Immersive Trader Icons 1.0.1.

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Update You're Trader icons to be a much more immersive alternative!!! All credit and Thanks to jbs4bmx and his mod "AlternativeTraderPics" , As he created this mod, and this is just my persona "Immerssive preset". So go give em sum love!

Drag and drop install into user/mods...

IS ON by defualt can be changed at- ".../JBirdZ-ImmersiveTraderPics/src/config" at the bottom.

Unzip into main spt direcory(where aki.exe is located).SHould be in user/mods folder


*Alternate Immersive Trader Pictures

Update You're Trader icons to be a much more immersive alternative!!!

All credit and Thanks to "AlternativeTraderPics" by-jbs4bmx, As he created this mod, and this is just my persona "Immerssive preset". So go give em sum love!

* What is This? *

This a "preset" of the mod "AlternateTraderPics" by 'jbs4bmx', i've just added some minor touches and preferfed, a more diffrent trader pic presepective, more story based look for traders to set the tone in there "SPTRealism" playthrough. It starts by replacing the server method that displays the trader icons with, a custom method that uses custom image files for the trader icons. These can be changed out to any icons(images) desired provided you follow the steps to ensure that they all match filetypes and are of equal or very similar size.("PNG" ICONS CAN *ONLY* BE PUT WITH OTHER "PNG" FILES).

This mod supports traders from other mods as well. Go see the main Mod "Alternative Trader Pics"!!!

List of supported mods:

* (ATF) Valkyrie Trader by CZ_2128

* AIO-Seller by bluehead

* AKGuy Super Shop by Fershte

* Alternative Trader Pics (THIS MOD)

* AR Shoppe (Kugel-Armalite Reloaded) by Fershte

* BiggerBang by Thunderbags

* Ducc Trader by ducc

* Food&Drink Trader by Revingly

* GearGal by Fershte

* Hardcore Traders by Meiosis

* Lock Picking Attorney by Revingly

* Operator by alex

* Priscilu by Reis

* QuestManiac by Andrudis

* Questor and Gunsmith by alex

* Scav Cat by DonutxLord

* ScavCat Redux by SixGod

* TerraGroup Specialist by Ereshkigal

* ProgramK by k4a

* K-9 Case Dealer by GamerXL

* Death Trader by llife


1.) Extract the contents of the zip file into the root of your SPT folder. It will automatically place the file into your mods folder.

2.) This mod should be loaded AFTER ALL other mods that add "NEW TRADERS".

3. If you suspect that this mod is loading BEFORE an additional trader is loaded, the load order MAY need to be changed by adding an additional "Z" or more to the folder name.

4. After altering the name, delete BSG temp files, using the "settings menu" in the "Aki.Launcher.exe" program.

  • The icons are great, although they work in the live version of the game too. I would assume this is unintentional. With both the AKI-Server and Launcher files closed and SPT installed on a separate drive from the live game, I had this issue.

    • its the temp files maybe

  • Is there a mod dependency?

    • No it doesnt. But definitely check out the main mod by jbs4bmx as he created it and has many more features. This is just my take on it.

    • I personally hate animie so no thanks.

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  • this looks very great, but i don't know why but it seems like it was made with AI
    like prapor's fingers and the notes a little to the right of his head are connecting
    its just a weird feeling from me

    • Oh yeah, there's a lot of tells that the first set (on the preview page) is AI-generated, honestly. I recommend taking a peek at the gallery posts for the separate close-ups.

      Prapor has mangled hands and the background's melting together in some places.

      Therapist is uncanny valley levels of hyper-realistic.

      Mechanic's hands are mangled, one of his hands is like, leatherish brown, and seamlessly molds into his sleeve.

      Ragman's visible hand consists of just... a cone of fingers. His lower body also doesn't look quite right.

      Jaeger's eyes are pretty messed up, one of the pupils is over-dilated and white.

      For Peacekeeper, there's nothing like... obvious obvious with it, but I've seen that flat-render style used with many Midjourney examples people have shown me before.

    • Yeah I believe they are I just personally thought it went well with the Tarkov Vibe, and as far as the hands and eyes really is not noticeable in game as the icons are much smaller. There is also the tools and guide inside files to give you the info to change the icons out with whatever prefered icon to the correct trader I.D. Also plan to add subfolders of the different traders containing various options for each trader based around keeping tarkov feeling like tarkov.

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  • That gasmask tho... looks too silly, can't install this and take it seriously. The rest looks great tho.

  • Wow, these are just beautiful, and a lot less mishmashed coloured backgrounds like the vanilla ones, well done mate :0

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  • The only bad image out of these is peacekeeper, he looks like a dork with the suit.

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    • have you read the dialogue during Ragman quests? He is literally a dork with a suit.

    • I have not lol, got any examples?


    I just love this mod *and I told the developer to do it ;) , no offence just in case.

    Reply from jbirdplayz ():

    Oh by all means, it is his code after all!