every option viable for different item tiers, with smart crap-filtering patch included
  • Other various tweaks and fixes
  • Extensive and well documented configuration file and code

Realism compatibility recommendations:

Disable "tiered_flea", "flea_changes", "disable_flea_blacklist" and optionally "trader_changes" in Realism config.

Flea market and economy rework:

  • "Pacifist" flea market (and Fence), only medication, barter items, food and info items can be bought on flea.
  • Barter ONLY economy - you can only purchase those items on the flea using random found in raid or crafted items.
  • Option to leave a very small percentage of items to be available for cash.
  • Items you can barter with are also from food, medicine, info and barter categories only.
  • "Live" flea prices are completely removed and matched to in-game BSG handbook/traders data.
  • You cannot sell items on flea anymore (optionally..)
  • Fence sells "pacifist" items for 80% of their value. At 6 scav karma you can buy items almost at a price Therapist buys them from you.
  • Flea opens at level 5
  • Random-only quest keys are available on flea
  • Allow marked keys on flea option

This results in major change of gameplay dynamic.

Now Tarkov feels like a proper single player focused survival game.

Begone "most profit per slot" mentality.

Begone "rush to lvl 15" to run meta gear only.

Money cannot solve all of your problems no more.

All items, even the cheapest, are valuable now.

Ever thought about looting AA batteries or Crickents?

Now you will actually look for them to trade in similar value tiers on flea.

Barters are random and vary a lot in value.

This results in highly engaging simulation of a war broken society, some wild trades included.

Truly immersive experience! /s

Hideout crafts now are great and useful (toilet paper craft nerfed, was too OP).

Leveling traders and crafting is your only hope of survival.



Progressive secure containers

  • Start your NEW profile with just a Waist Pouch 2x2 container, and work your way up all the way up to Gamma with complex and insanely expensive, but fun and fair custom container crafts.
  • Collector quest redone option: Collector quest is startable just at level 20. No longer you need all other quests done, only items. BUT, don't think it's going to be easy, there is an additional end-game grind ending condition waiting for you. Should be much more fun then vanilla 'grind to level 55, duh'.
  • Option for bigger secure containers: Waist Pouch is 2x4, Alpha is now 3x3 (like EoD), Beta 3x4, Epsilon 3x5, Gamma 4x5, Kappa 5x5

Progressive stash for all profiles and bigger stash options

Inspired by Trap's Progressive Stash, reworked from ground up for 0.13 patch.

  • Bigger stash option: from 28/38/48/68 to 50/100/150/200 lines
  • Progressive stash option: makes every new profile start with LVL1 stash
  • Less currency for construction: reduces ridiculous cash requirements for stage construction by a factor of 10
  • Easier loyalty option: reduces loyalty level requirements for stage construction (Prapor, Ragman and Peacekeeper) by 1.

Hideout features:

  • 100x faster hideout construction.
  • 100x faster hideout crafts.
  • 10x faster purified water and moonshine production.
  • Reworked bitcoin farming, now each additional GPU is much more efficient, and offers major boost to farming time. Now it is worth to build level 3 farm, with 50 GPUs you will get a bitcoin per hour.
  • 10x bigger fuel consumption to compensate all of the above. (Now you will have to think about fuel. A little, but still..)
  • New crafts (3-b-TG, Adrenaline, L1, AHF1, CALOK, Ophthalmoscope, Zagustin, OLOLO, etc)
  • Rebalanced a lot of the vanilla recipes.
  • Did you always want to run your own personal underground meth lab in Tarkov? Obdolbos is now craftable with a lore-friendly recipe at massive profit.


Scav case rework:


SPT-AKI patch/fix for scavcase reward pool.

Conservatively filters out a ton of the crap/useless items (eg <10k worth weapon-specific mods, ironsights, gas blocks, thread adapters, magazines, mounts etc) and OP/boss/developer/broken/quest/etc items from scav reward list.

Makes sure you always get something of value and/or usable.

Very safe to use, even if you don't want other features. Generated blacklist included in ./docs folder, feel free to explore it. Might further look into ammo/boxes reward list, those are untouched yet.

Major rebalance of scav case rewards, feels great for single player experience.

Completely alters internal rewards tiers (common: under 20,000, rare: 20,000 to 60,000, superrare: 60,000 to 1,200,000), makes every launch tier valuable, fair and targetable for different item tiers.

Changes all cash runs to alcohol for lore-friendly experience (Pevko -> Vodka -> Whiskey -> Moonshine -> Intel).

  • Pevko is very fast, gives 2 to 3 common items.
  • Vodka gives 3 to 4 common items, with a chance to give 1 rare item.
  • Whiskey gives 4 to 5 common items, and 1 to 2 rare items.
  • Moonshine is fun for gambling, gives 2 to 3 commons, 0 to 3 rares, 1 to 2 superrare items.
  • Intelligence folder is the most consistent, 2 to 3 commons, 3 to 5 rares and 0 to 1 superrares.

Better Traders options

  • Better Sales To Traders - better ratios + every loyalty level now gives 5% better selling prices, now you really don't need to sell on flea market.
  • Alternative Categories - nerfs Therapist (instead of all barter items, she buys only meds and household goods), buffs Ragman (he now also buys valuables) and Skier (he now also buys info items).
  • Skier Uses Euros - EXPERIMENTAL option, turned off by default, makes Skier use Euros for all trades, mostly just for fun and diversity. Adjusts assorts and loyalty levels accordingly. Turned off, because needs adjusting existing profiles salesSum (you can do it manually, find TradersInfo in your %profileID%.json, and in "58330581ace78e27b8b10cee" key divide salesSum by 115 without leaving the remainder). Might be fun for new profiles.

Fair hideout cases barters

Rebalanced all cases for reasonable and fair barter prices.

Also fixed LEDX dogtag barter, 160 kills is ridiculous even for SPT.

Various tweaks:

  • Reshala always has his Golden TT.
  • Bigger hideout containers - slightly buffs basic hideout containers to be more in line with scav box: Medicine case 7x7 -> 10x10, Holodilnick 8x8 -> 10x10, Magazine case 7x7 -> 7x10, Item case 8x8 -> 10x10, Weapon case 5x10 -> 6x10, disabled by default.
  • Allow gym training with muscle pain - allows to continue gym training with severe muscle pain at 25% efficiency.
  • Signal Pistol In Special Slots
  • Remove backpack restrictions (for containers [ammo, med, etc] mostly). Never again I'll see an unlootable medcase in 314.
  • 5x faster item examine time.
  • Redo insurance. Now each trader serve different purposes. Prapor is an instant return with 50% chance, costs 10% of item value, Therapist has 2 hour return with 80% chance, costs 20%.
  • Keytool buff to make it 5x5.
  • Buff to SICC case to make it actually better and a direct upgrade to Docs. And while we are here, allow it to hold keytool. It's Softcore, who cares.
  • Buff Vitality, Sniper, Surgery, Immunity and Stress resistance skills leveling (looking for more input)
  • Small list of items used in crafts or barters is available on flea.


Extensive and documented configuration for every feature is available in config.json


  • Version 1.3.3

    • New option: Unexamined items are back and faster examine time - Reverts BSG decision to make all items examined by default and makes examining faster.
    • Bump for 3.5.2
  • Version 1.3.2


    • Fence now works as intended, at 6 Karma will sell twice as many items at 82% discount.
    • SPTAKI 3.5.1 fixes insurance bugs, now will work as intended.
  • Version 1.3.1

    • Updated Streets quest keys flea whitelists (Car dealership closed section key, Car dealership director's office room key, Hotel room 206 key, Backup hideout key, Iron gate key, Chekannaya 15 apartment key)
    • Bigger_Hideout_Containers is now turned ON by default to not break existing profiles.
  • Version 1.3.0

    New features:

    • Other tweaks: Allow gym training with muscle pain - allows to continue gym training with severe muscle pain at 25% efficiency.
    • Other tweaks: Bigger hideout containers - slightly buffs basic hideout containers to be more in line with scav box: Medicine case 7x7 -> 10x10, Holodilnick 8x8 -> 10x10, Magazine case 7x7 -> 7x10, Item case 8x8 -> 10x10, Weapon case 5x10 -> 6x10, disabled by default.
    • CALOK-B recipe changed to 1x Pack of sodium bicarbonate + 1x Vaseline balm = 2x CALOK-B


    • More code linting.
  • Version 1.2.1


    • When Skier Uses Euros option is on, he now gives rewards in euros instead of rubles.


    • Increase currency prices for cases (@ Reasonably_Priced_Cases) to prevent infinite money abuse at lvl4 Therapist (@ BetterSalesToTraders).
    • "Remove discard limit" is enabled by default.
    • Linting code fixes
  • Version 1.2.0

    New features:

    New Trader Changes category:

    • Better Sales To Traders - better ratios + every loyalty level now gives 5% better selling prices, now you really don't need to sell on flea market.
    • Alternative Categories - nerfs Therapist (instead of all barter items, she buys only meds and household goods), buffs Ragman (he now also buys valuables) and Skier (he now also buys info items).
    • Skier Uses Euros - EXPERIMENTAL option, turned off by default, makes Skier use Euros for all trades, mostly just for fun and diversity. Adjusts assorts and loyalty levels accordingly. Turned off, because needs adjusting existing profiles salesSum (you can do it manually, find TradersInfo in your %profileID%.json, and in "58330581ace78e27b8b10cee" key divide salesSum by 115 without leaving the remainder). Might be fun for new profiles.

    New Signal Pistol In Special Slots option.


    • Try-Catch statements EVERYWHERE, will catch almost all critical bugs from compatibility issues with other mods like SVM or Valen's AIO.
    • Renamed and moved config options around for better clarity.
    • More features can be configured, now everything can be disabled.
    • Fixed Fence 3.5.0 bugged prices and assorts. Waiting for 3.5.1 bugfixes.
    • Proper Waist Pouch fix, now it properly counts as secure container.
    • Remove Discard Limit now has a separate option, disabled by default.
    • Insurance is still majorly bugged in 3.5.0, nothing I can do for now.
  • Version 1.1.1

    • Fix for quest items appearing in barter requests (this is a new bug in 3.5.0).
    • SecureContainersRedone all options are turned ON by default for safer updates.
  • Version 1.1.0

    • MAJOR BUGFIX, update ASAP: Waist pouch didn't protect against item in-raid restrictions, fixed by removing restrictions altogether for now. Remember to update your config!
    • Workbench crafts first iteration rebalance done! Ammo crafting galore. More then 38 recipes adjusted! Looking for community feedback on balance.
  • Version 1.0.1

    Stable 1.0.1 release for 0.13!

    Major update with a lot of new features:

    • NEW MAJOR FEATURE: Progressive secure containers crafting, bigger containers and alternative Collector quest. ENABLE IT IN CONFIG
    • NEW FEATURE: Bigger stash, with options for progression construction for all account types.
    • NEW FEATURE: Rebalances costs of hideout cases to fair and reasonable prices and barters. Also changes LEDX dogtag barter
    • NEW FEATURE: Added marked keys on flea option
    • NEW FEATURE: Option to reenable selling on flea (not recommended though)
    • Crafting rebalance reenabled.
    • MANY fixes for 0.13.
    • Whitelists are now available for configuration in ./config folder.
    • Cash offers default percentage nerfed slightly from 10% to 8%
    • 1.0.1 hotfix for Valens AIO compatibility
  • Version 0.3.0

    Pre-alpha for 3.5.0

    • Initial 3.5 "it doesn't crash" release, completely untested, for those brave ones who want to start Streets on Softcore right now.
    • CraftingRebalance disabled, doesn't work on 3.5, everything else seemed fine at first glance.
  • Awesome mod, sadly it is incompatible with SVM Loot multiplier

  • how can i barter for kiba keys? i dont see any on the flea

  • Hello! How can I change the price of items? Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • Anyone got any idea what the storage items that are now required for collector quest?

  • I'm not sure how easy this is to fix or if it's possible, but there's a bug when trying use Skier's repair services. It looks like it needs to be updated to recognize Euros as the currency to be used.

  • Hey,

    Just wondering if someone could shed light on how/where to install this mod?

    I've followed the guide spt-aki provides, but I haven't noticed any changes. I've tested on a new profile as well and no difference.


    • Put it in /user/mods directory like this /user/mods/x-ODT-Softcore/package.json etc

  • This mod is absolutely amazing, and I can't tell you enough how much I'm enjoying it.

    I've encountered a small issue though! After handing in "Big Customer" to Mr. Prapor I had Trust Regain appear immediately. I still haven't gotten "Loyalty Buyout" though, which seems very strange.

    I'm a few days out from handing in Big Customer, with no sign of being able to payoff Skier. Any idea what may be going on here? Other "parallel" Skier quests; "Safe Corridor" for example did appear.

    • I haven't touched quests except the Collector, so this is SPT issue. Would advise ask at support forum or Discord.

  • Question about the collector Quest....

    I don't know if it is because of softcore but,

    what exactly is "Storage Device"? I cant seem to find it, nor do I know what it is.

    Other than that really awesome mod.

    any help would be great


    • I'll give a hint, it follows container progression theme

    • got it, thanks a lot for the response.

      I couldn't tell if it was a bug or not haha.

      I like the mystery aspect of this:) :thumbup:

      Happy 1
  • Why are 90% of items in all traders inventory out of stock?
    Why can I only buy 2 bakelite mags?
    Why can I buy a determined gun but not the mags for it AND vice versa?
    Why are plate carriers avaiable at my level to barter for but not affordable basic protection?
    Why do traders have to restock every half an hour?
    Why do you insist to call this "fair"?

    • that's not softcore, that's realism changes.

    • ...can I turn those off?

    • Realism compatibility recommendations:

      Disable "tiered_flea", "flea_changes", "disable_flea_blacklist" and optionally "trader_changes" in Realism config.

    • And look into other trader changes in realism configurator tab

    • I did all I could... but apparently I can't seem to find the option that unfucks the amount of items traders can sell me at one time.
      Not even disabling random trader stocks seemed to work...

  • Can someone help shed some light on the difference between this mods Flea Market changes and SPT Realism changes? And how do I disable this mods Flea changes to only use SPT Realism?

    • check the config file, it is extremely detailed.

    • I have, and guessing this one setting "EconomyOptions" controls all of it. So I could turn this to false.

    • yup.

  • Привет, я с небольшим предложением.

    Я полностью согласен, что барахолка это имбалансная вещь в нынешнем её виде, из-за неё пропадает какая-либо прогрессия (в оригинале есть только 2 стадии этой самой прогрессии, до 15 уровня и после)

    И мне очень нравится твоя идея с её усложнением, чтобы она была исключительно бартерной.

    Исходя из этого появилась идея, как сподвигнуть людей собирать бартерные предметы :)

    Будем честны, основная причина, почему люди не собирают подобные предметы - это занимаемое место. Профитнее вынести броник, какое-то оружие, либо дорогой предмет, чем забивать слоты какими-то изолентами, гайками и т.п.

    Быть может тогда добавить в игру некую "сумочку", которая внешне занимает 1х2 слота, чтобы её можно было поместить в защищенный контейнер, но внутри себя имела к примеру 6х6 слотов

    Тогда люди будут собирать подобные бартерные предметы без зазрения совести и не переживать за забивание "основных" свободных ячеек в рюкзаке

    Что скажешь на счет этого? Я вижу, что навыки работы с кодом у тебя имеются и довольно приличные, проблема может возникнуть лишь с "моделькой" насколько я понимаю. Но вещь решаемая, что ты в целом думаешь о подобной идее?

    (Я посмотрел твой код и увидел в нём комменты на русском, из-за этого я предположил, что ты знаешь русский язык и написал на нём, т.к. мне так проще. Но, если я ошибся и ты плохо понимаешь русский, то прошу прощения, могу переписать сообщение, только уже на английском языке :) )

    • Привет, да, идея понятная, все как мы любим, пакет-с-пакетами в Таркове. Технически - халява. Но мне в целом сейчас нравится баланс, ты выбираешь вынести броник на продажу за деньги, или набор бартерных вещей, тк тут они фактически заменяют валюту. Во всех моих (достаточно длительных, 30+ лвл) плейтестах в целом у меня не возникало ощущения что необходимо дополнительное упрощение в виде еще одного контейнера, учитывая что и так 3х5 сумка крафтится относительно доступно. Я и так сижу сейчас на 2х миллионах кэша, и 4х под завязку забитыми скавбоксами, куда еще проще, даже не понимаю :) Но я подумаю, мб в этом есть здравое зерно. Спасибо за фидбэк!

    • Ого, извините конечно за флуд, но я не знал, что разработчик такого великолепного мода — русский!
      Это был первый мод, который я поставил себе и я до сих пор наслаждаюсь игрой с ним^^

    • мур :*

      Heart 1
    • Ой, раз уж на то пошло. Ещё немного флуда.
      Каким образом работают ежедневные/еженедельные квесты? В Онлайне с этим дела обстоят поприятнее в плане наград. В SP же получается что за 5 убийств Киллы ты получаешь 2к опыта и 3к рублей, что заставляет просто заменять квесты на что-то более лёгкое и ценное.

  • Is there an option that makes fake players to sell containers on flea but with barter items? I would love to buy some quality of life containers such as ammo box and mag case from flea with barter items on flea because it gets too crowded too quickly. I have room thanks to the stash increase, sure, but it is so messy and crowded now. And leveling traders takes too long.

    • You can edit the fleaItemsWhitelist.ts config file and add the items you want. Check the DB website or MASTER ITEM LIST 3.5.0.txt in docs folder for ItemIDs

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    • Thank you so much!

  • I played with the option to be able to sell items on Flea so for anyone interested it works fine. The way SPT does it is it has a multiplier based on the average pricing displayed when creating an offer.

    The default chance of sale is 50%, making an offer that has the average price multiplies it by 1, anything below is multiplied by 2 meaning there is 100% chance it will sell. The higher the chances of selling, the faster it will sell. Everything above average is multiplied by 0.5 so you get 25% chance of sale.

    The multiplier is applied every time offers are refreshed, if you put an offer and then close the server, there will only be 1 ''tick''... this doesn't matter if you put an offer below average since the chances are 100% but if you want to sell items above average, just do it when you start playing so the offer will go through multiple server ticks and is pretty much certain to be sold before the offer expires.

    WARNING, setting offers above average and having it expire while the server is not running will obliterate your item into oblivion as the server needs to be running for Ragman to be able to create the ''event''.

    • Turning the option to sell on doesn't do anything to the SPT other than bumping reputation gain (similar thing BSG did with recent updates), so what you described is vanilla SPT behaviour.

    • Yeah I guess I was responding to the note in the config file, I had not realised my comment was so long, sorry... =/

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  • How difficult is it to change some parts of this mod?

    Like can I deactived the barter only flea while keeping the faster crafting and some of the other changes?

    And if not how long do the barter offers stay up on the flea?

    thx in advanced

    • Everything is configurable

    • nice

      thx for the quick response

  • Cant seem to find the Nexos closed section key on the flea. Its a quest key for Your Car Needs a Service

    Heart 1
    • Same for the Hotel 206 key for the quest Debtor

    • Good find, thanks!

      Updated the release

    • wow thats fast! Thnx :D

      Heart 1
  • is ther a way to change insurace return time?

    • not in the config, sorry, will add it later. you can do it in mod.ts file, just look for InsuranceChanges block.

  • First off love the mod, its nice having all items be useful instead of just hunting for valuables. A little suggestion I had, was to make some of the sights/weapon parts have flea barters as well. Maybe something like a 15-30% chance for each part to get a barter each refresh. I get that you want to force people to level their traders but some things unlock pretty late and would be cool to have some access before then specifically to sights/mags/suppressors for me personally. This mod makes $ a bit harder to come by, which is great I really like that part of it, but it also means i don't have fat stacks for kitted weapons and I hate to sell stuff because it always turns out that I need it for some random barter to upgrade my hideout or get my red rebel or whatever is the case. Would be great to further add to the barter economy you already have in place imo.

    • There are .ts config files in ./config directory you can explore yourself and craft the experience you want. You can enable/disable a lot of categories, blacklist or whitelist the items, etc. That's why I put them there and went a great length for them to be accessible and documented for people to tinker with in the first place.

    • awesome. I just added a bunch of the categories to the barter whitelist. exactly what i was looking for thanks a ton great mod!

  • Can you sell stuff like antique axes on the flea?

    • Nope, selling is completely disabled by default.

    • alright makes sense why none of my shit was selling

  • One thing i realised is that Fence is no longer selling all kinds of items randomly. It's just barter items. I was buying hideout containers from him like weapon and mag cases and key holders etc.

    Upon searching on flea, this containers are locked behind quests or loyalty levels. I thought i was gonna be able to buy them in flea at least, but with only barter items.

    So is there any other way that i can get these containers? Can you at least let Fence sell these containers from time to time but again, only with barter items?

    • Nope, that's the whole progression deal, you get containers by unlocking the traders.

      I made every possible tweak to make inventory management as easy as possible (bigger stash, MUCH better barters and prices for them, bigger regular containers and secure ones, etc).

      Not getting SICC/THICC cases as soon as you get to flea, that's like, the idea.

    • I understand. Makes sense. I can still get misc item case and dogtag case, which is ok i guess. It's just gets too crowded very quickly but getting use to this is better than playing it normal version which is too easy, you are right.

    • Make sure you are using bigger stash options, and get scav box at at lvl2 Therapist with very easy dogtag barter

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  • So if im getting this correctly, the new gym balance makes it so you can infinitely use the gym as long as you have food and drinks?

    • yep.

      and splints.

      because you are going to get a lot of broken hands.

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  • I'm using your other info mod, why wouldn't I? It's the best thing ever.

    Now for people who use that mod too, you added a note:


    - If using my other mod, Item Info (why would not you, its freaking awesome!),

    1) DISABLE flea market abuse patch!

    2) I'd suggest to increase fleamarket thresholds to really high values and lover traders to say 5000 and 10000.


    My questions are:

    1) When i checked the Flea market abuse patch, which i assume is the one in info mod's config file, it was already false. So i don't need to do anything for that right?

    2) I don't know what fleamarket and trader thresholds are. What does this option do and why should I increase it for flea and lower it for traders?

    PS: Thank you for your work. I hated the idea of selling my items through flea. But i was doing it that way anyways because if I were to just sell it to a trader i'd get almost nothing compared to flea. But then again sometimes in flea, the prices were way too high and i would get butt loads of money in such an easy way which would make the game very easy and make the items that i'm collecting pointless. This mod meets the middle ground in that aspect. Loving it!

    • It's old notice, forgot to update it, don't worry about it, defaults are fine

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  • I adore the Insurance part of this mod, it single handedly makes this my favorite mod on the site.

    I have a question/request though; Is there a way to make Therapist also an instant return and make a 3rd trader that gives 95-100% chance of instant return for 50-75% cost?

    • you can tweak the changes manually in mod.ts file.

      just search for InsuranceChanges block.

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  • Awesome mod! The flea market this way makes it relevant to use the traders and i love that there are many barter options so hoarding tons of Junk is now a good strategy. The config file is very user friendly and the mod is compatible with SVM.

    There is one thing I'd like to suggest however, the CALOK-B recipe makes no sense... It is a hemostatic injection that accelerates coagulation... it isn't a bandage... and injecting vaseline would definitely kill you very fast.

    I suggest the CALOK-B recipe should be 1 Zagustin + 1 Saline + 1 Syringe = 3 CALOK-B
    That would make sense while remaining balanced, Zagustin is not that hard to find in SPT since PMC bots don't use their safe pocket for meds.

    • Yeah, that makes sense, I initially thought it was a sponge-type thing or something lol.

      I was just tiring to find a use for ungodly amounts of Vaseline I have from realism, if you think of something, hit me up.

    • Oh yeah vaseline is so common it's insane lol, it's 9k for 1 slot so I just sell it to therapist... I guess the folks in Tarkov downtown do need a lot of lube. :P

      Thinking 1
    • I think I found just a perfect recipe: 1 Pack of sodium bicarbonate + 1 Vaseline = 2x CALOK-B.

      Granular nature? Check.

      Stops blood with magical properties of pain-relieving Tarkov Vaseline? Check.

      Fun and economically balanced recipe that includes underused items? Triple check.

      Happy 1
    • Yes it's good, it forces you to choose between a IFAK or a CALOK making them not too rare, not too common!

  • https://i.imgur.com/u8dyZwK.png

    Why can't I click HANDOVER on this barter? I must be misunderstanding something.

    • you need 2 of them.

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  • I don't know if this could be caused by Softcore, but after completing all the Signal quests I still can't buy signal jammers. Is it perhaps possible to add special items into the flea market whitelist somehow?

    • Nope, not Softcore, just checked to be sure. It should open up on starting signal part 3.

      Or just edit fleaItemsWhitelist.ts config file.

    • I just encountered this problem as well. Jammers didn't unlock, even though I finished the Signals questline. Version 1.3.0.

    • what other mods are you using?

    • I found the issue. It's vanilla SPT-AKI bug, quest assorts are not being unlocked for USEC only profiles.

      Made the report in dev git.

      p.s. that's what you get for playing dirty USECs lol

    • Hah! Glad it wasn't a mod conflict. I guess I can cheat them in for this playthrough. Thanks for the great mod!

  • Has the quantity of items on sale for fence been reduced?

  • Got a question, is there any way to get the ultra med key reliably? As it isnt an option to barter for on the flea and i would like to get a way to get Ledx's reliably for my quests

    • It's called EMERCOM medical unit key and it's whitelisted.

      LEDXs are also available on flea.

    • No the emercom medical unit key is a different key. The Ultra medical storage key is a key to a room with multiple high chance ledx spawns. For the quests Crisis i need 5 ledx FIR and private clinic you need 1 FIR so buying them wont be an option. Crafting would be very tough as the recipe is unlocked by one of the later lightkeeper quests. Thats why i would love a reliable way to find ledx'es

    • you can add the key in fleaItemsWhitelist.ts config file

    • aight thnx!

  • a great mod, but it wouldn't hurt for me to turn on the war of the wild and find out why I can't aim with the realism mod

    • Ha ha I couldn't aim because of the visor on my helmet

    • welcome to Realism, awesome mod :)

    • and what about the war of the wild?

  • Does anyone know how well this mod works with Item Info mod?

    • Well... they are both MY mods, so naturally, they work perfectly with each other :)

    • Oh shit! I didn't even realize!

  • How does this mod interact with Server Value Modifier? Like if you change an crafting speed in SVM does it overwrite Softcore, or will Softcore overwrite SVM?

    • Whatever loads last should work, but it's untested.

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  • It's fun.

    Really enjoying this mod. The changes to the flea market make for a far more interesting experience in my opinion. Nice work.

  • Hoarder's Dream Mod

    For myself, Tarkov's main appeal is the loot. All the different items and things in the game that serve all different kinds of purposes means every container you open, every location you visit is like pulling the handle on a slot machine. That, to me, is the bread and butter of this game. It's a little dopamine hit when you finally get that last FIR item you needed for a quest...

    ... and now, for a sweet deal.

    Basically, what I'm saying is this mod's barter economy tweak takes that loot rush and turns it up by a factor of 100. Now it's not just finding a LEDx or GPU that gets your heart racing. Now you don't need to find the most expensive items in the game. You just need the *right* items in the game.

    The mod comes with a high degree of customization and many levels of options to get it right where you want it. Personally, the defaults are phenomenal as it takes things like Trap's Progressive Stash and applies it to base profiles while also taking the insane upgrade requirements for a lot of zones down a notch. The tweaks to crafts are phenomenal and they feed perfectly back into the barter economy where you're continually trading items for the ones you need. It's absolutely incredible.

    ODT, you're a god for this, my friend. I think the balance is absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Pro-tip: Before you sell a high value item to a trader for that rep gain, use required search on the items so all flea trades asking for that item are pulled up. You might find that one key/one item you need.

  • Fantastic mod enabling SPT to feel like a proper Single Player Game

    Original Review: This is a review of 0.1, as it updates I'll come back and re-look at it.

    Softcore satisfies a very important niche in the SPT-AKI community; You still want a challenge, but not just from AI. You want the world to be an antagonist. It does this very well. Loot is even more important, since the Flea Market only sells non-combat related items (meds, food, etc..). Knowing your crafting recipes and hideout upgrades is paramount as well. The random barter system is the unique one; I really enjoy that aspect, and will keep it installed solely for that fact.

    If you combined it with a Progression mod and POOP, it feels REALLY good. It feels like an intended single player experience, and I really like that.

    The only things that are holding this back from me giving it more stars in a review is a configuration file. EDIT: ODT made me feel dumb as a I forgot a core feature of EFT.

    I would say give the mod a try, and definitely revisit it from time to time as ODT updates it. It's a great concept, just needs some more work.

    :kekw::kekw::kekw: Update: The Config that was added does everything I was hoping it would do. Outstanding ODT. Totally deserves the 5/5 stars for that.

  • Much needed mod for SP Tarkov

    Everyone knows how easy it is to get rich, add traders, disable blacklist items, etc. After a while, that gets pretty stale. Enter 'Softcore' Built around the hardcore playstyle you see so many streamers do, this mod elevates the barren and destitute nature of this games premise. Having to find and store rations, ammo, guns, armor, etc., really adds a needed layer of difficulty that vanilla SPT just doesnt have.

    Love this mod and look forward to using it for a long time. Thank you.

  • Work In Progress

    Still Testing the mod out but I will be adding POOP, Item Info, & PooP Variety to the mod list and see if it makes the mod better.

    So far I love not having Flea to sell items since I tend to make millions per raid. So this way I actually have to work for my stuff. Mods JoshJ5Hawk-SuperLoot & Loose Container Loot don't help with me being rich so fast too but What Can i say.. I love Looting cause im a loot Goblin 8o. The Barter Trading I didn't really understand how it worked till I looked and seen a Photo from ODT about it. I'd say give the mod a chance...cause if you end up not liking it...then you can always delete it.

    Trying to get Cases seem hard to get now instead of being able to buy from Flea, Thanks ODT. 5/5 Stars as of right now because I love the no sell Flea instance juiced!