TechHappy's Web Minimap 1.0.9

A browser-based map that shows your real-time position. Able to be used on a mobile device or second monitor.

Are you often lost and can't find the extract? Or want to see the locations of quests and airdrops? This mod is here to help! Just open the map in your browser or mobile device and you will never be lost again.

I made this mod so that a family member and I could learn where the caches and extracts are for unfamiliar maps. I found it to be very helpful and thought I would share it with the community.

Screenshot of the Interchange map with quests and player maker:


Copy the BepInEx folder into the game's main folder that has the server and launcher applications.

Usage Instructions:

  • To view the map, use the in-game F12 menu, click the Open Map checkbox or go to http://localhost:8080 in your browser.
  • To view the map on a mobile device, go to the address above, connect, click the QR button, and scan the code with your mobile device.
  • Load into a raid and the map for your area will open and place a marker on your current position.
  • On Interchange and Labs, when you change floors the marker will move to that floor's section of the map.
  • If you want the view to follow your player marker, hit the "Follow" button on the top.
  • You can click on the checkmark quest markers to see the quest's info.

Map Markers:

Player Marker:

Quest Marker:

Airdrop Marker:

In-game Settings Menu:


So far, I have found that the following mods below cause the map to fail to load:


The factory map is not to scale and doesn't track your position. It will still show the map but your marker will be static.

This mod would not exist were it not for CactusPie's Minimap mod. It was a great inspiration and contained polynomial math required to accurately place the marker. I also used his EXE's map creation section to get the math required to transform the in-game position to the map image coordinates. In version 2.0.0, I started using a modified version of his client mod. I also used kmyuhkyuk's compass mod's quest tracking code for my quest markers.

Want to support me and my work? You can buy me a coffee!

  • Version 1.0.9

    Added Streets of Tarkov map changes.

    Factory will now show a static map again instead of the "not implemented" message.

    Edit: The last two versions (1.0.8 & 1.0.9) are now showing as false-positives for Windows Defender. You can still download 1.0.7 and replace the contents of the www folder in my mod (BepInEx/plugins/TechHappy-MinimapSender/www) with the updated files here. If you aren't comfortable with this, upload the files to VirusTotal and check yourself, or wait for a possible mod rewrite.

  • Version 1.0.8

    Added the Shoreline map expansion. Thanks, JetPilot!

  • Version 1.0.7

    Added support for Ground Zero.

    Minimum version is now 3.8.0.

  • Version 1.0.6

    Quest markers will now update mid-raid on quest step completion.

  • Version 1.0.5

    Added a modified Customs map that is more accurate.

    Added a QR code button on the map for easier mobile device connection.

    Added a button in the F12 menu that opens the map in the default browser.

    Changed map buttons from using emoji symbols to now use text labels on desktops and tablets.

  • Version 1.0.4

    Added support for the Streets of Tarkov map expansion added in 0.13.5.

    Significantly reduced mod size by converting map images to .webp files.

    I am working on a new Customs map that is to scale with in-game coordinates. It is going to take a while but it will fix the player marker being very far off in certain areas.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Added quest markers. You can click on them to see the quest's info.

    Added airdrop indicators for when the box lands.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated the max update interval delay to 30 seconds.

    Added a missing cache on Woods.

    Removed the constant position logging in the console.

    Updated the Customs coordinate math but it is still wrong. I believe the map isn't to scale.

    Updated Lighthouse coordinate math.

    Added Interchange parking garage player marker movement like it has for the second floor.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • The latest version (2.0.1) is available on my GitHub. While it works for me, it doesn't seem to work for many others. I bit off more than I can chew with this mod and I will happily accept pull requests.

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    • :thumbup:

    • v2.0.1 is working fine for me (Edge browser, desktop).

      One suggestion would be to modify the bot.png icons to have a slight outline. That way when they are stacked on top of each other in a group, it's a little easier to indicate how many there are.

      Overall, nice work!

      EDIT: Ok, v2.0.1 has stopped working on all raids now. It only worked for the very first raid. Guess I spoke too soon.

    • Works fine for me.
      Browser: OperaGX

      Playing on a Fika server, not hosted by me. The IPV4 Address I use, is the one RadminVPN gave me.

    • 这是一个很棒的模组,但我想知道如何在手机上打开地图的网页。当我点击二维码时,什么也没发生。

  • Does this work with Project Fika?

    • It does, working for my friends and myself (host).
      FIKA: Port-Forwarded
      Browser: Chrome
      Has been working on 3.8.0 through 3.8.3

    • Great, thank you!

  • Thanks for making this, one of my fave mods :thumbup:

  • The character is not shown up in Factory (neither day or night)

    • The author did not set the player location reminder in the factory. The author has already mentioned it in the article.

    • Waitin' for the fix then.

  • The new version no longer works with older browsers. I have an old Android 4.1 tablet that I use for maps. The previous version of the map worked in the old Opera browser. I installed the latest Dolphin Browser, the latest version, but it also cannot open the map. Just a gray background, even without the inscription enter a raid. There is no "Input server address" window. I understand that my device is very outdated, even with the new browser, and I just want you to know that this is happening.

    • I removed the latest update (2.0.1). It caused a lot of problems and I am sorry it didn't work out.

  • Can't get new version to work, stays on enter a raid screen

    • Sorry about that! I recommend you remove the 2.0.1 version and go back.

    • Thanks

  • The old version worked fine but the new version sticks on "Enter Raid"

    Using the IP from F12 and firewall is allowed, any ideas?

    • I recommend that you remove the latest version and go back to the working one. The 2.0.1 version wasn't tested enough and while it "worked on my machine" it has issues.

    • It's all good man, it was a good effort with a good goal. I'll check out the git you linked above later and have a look :)

  • old version better

    • That is disappointing to hear. Where could it be improved? I know I changed the UI but I was pretty unhappy with my code (still is rough but I think a bit better now).

    • 1. During a raid, SCAV - writes enter the raid

      2.When using multiple physical\virtual network connections, the f12 menu shows the ip in random order => QR does not work. Listening to the ip address does not help.

      3. The user interface has become significantly worse compared to the old version.

      4. The non-switchable (completely remove) button for showing bots on the map is terrible.

    • I really appreciate the feedback. I should have tested it much better using other people and their setups. I have taken down the latest version and will try to figure something out.

    • But Version 1.0.9 very very cool)! tnx

  • ..sadly cant get it to work -.-

    mod is viewable ingame with F12 menu

    when opening browser on http://localhost:8080/index.html it only shows "Enter Raid"

    im using fresh installed latest SIT with SPT-Aki -no other mods- on my own, local.

    i´ve unzipped your whole folder in SIT\Game\BepInEx\, so it became an own folder in \BepInEx\plugins\TechHappy-MinimapSender

    when i klick inside F12 menu on Open Map, it stays "disabled" but a new browser window starts, each time i enter F12


    any help available?

    thanks in advance :)

    p.s. posted it also on GitHub

    • It didn't work for me on the SIT build either. If you play online with friends use pure “spt aki” with multiplayer modification from “Fika”.

      On it works most of the current mods

  • hi, thx for work, in pc work perfect, but on my iphone i can't load link. can help me pls?

  • Hello, not sure if there is any other way to tell you this but i find out that the mod "CWX MasterKey" causes the mini map to not work. I assume it is the masterkey because the mini map was installed first and once the masterkey was added after then it decided to stop working. When i deleted masterkey , the mini map worked again. Not sure if this is how i go about things like this but figured i would say something.

  • [Error :TechHappy.WebMinimap] Exception System.IO.FileNotFoundException occured. Message: Could not load file or assembly 'aki-custom, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies.. StackTrace: at Aki.Reflection.Patching.ModulePatch.Enable () [0x00000] in <f030ec95a5204134b924a592800a60ac>:0

    Any help would be much appreciated , thanks

  • Is there a reason why opening the map couldn't be set to a assigned key as opposed to clicking a checkbox? It would be so much easier. Just wondering. Thank you.

  • Just a suggestion: Would it be possible to write on the building and zone names, similar to how mapgenie does it? It would be an awesome addition to this mod, as it would synergize really well with other mods such as BossNotifier and HeliCrashes, as those sends out notifications with a zone name.

  • Is there plans to add ground Zero to the maps I am coming back fresh from a few wipes and completely lost on that map and currently stuck on some quests

  • HI there , i cannot get this to work, ive tried for many hours no joy.

    I hit F12 ingame then click techHappy.WebMinimap and click disabled , the browser window opens up on my second monitor but all i see is a green window telling me to "ENTER A RAID".

    I have tried countless times but nothing, i do have gamepanel hud instaled, could there be a conflict?

    I would appreciate some help here, SPT has transformed a game i never play to a potentially great experience if i knew where i was in the game :)

    Thanks for the mod, id live to get it working.

    • Just to say i done a complete reinstall and its working fine, now, its a fantastic mod thanks a lot

    • Hi! I have the exact same problem. Could you please tell me exactly what you did to make the mod work? I've already tried reinstalling it several times, but no result

    • I am having the same issue as well, I have tried everything I could think of and still not working

    • Dya3Giggz

      What build are you using? Pure SPT-AKI or SIT?

  • Very helpful, could the player marker changing floors be added to the other maps?

  • Cool mod but is there a way to turn off the player arrow. I like to keep it hard and I don't like knowing where I am. I want to learn my way around the map without it. Is there a way to just turn the player off?

  • Mod is awesome, but I can't figure out how to make it work on mobile.

  • Hey! if you die and lose progress on the quest colleagues - part 1 - quest markers wont reappear on the map.

  • Hi, I just want to make sure this mod is actually ok, cause both windows defender and my anti-virus flagged it as a Trojan virus and it would be one thing if it was just windows but my anti-virus is saying the same thing.

    • The last two versions are (were?) falsely flagged as malware. I tested it again tonight and the mod zip file was fine for all the machines I tested with, so it might have been fixed? If anyone is still effected, can you let me know? I submitted the mod once more to VirusTotal and there were zero positives.

    • Alright, I just wanted to make sure lol, thanks.

  • Hey for some reason the minimap wont load properly its only showing a green screen and thats all im getting any reason why it just started today. and im unsure why that is. could use the help never had issues before hand!

  • Hey, this mod is awesome!

    Are there any plans to add the floor tracking that interchange uses to some of the other maps where multi-level buildings are complicated?

    Specifically I'm thinking reserve, and the health resort on shoreline. Most of the buildings in other maps are too simple for that to be important (Dorms for example)

    • Floor tracking on those maps is planned, but it will take a bit. I know Shoreline especially would be very helpful.

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  • First off, I love your mod, it is very useful for saving time looking at where quest items are, but I always wondered, does the mod cause any performance loss? Since I am without my desktop currently, I am having to use my laptop meaning every frame for me counts.

    • I don't *think* it should cause any performance losses. I am developing using a strong machine, so it is hard to tell, but as long as you don't set the refresh interval in the F12 menu to something really low, it should be good.

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    • Thanks for the response. Keep up the great work.

  • Can't make it work. After pressing to enable map in f12 menu, localhost:8080/index.html opens up and loads forever.
    Mods DoorBreacher
    DrakiaXYZ - livefleaprices

    EDIT: MANAGED to make it work by "allowing threat" on windows AV

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    • Thank you for getting back and letting me know how you fixed it. Due to how this mod creates a web page and talks to the game, Windows Defender can get concerned.

    • i'm getting the same issue. how did you allow the treat on windows av?

    • Go to Virus & threat protection then to allowed threats and you should find something there I don't remember exactly

  • Thanks for the mod, always used Catauspie's map before and it worked on LAN via config. I can't reach the PC running this minimap on my local network, can the LAN address be declared in the config file? Or perhaps is it binding to the wrong network adapter?

  • Firstly, absolutely awesome mod!! Thankyou for this! As someone relatively new to Tarkov, this mod has been a god send getting my quests done, It took me 3-4 weeks on 3.7.6 to get where I am now on 3.8, which has taken a few days due to this mod!

    With that in mind, I'm curious if there is any plans to add the bot locations to the map? as currently using a different mod which sometimes creates fps issues on my rig, RTX 3070FTW & 5700, not-sure which it could be bottling.

    Thanks for reading & hope it's something that's considered :D

  • Went to download the new version and keep getting a trojan warning. False Positive I'm assuming but its never happened before? Getting this from MS Defender

    Detected: Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml
    Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

    and the second time i tried to DL it I got this

    Detected: Trojan:Script/Wacatac.H!ml
    Details: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

    What weirds me out is the Type changed on the detection from B!ml to H!ml.
    Any insight would be great. Love this mod. Makes learning the maps so nice.

    Again I'm sure its a False Positive but i just wanted to make sure.
    Thanks for the great work and keeping this updated!

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    • That is very strange. I submitted the zip file to VirusTotal, and it came back with 0 detections. I then tried downloading the same exact zip from GitHub, and it gave me a warning as well. I have not had this issue in the past and don't quite know where to go with it. I will do some research and try to figure it out. Thank you for checking, and I am sorry it isn't acting right.

    • I have already been planning on rewriting the mod, and a side effect of that is that it will hopefully fix this false detection. In the meantime, if you want the changes that are in 1.0.8 and 1.0.9, you can replace the files in the www folder of my mod with these updated files. Again, sorry for the trouble and I hope a rewrite will fix this in the future.

  • doesnt work for me :\

    browser says "enter a raid" and doesnt load the map. tried to refresh page, load another map, but it doesnt work :\

    my other mods:

    -RaiRai HiddenCaches


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    • I just tested the AmandsGraphics and RaiRai HiddenCaches mods, and they don't seem to conflict. I strongly suspect that StayInTarkov is the issue and due to how it functions, I am afraid I cannot support it. Sorry about that.

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    • i'm sorry to hear that, because this mod is in the StayInTarkov launcher :\

      Thanks for your response, i will use this mod for my single player then :)

  • You are killing me ^^ :D

    for the last 30 minutes, I tried to update to 108... there is non ^^ it's called 108 here and on your GitHub but even when I download the file with the name:

    It changes the name to ^^

    If on purpose, I love it. If not... what the heck ^^

    So to conclude it: There is no 108, it's an 107 Shorelineedition?

    In F12 it just says 107 as before.

    Anyway, you got me there, and I am laughing right now, just to be clear. I like a good prank, mister :D

    Thanks for your awesome work <3

    • Haha, yeah, sorry about the confusion. It was a bit of a mess trying to figure out how I would update the mod, so I kept changing things, and it ended up like that. I just pushed a new update that fixed Streets, and I managed to change the version number this time. :P

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