Bandana Of Protection 353.0.1

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Extra Armor!

  • Version 353.0.1

    Type: Item Mod

    Supported SPT-AKI Version: 3.5.0+

    Installation: Extract to root of SPT folder.

  • Version 352.0.1

    Type: Item Mod

    Mod Version: 352.0.1

    SPT-AKI Version: 3.5.2

    Installation: Extract to root of SPT folder.

  • Version 351.0.1

    Type: Item Mod

    Mod Version: 351.0.1

    SPT-AKI Version: 3.5.1

    Installation: Extract to root of SPT folder.



  • Really appreciate the mod, do you have any plans to add Zryachiy's balaclava to it?

  • I can't seem to get this to work. Anytime I go to buy the BoP, I get this error:

    Unable to get item: HB-SFS-Nomex from db

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    at InventoryHelper.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\InventoryHelper.js)

    at InventoryHelper.getContainerMap (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\InventoryHelper.js)

    at InventoryHelper.getStashSlotMap (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\InventoryHelper.js)

    at InventoryHelper.addItem (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\InventoryHelper.js)

    at TradeHelper.buyItem (C:\snapshot\project\obj\helpers\TradeHelper.js)

    at TradeController.confirmTradingInternal (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\TradeController.js)

    at TradeController.confirmTrading (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\TradeController.js)

    at TradeCallbacks.processTrade (C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\TradeCallbacks.js)

    at TradeItemEventRouter.handleItemEvent (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\item_events\TradeItemEventRouter.js)

    at ItemEventRouter.handleEvents (C:\snapshot\project\obj\routers\ItemEventRouter.js)

    Any Ideas?

    • "HB-SFS-Nomex" is not from my mod. That's from "Body Blessings". I'm not entirely sure, but I would say that the two mods don't go well together. Body Blessings is based on my code and as such, there may be some overlap between that mod and mine.

      If you have both installed, I would remove one or the other and then test the purchase again.

    • Good Catch! Thanks! I had tried body blessings at first, but swapped to yours. I removed body blessings, but there must have been something left over. I blew my whole install and profile away to get BoP working. Luckily I was only at 15. Thanks again!

  • So, I got this because I remember just how good this mod was back in the day, but as I was trying it, it seems like the BOP doesn't seem to block any damages. I did adjust it so it covers all sectors of the body, yet it doesn't absorb any damages. Any ideas on why this is?

    • Like with all armors in the game, there is a value called "Throughput" damage. This allows some of the damage to get through the armor.
      To disable throughput damage, turn on "God Mode".

    • I don't want to disable throughput damage. I'm just alarmed that there's so much of it despite the armor not taking any damage. I think I've figured it out, though. Something about the Thor heavy armor seemed to be completely overriding the BoP. Either that, or the 3.5.2 version of the mod doesn't seem to work too well with the 3.5.1 version of AKI.

    • Hmm. there technically is no difference between the two (351 and 352)...

      Same logic, different version number.

    • Weird. Because it seemed like when wearing BoP while wearing the Thor heavy armor, the throughput damage was 100% with none of it being stopped by the bandana. I'll keep experimenting a bit and see what I find. Something tells me it might have been a setting, or maybe something else.

    • Hey, were you able to figure anything out? The mask (BoP) I wear isn't taking any damage. I'm taking 100% of the damage. I've set Godmode to "true" as well.

  • I thought the god mode would make the bandana behave like I thought it did before. Basically making me invulnerable. However, after reading your comments I see it doesn't..

    Plot twist though.. i like the current way it works. It gives enough protection that I can survive more than a few seconds of a cracked scav :)

    Love this mod. Always one I try to install first :)

    • Yes, "God Mode" is not true "God Mode".

      While enabled, you should be able to tank all shots and only the armor decreases. Once completely depleted, then you will take all of the damage from every shot.

      While disabled, the armor will tank most of the shots, but there will still be some damage that gets through. Again, once depleted, you will take all of the damage from every shot.

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  • I have some kind of this error. It's really sad that i have that with all kind of your mods: Olympus, Holtzman shield. I used that before w/o any problem, but with 3.5.0. some kind of magic X_X

    • Are you using 3.5.0 stable or one of the nightly builds?

      I'm running 3.5.0 stable, Holtzman Shield, and Olympus, but I don't have any of the errors you've listed.

      I have also tested all 7 of my mods and never saw this error while testing.

    • I'll try to update on stable 3.5.0.

    • Thx for advise. It's helped =)

  • If I installed this correctly (probably didn't) where do I purchase the bandana? I assume Ragman but can't see it

    • If installed correctly, it should show up under Ragman level 1.
      You may have to examine it to reveal it unless you have a mod that examines all items.

    • Nephew is now helping... thanks for the quick response though!

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  • Not really sure what's going on here. Got destroyed immediately. Maybe I'm just dumb but I feel like I used to just put this bandana on and I was basically invisible. But with this I got destroyed by some random bot with pso rounds in a milisecond.

    • Make sure to enable the armor zones you want protected in the config file.

      Also, to prevent any throughput damage, enable GodMode.

      The armor will still work as intended and be depleted by gunfire, but 0 damage can be allowed to pass through as throughput damage. GodMode does not mean invincibility. Once the armor is fully depleted, you can be harmed.

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  • mine is not working I put it in the correct folder I put it so that the armor has more durability but it did not work

  • cant get it to work. made whole body armoured and even put god mode on and still getting killed/limbs blown off

    • I just ran a successful raid with this mod. I set all body areas and all head areas to true. I also enabled God Mode. The bandana took all of the shots fired at me.

      Not sure why it won't work for you.

      Here is a list of Mods I'm using...



      CWX-MasterKey 1.4.0



















    • I don't run many mods and neither BoP or HoltzmanSheild work now

      iv got:




      Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.6.8






      and the 3 new 0.13 gun mods

      i just tried with either BoP or HoltzmanSheild only active and its the same. so weird how it all of a sudden stopped working

    • Holtzman Shield has a dependency. Please check the dependency requirements for that mod.

      As for BoP, I did not have to make any changes to it other than the config when I installed it. Worked on both SPT 3.4.0 and SPT 3.4.1

      Also, make sure that the "FaceCover" section only has one item set as "true". If more than one item is set, it can break the mod or even the game.

  • This wont apply the effect to scavs or pmc's right?

    • NVM i thought it made that item in particular but thank you!

  • Tried changing the item to be a mustache through the configs, cleared my server cache, and the item is still the half-mask

    Disregard, the icon is still the half-mask, but when equipped it shows as the mustache, weird.

  • is there any way you can add the Armbands?

  • Im dumb when it comes to modding. Could anyone explain to me what the root folder is for this mod I just wanna run factory and farm weapons. Any help is appreciated!!!!

    • "root" is the folder that SPT is installed in.
      Example: If SPT is installed in 'F:\SPTarkov' - then 'SPTarkov' is the root folder.

  • I've tried all that i know to get it to work with other looks. However, no matter what i do (cleared temp files, reinstalled the mod, edited some of the code), when I change it from the half mask to any other face cover, it get the doge symbol. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Not really a big deal, but would love to set this to the red beard and have it work. Anyone else having this problem? On 3.2.3 btw. But didnt work on 3.2.2 either.

    • Managed to get it to work... :D


      need to change few things here...

      Using DeadKnight

      If you want i can share my file

    • Hey Penguin, what did you change in that file to make it work? I am trying to make it Big Pipe.

    • The icon may not change, but when equipped, the item should show correctly.
      You will likely have to clear your Temp Files before launching the game as well. Have you tried this without editing the items file?

    • I cleared the temp files multiple times and reloaded the game, but I keep getting the doge cube instead of the item I changed it to. That and there is no icon for the bandana when you look at it as an item. When I go back to the regular bandana it works fine.

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    • I have also never been able to get a different mask to work on this mod on any version of SPTarkov I have used it on.

  • Is there a way to get rid of the red eye veins on the screen everytime I get shot. I'm not dying and I don't have any status effects. It acts like I'm low on health and never goes away. I'm relatively new to tarkov so not sure if its just part of the game or what. It happens when I get shot once and never goes away the whole raid no matter what meds or stims I use.

    • Sounds like something caused by another mod or a mod conflict. What other mods do you have installed?

    • ACOG4Life-OpticRework


      CWX-DeSharpener 1.4.2

      CWX-MasterKeys 1.3.3








      Going to try without the desharpen mod and see if that does anything

    • still happening not sure why

    • It's HWIL.
      Check the comments section of that mod's page... there should be a fix for this issue.

    • Thanks!

  • Ty for mod. Is it possible to have different balaclava and masks in the same function, similar to the Holtzman Shield mod, instead of choosing the shape we want with the config setting?

  • Changes to the Config.json are NOT taking effect for the newly released SPT-AKI 3.1.1 version. No matter what I change the "traderPrice" to, it still shows up in the Trader as the default value, 69420. The same issue is happening with both the newly released [Bandana Of Protection] and [Holtzman Shield]. I have NO other mods loaded.

    EXAMPLE Change:

    "Resources": {

    "WHAT": "Self-explanatory section.",

    "RepairCost": 2,

    "Durability": 3000,

    "traderPrice": 777

    • me 3

    • jbs4bmx, The changes to 311.0.1 FIXED the issues with the config.json changes not taking effect. It's working great now, thanks. Looking forward to the changes for Holtzmans Sheild.

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  • i go into configs and change price of the item and it does not change in game, anyone know what i need to do?

  • will it be updated?

    • It will. Please be patient with me. I have a busy life outside of modding. ;(

    • ok, take your time, just asked to be sure about it

  • Was the way armor works changed from 2.3.1 to 3.0.0? I notice I'm still taking damage when wearing it.

    Edit: Actually this may be being caused by my extremely low health level? I'll update later.

    • It did change.
      There is now a "throughput" value which allows this to act more like armor and less like a "no damage" cheat.

    • Aww man ;(

  • Where do I find these? They are not in the Flea Market or any of the Traders' inventories.

    • Ragman sells them.

      If you are not seeing them, then there may be a conflict with another mod.

  • is it possibe for you to change the mask to a ghost balaclava

  • 2 Questions :D

    "SPT 3.0.0 and later -- Extract the contents of the zip file to the root of your SPT folder." Does that mean i can't install that anymore in the mods folder? (Just asking so i get it right XD)

    What is the difference from that one like does it add more or just change the overall armor?

    • It will place it in the mods folder if you extract it into the root of your SPT installation. The folder structure is built-in.

  • it freeze the game when exam some items

    • Incompatible with KCY-SeeItemValue

  • This is my all time favorite mod. Looking forward to update :D

    • Sorry this took so long... update is uploaded. ^^

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  • Hi!

    Any plans to update this for 3.0.0?

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  • it doesn t work for me any issue ?

    • there is no error no shit just there isn t any bandana in the ragman market

    • Just tested it out and it is working for me. Ragman sells it and I had to examine it to see it.

    • ok anyways maybe my other mods makes some kind of corruption forget about it thx anyways :thumbup:

  • Could you upgrade to 2.3.1 please?

    • Version 2.3.0 of the mod should still work on AKI 2.3.1.
      There wouldn't be any code changes (only the versioning would change), so it's not really worth it to make the slight edits and reupload everything.

      If you try Version 2.3.0 of the mod and you find that is doesn't work on AKI 2.3.1, then please let me know. Please include any error messages or screenshots where available.

    • Ah, ok, thank you for the explanation!

  • awesome mod great for my poor arms lol

    came across this error when ever i enable the all items in flea market in the Ereshkigals Akiconfig mod

    ive ran it fine if i remove one or the other mod or change it back to current flea market settings

    not sure witch is the culprit

  • 2.2.3 support soon?