Special Slots 370.0.1

Hold on to it all.

  • Version 370.0.1

    Type: Inventory Mod

    Supported SPT-AKI Version: 3.7.0+


    • Fix types
    • Update README.md file
    • Update version support to 3.7.0+

    Installation: Extract to root of SPT folder.

  • beautiful Mode!!

    thank you Autor!

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  • I have a question, I tried on my own quickly and managed to make a 4th special slot that is functional and runs in game. The problem is , its half hidden by the stash, and in game when looting the same thing. its not really a deal breaker because you can see enough of the slot to drop something in there and hot key it. I allowed cms and surv on mine for example.

    My question is, have you tried this and can you get the special slot 4-6 to appear under the original 3, is it is hard coded or something that anymore will continue to the right and thus be unseen.

  • Can we configure this to make the spec slots 0 weight like the weapons in your primary when elite strength?

    • will look into... no promises though

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  • Somewhat off-topic, but what mod extended your pockets like that?

  • Eeeeeh, does it use containers like hot slots? for example, can i put magazine container as a dump pouch and drop mags there and not on the ground?

    • I'm not actually sure. Never tested that scenario.

    • Welp, no, its not working. What a shame. PMC still drop mags on the floor and for some reason we have no battlebelts with dump pouches

  • I found another issue that I can't seem to fix. Looks like when you place containers in spec slots the container itself opens up on it's own and is accessable. I've tested with all client and server mods removed and the issue persists. Here's a screenshot:


    • This is a known issue and is a result of how BSG configured the slots. They are setup as expandable slots like the Backpack, Secure Container, and Rig slots.

  • I must be missing something here but I'm not able to put anything into the special slots. I have fairly minimal mods running, but there may be some conflict? I'm getting the normal "item not compatable with this slot" error whenever I try to place something in it.

    • That is not supposed to happen. I tested and verified it to work on: 3.5.0/3.5.1/3.5.2/3.5.3
      What other mods are you using?

    • Looks like the special slots are being completely replaced in SVM based on a novice glance at SVM's code. Since some people mentioned other issues related to newer versions of SVM I would imagine something in there has changed that has broken compatability. If you look in the "CSM SECTION" of SVM's code you can see special slots are being modified/recreated there. I don't really know what I'm doing as I'm a novice coder, but to get the functionality working again I added these lines to SVM:


      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[0]._id = "SVMSPEC1"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[1]._id = "SVMSPEC2"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[2]._id = "SVMSPEC3"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[0]._parent = "CustomPocket"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[1]._parent = "CustomPocket"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[2]._parent = "CustomPocket"
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[0]._props.filters[0].Filter.push("54009119af1c881c07000029"); // Added
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[1]._props.filters[0].Filter.push("54009119af1c881c07000029"); // Added
      CustomPocketItem._props.Slots[2]._props.filters[0].Filter.push("54009119af1c881c07000029"); // Added

      Seems to work as you intend for it to in your mod.

      Obviously this isn't a fix that is relevant to you, but I thought it might be useful to fully detail. Perhaps you might indicate that SVM's custom pockets are completely incompatable with Special Slots, or maybe this gives you enough information to provide a workaround. Either way, thank's for your work.

    • Removing lines 775-780 from SVM also works.

  • Does not work for me on 3.5.2 Changed pockets (5x2 and 2 special slots) using SVM.

    On version 3.5.1, everything worked with the changed pockets.

    Great mod, it's already inconvenient to play without it.

    • Created a new "Issues/FAQ" tab in the Overview screen to explain this.
      The mod is still functioning correctly on a technical level. The slots are still there, they are just hidden because you have more than 4 columns.

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    • Got it, thanks.

    • I changed to make sure my pockets were 4 1x3 vertical slots (onlyt extended downwards and a multiple of 4 as instructed) and it still doesnt work.

    • New update. Now compatible with changes to pockets made by SVM.

  • Love the mod. I have an issue with it no longer working on 3.5.2. It'll work prior to the first raid on a fresh account. but then in first raid and afterwards I cannot add anytyhing to special slots. I have tried placing last in mod order which did not help.

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  • Discovered a slight conflict with the SPT-aki profile editor, it doesn't prevent the mod from functioning when installed, however if any other pocket size other than the template or the secondary 4 pocket option (10 and 15 options are are also available), the special slots no longer show up.

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  • @jbs4bmx, thanks for the update. I see you chose to remove the older 3.4.1 version? I can see choosing to no longer "support" older versions, but not being able to use them? Just curious, cause I for one am sticking with 3.4.1 for performance reasons on an older laptop. Thanks

    • Just saying that I didn't support the older versions wasn't enough for some gamers. They saw it as an opportunity to say how shitty I was to release a product and not support it, so here we are.

      But I have good news for you if you're willing to listen. (I know that you're technically reading and not listening, but just image that I'm speaking with the voice of Deckard Caine from Diablo saying, "Stay a while and listen."). 8o

      For this mod, there is no difference between the 3.5.0 version and the 3.4.1 version.
      To make it work for you, just change the akiVersion line in package.json from 3.5.0 to 3.4.1 and it will work. It doesn't work for all mods, but for this one it will. Hope that helps. ^^

  • Would it be possible to have the option where when you die, a container in the slot isnt lost, but everything inside that container is?

    Or even an option to lose everything in the slots as well? Would be very useful for a hardcore type mode.

  • いい案。

    問題は、タルコフ マップが役に立たないことです。 :聖人: な

    • True. The maps are indeed shit. :D

      If you're okay with modifying files, and you would like to carry more than maps in the Special Slots, there is a simple edit to the "specMaps.ts" file that you can do.

      Change This:




      Into this:

      const pockets = db.templates.items["627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6"];


  • Will the map still be lost on death if its in a special slot?

    • I believe so... if anything else can be lost from the SPEC slots, then maps can be too.

    • I was incorrect. Items in your SPEC slots are not lost when you die.