Buster AP (9x19) [ARCHIVED] 1.0.1

9x19 Buster AP. I made this for limb meta

I wasn't sure if I wanted to upload this, but I might as well make something for limb meta.

Anyways, check the image below if you wanna see the stats of this round. This thing was funny to make ngl.


  • Will this and Titanium silver return for the latest update?

    • Not in my mind for now. Maybe I will remaster these mods into my own ammo mod but idk.

    • Alright! It would be neat to see a more goofy themed ammo mod with new ammo like this. ^^

  • Hey does this go in Plugins or Mods? tia

    • mods

    • Thanks friendo

      Btw fun fact, Siul means "Walk" in Irish ^^

    • i didn't know that. I guess you learn new things everyday

  • I found a small issue with this ammo. You cannot put this ammo in the Chiappa Rhino 20ds. Could this be possibly fixed?

    • are you on 3.5.8 or 3.5.7?

    • 3.5.8

    • seems about right, i'll fix it