Alternative Trader Pics 380.0.1

Update EFT's default Trader icons to a much better looking alternative!

  • Version 380.0.1

    Type: Trader Mod

    Supported SPT-AKI Version: 3.8.0+


    • Update version support to 3.8.0+

    Installation: Extract to root of SPT folder.

  • If I may make a few requests. 63MZ6Fj.jpegJeovani, and a couple others arn't being covered.

  • Before launching the game...

    Start both Server and Launcher.

    In Launcher, click on Settings.

    In Settings, click on 'Clear Temp Files'.

    In Settings, click arrow on right side to return to the Launcher main menu.

    Launch the game by clicking on 'Start Game'.

    Followed this step by step, traders are still default traders.

    • I have a theory on why it is happening... I just need to find time to test it and work out a fix.

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  • For some reason, the mod isn't working...I am not sure why I didn't really change anything but the normal trader pictures aren't changing. The modded traders do change just not the normal traders.

    • Did you clear the cache?

    • same here even when i clean temp files its still the normal ones

    • i think i may ahve a found a reason why its happening the ingame halloween event started im pretty sure yesterday it was working fine

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    • Are your trader icons those from the halloween event? I got those on my install yesterday and was surprised installing this mod to overwrite them didn’t seem to work.

    • no they arent they are the normal ones

  • Is there a way to change the image of a custom mod added trader icon on our hand?

    • Easiest Way (updating all traders):

      1. Place a 512 x 512 pixel jpg image that you want to use into the res folder.
      2. Name it the exact name that the mod uses for its image.
      3. Set the "updateAllTraders" option in the config file to "true".

      Long Way (for updating selected traders).

      1. Perform steps 1 and 2 from the "Easiest Way".
      2. Add the code to the config file for the trader name in the MOD TRADERS section.
      3. Add the traderName variable from the config file to the require line that references the variables from the configuration file.
      4. Add the code that updates a single trader to the section that has each trader's update code being sure to reference the new traderName variable.
      5. Set the "updateAllTraders" option in the config file to "false".
      6. Set the traders that you want to update to "true".
  • Привет, я поставил ваш мод и у меня в лицензионном таркове тоже поменялись аватарки трейдеров. Я испугался что словлю бан и пока больше его не ставил. Как это исправить?

    • To remedy this, you can delete your BattleState Games Temp Files if you want to go back to Live EFT.

      Either use the SPT launcher and clear the Temp Files through the option in the settings menu or manually delete the whole "C:\Users\{yourUserName}\AppData\Local\Temp\BattleState Games" folder.

      Hopefully Google Translate works well enough...

      Чтобы исправить это, вы можете удалить свои временные файлы BattleState Games, если хотите вернуться к Live EFT.

      Либо используйте программу запуска SPT и очистите временные файлы с помощью опции в меню настроек, либо вручную удалите всю папку «C:\Users\{ваш логи}\AppData\Local\Temp\BattleState Games».

    • I also hope that the translator will not let you down :kannatiredofthis:

      That is, do I need to clean temporary files after every time I want to return to the online TFT? Right?

    • I wouldn't worry about it... unless you plan on streaming your session.

  • hello! this is first mod in SPT and didnt works,

    I think I followed the instructions to the letter. SPT ver 3.5.5 and

    Before launching the game...

    • Access the "Settings" menu in SPT Launcher.
    • Click on "Clean Temp Files".

    thank you

    • Is this the only mod you're using?
      If so, then it should just work. The coding is pretty simplistic and doesn't do much other than change the server response for images by injecting this mod's images.

      If this is not the only mod you're using, then you may need to change the order of your mods.
      Check the comments here to see what others have tried.

    • yep, the first. I have already read all the treads and config file its ok. Doesnt work


    • Before you start the server/game again... try the following.

      Go into the AlternativeTraderPics mod's "src" folder and delete "altPics.js", so that only "altPics.ts" and "config.json" remains in the "src" folder.

      Start the Server.

      Start the Launcher and clear the Temp files again.

      Then launch the game and let me know if that works.

    • WORKS!!

      thx for patience

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  • Im following all the instructions to get this but its not working no matter what i do. im on 3.5.5

    • Tried again for the update and still doesn't work.

    • There wasn't really an update. The current version of the mod worked for the current version of SPT so I only changed the SPT version flag on the description.

      Check your config...

      • If wanting to update all traders, set "updateAllTraders" to "true" and leave all other options set to "false". (This should be the default setting.)
      • If you want to update mod traders and/or specific EFT traders, set "updateAllTraders" to "false" and then set the desired options below it to "true".

      Before launching the game...

      • Access the "Settings" menu in SPT Launcher.
      • Click on "Clean Temp Files".
      • Click on the "Right Arrow" to exit the "Settings" menu.

      You should now be able to launch the game with the big yellow "Start Game" button.

      Note: This mod requires that the cache be cleared for it to work as intended on the initial run. After the first time, you only need to clear the cache if adding or removing additional traders or making changes to the configuration file.

    • Ok good news. I finally got it working but what i had to do is make it the first mod that was loaded instead of the last. I took off the zz and added a ! and got it loading now.

    • Very interesting.

      Do you mind sharing which mods you have installed?

      I'd like to run some tests myself to find out which mod is conflicting with it.

    • Currently in the mods folder,


  • Yo I have this mod that i made which replaces trader images using your mod. Which works great by the way! Somebody requested a few other custom traders which aren't a part of the default configuration for your mod. How can I add them, so people who download my images can have the custom traders as well, if they have them installed? Talking about The Broker and Keymaster custom traders 😊👍

  • So today, I went back to play live and after 2 raids noticed that my trader images, except fence, were the modded images....I do not have my SPT folder in the same folder as my live Tarkov. Is this anything to worry about?

    I really couldn't care less if I am banned from live, but if there is something that I am doing wrong I want to correct it.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: just read comments below and you answer this. Thanks again!

  • From what I can tell this replaces all of the default trader images. I was hoping to change only Therapist's image as the "odd one out", so is there any way I could have all the other images set to default without having to individually replace each image with the original?

    • There isn't currently an option for that.
      I might make it an option in a future release. Thanks for the idea! ^^

    • For sure, love the work you're doing!

    • umm...
      So I did a thing. Hope you like it! ;)

    • That's insane bro, thank you so much! You're the goat ^^

      Quick question though, I just realized there was a big update to 3.5.2. I don't wanna have to wipe the save I just started, so I might stay on 3.5.1 for a little longer. Will 3.5.2 mods still work with 3.5.1?

    • They're not backwards compatible, but you are in luck because your profile can be transferred to the new version. I'm running my 3.5.1 profile in 3.5.2 right now.

  • Hi,Enjoying your mods,thank you.

    Tarkov,not SPT,replaced the image,

    but is there a possibility of a ban?

    I forgot to delete the TEMP file,

    In that state, I logged into Tarkov online.

    • As of today, I'm roughly 99% sure that would be a "No".
      Until BSG starts doing some shady shit like scanning your drives without your consent, then it is highly unlikely that they will ban you for this mod.

      But... I'm also speculating a bit. I don't have a single clue about what BSG has going on in their noggins.

    • Thank you for your reply.

      Your words reassured me!

      ㎰.It goes without saying, but whatever the outcome, I will not hold a grudge against you.

  • Will this interfere with the live version of the game by altering temp files?

    • It will alter the temp files but that doesn't "interfere" with live. If you plan to jump back into live, clear the temp files using the Aki.Launcher.exe application beforehand.

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    • Appreciate it, just figured since it messed with Main Files it could lead to an issue.

  • Hey man, I just can't get the mod to work. I did the installation right (dropped in root sptarkov folder) and I am not getting any error codes on launch. Just can't get any pics to work. Do I need to enable something in the config folder? I'm just lost

    • Start Server and Launcher... don't enter game yet.
      In the Launcher, click on the "Settings" link in the top right.
      In Settings, click on "Clear Temp Files"
      Then click the arrow on the right to return to the Launcher main page and start EFT.

    • thank you so much needed the anime mommies...

  • Hey man, first than all thanks for the mod since it made it easier to change trader pfp, I was thinking about adding more mods to the compatibility, would it be possible to re-post with the new compatibility while obviously giving you credit?

    • no need. you can just add the names to the config file under the "traders" section if you know the names of the traders from the mods you want to add.

      The only downside is that some modders use default names like avatar, so if you use any of those mods, they will have the same pfp for their traders.

    • Its mainly for other weabos like me that like anime pictures on the traders, so I will also be adding my custom images along with the mod

    • If you want to create a custom image and config pack for my mod, then I'm very okay with that. I was just meaning that you don't have to re-invent the wheel by creating a copy of the actual mod itself.

      You can create a pack that overwrites my pics/config and then just link this mod as a prerequisite for your customization pack. If you want to do that, I approve 100%. ^^

      Don't forget to credit any artists whose pictures you use.

  • were i need put the file,there is no root file

    • u mean beplnex file in plugins or what ?

      idk i am new in modding

    • The "root" of your SPT installation is the folder in which EscapeFromTarkov.exe is located. It's the old-school way of saying "parent folder" or "source location".

    • So I drag the file into the Escapefromtarkov.exe folder and then it works? Not that I'm doing anything wrong, that's why I'm asking

    • Yes, the same folder that these 3 executables are in..

      • EscapeFromTarkov.exe
      • Aki.Launcher.exe
      • Aki.Server.exe

      Just extract the contents of the zip to that location.

  • it works on 3.5.0 guys :)

  • Status Update

    Update coming soon soon... 8o

    EDIT: update has been here... just forgot to update this post.

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    • its not loading for me i am playing 3.4.0 and it wont show the pics

    • Did you clear your Temp Files after adding the mod? The game will use the last cached images so you have to clear your temp files for the new images to show up.

    • where would those be located at?

    • In the SPT Launcher.
      There should be a "Clean Temp Files" button in the settings menu.
      Click on it, then click the arrow to go back to the main menu so you can launch the game as per the usual.

  • Quick update... I got the fucker to load in AKI 3.2.1, but it won't display the new trader pics yet.
    Still trying to figure out the new methods and how they work so I can get this mod to work.

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  • For those curious... I am still working on updating this.

    I'm just having some difficulties getting this to work with the new modules in SPT 3.X. ;(

    If anyone has any knowledge in TypeScript/JavaScript and wants to contribute, feel free to hit me up on Discord. ^^

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  • I wanted to say I love the new pictures you picked out <3 If i could I would leave a double review with 5 stars! :)

  • it may be a stupid question but i renamed the images in the config to the same as on the Aki_Data/traders images but only getting the fence one even after clearing the cache did i do something wrong?

    • Did you make sure that all of them have the same extension?
      Did you set the extension in the config file?

      Recommended extensions are jpg and png.

      If using png files, then you would have to change line 2, "extension", to say "png" instead of "jpg".

    • i just used the default pictures you had in there and made sure the extensions were accurate

    • The default pictures should have worked as-is. No need to rename anything unless you are using your own custom images.

  • batch script file to remove cache is outdated !

    • Thank you.

      Removed reference to the script at it is no longer needed since the ability was added into the AKI Launcher settings menu.

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  • hmmm I don't know if this mod is safe tbh. I logged in to my online Tarkov to turn in a gpu mechanic quest cause it finished crafting and claim my bitcoin and those images also applied to the online game as well. Anyone knows if that's detectable by Battle Eye?

    I guess it's because it modifies the cache that online game also uses.

    • Its safe, just clear your cache before you play online.

  • Nice job, although I'm not a big anime fan so I made my own that I'll share for others to use:…W5YxxFzH/view?usp=sharing

    Thanks for the mod ;)


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    • I don't watch anime so I'm using your version of the mod.

      You made AMAZING pics for the traders.

      You have serious talent.

    • Hey thanks man, glad you like it. I just tried to keep them in the same feel of the originals. Wasn't much work, just some royalty free stock images with various filters and cropping lol. Thanks for the kind words all the same.

    • Not much of an anime fan either but not that much into serious pics either (those are really good) so i used some striking a considerably less serious note.

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    • Made me chuckle.

    • It's not working properly for me.

      At first, your Fence pic would show up but I got spinning wheels for the others and trace errors in the server.

      I went in and found that the pic names in the config file didn't match the pic names in the res file. And even after copy/pasting the names from the pics to the config file, still only Fence shows up. The originals show up instead of the spinning wheels.

      Here is the trace error I get. It occurs for each trader other than FENCE, just with different file names (pictures) that can't be found.

      ALSO ....the config file uses the file names from jbs4bmx's original res file, except Fence. Not yours.

      [ERROR] Trace:

      [Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\AKI Tarkov\user\mods\jbs4bmx-AltTraderPics\res\59b91cbd86f77469aa5343cb.jpg'] {

      errno: -4058,

      code: 'ENOENT',

      syscall: 'open',

      path: 'C:\\AKI Tarkov\\user\\mods\\jbs4bmx-AltTraderPics\\res\\59b91cbd86f77469aa5343cb.jpg'

  • The download is broken. Returns Dropbox 404 not found.

    • Thanks for letting me know. Updated.