Featured Item Sell Price 1.3.0

View selling prices for all traders who can buy an item, exactly as shown in the selling interface.


Extract the ZIP to your SPT-AKI installation folder.

To fix hover tooltip not refreshing when an item's price or interested traders have changed while the item's inspection window is still open, use the "Item Attribute Fix" companion mod.


A client-side mod that uses the game's built-in methods to show the highest selling price offer from traders, exactly as displayed in the selling UI.
Hovering over the attribute will reveal available selling offers from all traders who buy this item, sorted from highest to lowest.
This can be highly "educational" for the purposes of learning the value of items within Tarkov.
This mod is very easy to update as it gets all of the content from the game itself (list of traders, currency rates, currency symbols, etc.)

Note: Flea market prices are not included intentionally, because they are ridiculous and completely break the balance and any kind of challenge in getting rich, due to how likely you are to sell a useless item for a meme price in SPT.
Example: "Molot AKM-type gas tube" is over ₽350,000 on SPT's flea market. In EFT, no one will actually buy this, but due to how flea market works in SPT, you are very likely to successfully sell it. This is a poorly thought-out feature and I rather pretend it didn't exist (at least for selling purposes).

Due to using the game's built-in methods, this mod is dynamic:

It is container content aware:

It is condition aware:

And, of course, durability and currency rates aware:

And also stack count aware:

  • Is there anyway to make this work with the "LIVE Flea Mod"? Since that mod grabs the LIVE Flea price to show on SPT. This way it can show some what information the LIVE Flea mod is getting when grabbed from LIVE. It can give us at least an estimate close enough for an idea... idk. Lol

  • <3

  • If I have Item Info mod, does it conflict with this mod?

    • You'll have to try to find out.

    • I have both and it seems to work just fine. For anyone else that wants to know.

  • Heads up when this mod isn't up-to-date with SPT it'll boot you out at the loading profile screen. Hopefully that saves some of you time troubleshooting your mods! ^^

    • Well, it was clearly stated that existing mods are not compatible with 3.8.0.

    • Well quite a few of em do still work, more or less just leaving a note for people to hold off on this one till its updated/troubleshooting

  • Really thanks for made this amazing mod. The only thing bother me is when i want to download it shows 502bad gateway. Is the link invalid?

  • heyy. :3

    would you make the Flea Prices?´

    i use a mod to get the live flea prices from live tarkov and adjust the flea market like the live one..

    so its not OP anymore :3 it would be very nice :3!

    greetings <3

    • Live flea prices are not the default. I can't assume that the user is using any other mods.

    • oh okay ?

      why it isnt possible ? :x

    • quick sell never sells to flea is this normal?

    • What this has to do with my mod though?

    • i have no clue ^^

      but why its not possible to use your mod with the live flea price mod ?? :/:/

  • it said that you need to "Extract the ZIP to your SPT-AKI installation folder." so does it mean put it in the folder "mods" or put it in the same folder with the Server and Launcher?

    • If you look at the folder structure of a mod, you should be able to figure it out. if the zip contains the BepInEx folder with the Plugins folder inside it, or the user folder with the mods folder inside it, its likely that you just extract it to the main spt folder and everything will go where they need to. :)

  • where is package.json my server launcher is screaming that its missing but it wasnt included in the first place

    • I think it is because you 7 zipped it or uncompressed it. try to compress it again In whatever folder you put it in. can you tell me what folder you put the mod in?

    • I tried putting it in both because at first it was just saying that there was only 6 mods loaded, now it still says i only have 6 mods installed even though i have 14 at least one of which is client sided and its just simply not showing that i have any, I followed the directory paths for both the plugins folder and the mods folder, and no i did not use 7z i just used windows extraction tool 7z is annoying and messes up constantly

    • it should be ready to put just in your folder and play when you download it. It should be compressed already when you download it. if it still didn't work, maybe it is because your Tarkov is version 3.7.4 or above because this mod only works in 3.7.3 or under. you can see it under the name of this mod. it said you have no mod, don't worry maybe it showed wrong cause mine tells me I don't have mods too but the mod I added did work in the game. Maybe wait a few days for the author of this mod to update it to 3.7.4 or above.

  • Hi, great mod. There is another mod that adds live game flea market prices every hour. Could you integrate that data into the tooltip?

    Thanks. :thumbup:

    • Read the Overview dude, I answered this question too many times.

    • Quote

      Read the Overview dude, I answered this question too many times.

      I think you should read my post again. I am talking about this mod by DrakiaXYZ, not base SPT flea market.

    • No, you should read the Overview. I'm not interested in flea market prices, live or not.

    • bro are you stupid or something??? it says in the overview that he doesn't show the flee market because the price is just too random. and can IcyClawz, can you update it as soon as possible to 3.7.6 because I love this mod and I need it :)

    • Since client version didn't change, and these are client mods, they still work perfectly. Just verified.

  • Might be still broke. I tried it but my game won't load it. I extracted it to my spt folder, it got put into the bepin plugins, tried it there nothing. So then moved the file to the mods folder under user and tried it there, but still nothing. I could be doing something wrong, correct me if I am, will greatly appreciate it. I also tried the previous version and nothing.

    • Maybe your game broke. All of my mods work fine with 3.7.3 just like they did in 3.7.1, since the game client is still at the same version.

  • Sadly 3.7.1 break this mod, hope it will have an update.

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  • Is there a way to get this mod to ignore a certain trader? I've recently downloaded the Questor trader mod and the buying prices are the highest for everything from this trader, I don't like cheesing it (rich coming from a guy using a quest item trader I know) The Questor trader makes this mod irrelevant as they buy everything from me at the highest price and I don't really want to use that trader.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Nope, the mod loops through all of the registered traders.

    • ah no worries, thanks very much for the reply!

  • would it be able to also make a flee price?

    • Already answered that in the Note in the description.

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    • ooh ye sorry i read over that my bad <3

  • Is the code for this mod open source? Would love to know how you added things to the menu like you did!

    • There's a link under "File Details"...

  • I'm having trouble inspecting the items (the "blablabla" one, what freeze the game).
    * i have the broker trader mod
    * i have put the item price plugin on the first position on the list already.

    *the game error says something like: "trying to get price of traderlist when the traderlist is empty"

    Thinking 1
    • You'll need to be more specific because I can't reproduce that.

      If you're using other mods, you'll need to investigate which one might cause a conflict.

    • ok ty, when i get some time i ill do this tests.

    • Quote

      * i have the broker trader mod

      That's exactly the problem, due to how The Broker get items prices, you need to open “TRADERS” tab first.

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    • interesting, i learned the prices then i not need the this price mod anymore.

      anyway thanks for the resolution

  • just found that this seems to cause the "Blablabla" inspection bug while inspecting items from modded traders (including base game items), it didnt give me an error in the console either which was weird but i hope you can fix this because it is a great mod

    • You won't see an error in the console because the console shows only server errors, not client ones. Find the client error in "Logs\log_<timestamp>\<timestamp> errors.log".

    • Code
      2023-06-19 13:31:42.925 -04:00||Error|Default|245 errors encountered while deserializing assortment for trader Svetlana

      Theres a bunch of No Parent with id xx found for item xx after this but I imagine this first line is the bigger issue?

      edit: just saw you uploaded an update on saturday that I don't have yet that might fix for me

      2nd edit: updating appears to have fixed it for me, hopefully that was just ops issue as well cheers

    • that update did fix the problem thank you

  • This broke handyToolbox mod for me on 3.5.7. I open the inspect window for the toolbox and "ergonomics" are showing without value instead of "slots" and the game freezes.

    • This is due to Handy Toolbox using an illegal item ID "YN_Toolbox" for the toolbox.

      EXCEPTION: System.FormatException: Could not find any parsable digits.
        at System.ParseNumbers.StringToInt (System.String value, System.Int32 fromBase, System.Int32 flags, System.Int32* parsePos) [0x00166] in <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0 
        at System.ParseNumbers.StringToInt (System.String value, System.Int32 fromBase, System.Int32 flags) [0x00000] in <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0 
        at System.Convert.ToUInt32 (System.String value, System.Int32 fromBase) [0x00022] in <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0 
        at EFT.MongoID..ctor (System.String id) [0x00009] in <4c96b4e7c0044a5cb491ffd486c41739>:0 
        at EFT.MongoID.op_Implicit (System.String id) [0x00000] in <4c96b4e7c0044a5cb491ffd486c41739>:0 
        at GClass2410.smethod_1[T] (T originalItem, EFT.InventoryLogic.IDatabaseIdGenerator idGenerator, System.Boolean skipInvisibleContent, System.Boolean resetSpawnedInSession) [0x0001b] in <4c96b4e7c0044a5cb491ffd486c41739>:0 
        at GClass2410.CloneItemWithSameId[T] (T originalItem) [0x00000] in <4c96b4e7c0044a5cb491ffd486c41739>:0 
    • I don't expect you to do this but is it possible for you to update your mod to ignore those "invalid ID's" so the mods used doesn't break? I guess these kind of modded case items will break your mod if using any modded case like Revingly-MICC and Orbitas-AmmoPouch etc? Or am I wrong? Is the problem on those who mod these cases?

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    • I have a similar issue, but it happens with certain weapon presets on modded traders (uses all vanilla guns and attachments as far as i'm aware). AKGuy, AR Reloaded, and Anastasia + Svetlana all have some presents that have broken inspect windows with this mod installed.

    • This should no longer be an issue in 1.0.2. Can't expect everybody to fix their mods, since changing the illegal item IDs is a breaking change - the game will fail to load the player's profile for existing users of these mods.

    • Sweet!!! It works great now.

  • Hello IcyClawz,

    First of all, your mod is insanely well done! Most of items info mods are working well but don't match the UI of the game, which ruins a bit the experience, but yours is a masterpiece!

    That would be amazing if we could have the Flee market prices also in a different box:
    * With flee market icon
    * The price displayed would be the average price
    * When hovering the box the tooltip could display the Min, Avg and Max price in the flee market

    I'm not a modder so I don't know the complexity of it, but just dropping this idea :)

    Thanks a gain for this well done mods! *clap*

    • Thanks for the comment! I explained in the description why flea prices are not included.

    • Ah yes my bad! Missed this part, totally understand though :)
      (maybe in the future it could be a feature that can be enabled/disabled)

  • Wasn't interested in upgrading from my heavily modded 3.5.5 to the latest 3.5.7, but this amazing mod might change my mind.

    Great work. Hope to try it out soon. :thumbup:

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  • I tried it on 3.5.6. for anyone coming here to see if it works. I tried it on an existing aswell and new profile. When logging into existing got stuck on "loading profile data..." screen, after 10 minutes the game still did not load. When starting a new profile I got stuck on the character creation screen (where you pick face and voice) and could not continue past that point.

    Crying 1
    • This happened to me, too... Guess we'll just have to live without it for now.

    • Wouldn't work for anything other than 3.5.7, you can download the source code and compile it using 3.5.6 binaries.
      Only change needed would be:

      using CurrencyUtil = GClass2181;


      using CurrencyUtil = GClass2182;

  • OMG! This feature only need the ItemInfo mod, and you are making! THANKS!

    ""Molot AKM-type gas tube" is over ₽350,000 on SPT's Flea Market."

    I don't understand why AKM gas tube horribly price in the SPT. This is SPT bug or what? I always thought it was because of my many mods.

    • Nope, that's the actual average price specified for it in "Aki_Data/Server/database/templates/prices.json" by SPT-AKI devs.

      I assume it's based on the real EFT flea market prices, but it doesn't take into account the fact that there are plenty of "meme prices" there made up by players...

  • Is it also working with 3.5.5?

    • Due to it being a client-side mod, not likely. It references a few classes that might have had different names in previous versions of EFT's main assembly file.

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    • I tried it on 3.5.5, did not work.

    • You'll need to recompile it for an older version of the game from my source code.

    • could you provide it? i think there's more people like us that still are in 3.5.5 version :/

    • Version 1.0.1 for client (SPT-AKI 3.5.5):


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  • Wow I never seen anything like this before, great work bro!

    • Thank you! My first mod for SPT, but due to my experience with C#, this wasn't difficult.