CactusPie's Minimap 2.0.4

A Minimap software showing your current location in a spearate window - or even on a separate PC in your network


1. Download and unzip the minimap archive

2. Copy the BepInEx folder into your SPT-AKI game directory. Do not copy the map itself or any other files/folders from the zip file into your game directory, as they will cause conflicts and your game might not start!

3. Run Minimap.exe - the position will start updating once you start a new round


BoopsQuestZoneAPI is outdated and will break this mod. If you still want to use it, I've prepared a patch for you:

Source code:

Allows developers to create custom quest zones for marking, placing items, and other events

In-Game Configuration

You can change basic settings by pressing F12 in-game:

  • ListenIpAddress - the IP address of the machine where you want to run the map. By default set to, but if you want to access the map remotely, you need to set it to an IP address you want to access it through
  • ListenPort - the port through which game data will be avilable. You can test if it works by accessing or through your browser (the game needs to be running)

Changing the IP address or port will also require you to update appsettings.json in your map directory accordingly!

Application settings

  • Map creation mode - enter map creation mode, which will allow you to add a custom map
  • Drawing mode - allows you to draw on the map using a left mouse button. Useful for marking quests or other ares of interest. Can also be toggled by pressing D while the map window is active
  • Auto-switch levels - if the map should automatically show tour location in sub-areas of the map. For instance: a garage on interchange, upper level of interchange, or customs dorms. More sub-areas will probably be supported later!
  • Follow player - the camera will center on the player with every position update. Can also be toggled by pressing F while the map window is active
  • Show bots - whether or not show bot locations on the map. Bot markers are also affected by Auto-switch levels setting. Enemy markers are colored:
    • Yellow - scav
    • Blue - USEC
    • Orange - Bear
    • Purple - boss or raider
  • Show quests - whether or not show quest locations on the map. Quest markers are also affected by Auto-switch levels setting
  • Refresh rate - how frequently the map marker position should be updated. Moving it to the right will make it less frequent, while moving it to the left will make it more frequent. Right-most value will retrieve the position every 50 milliseconds. Default is 100 milliseconds.
  • Theme selection - you can change the theme using the drop-down menu in the application, or you could edit the appsettings.json file to change the default theme that the application will start with
  • Marker size and opacity - allow you to customize your player marker size and opacity. Doesn't affect other markers (bots, quests, airdrops)

You can also use mouse scroll to zoom in and out, and click-and-drag the map as needed. Right-clicking will reset the map view to its default state.

Known issues

Some maps (especially Customs or Streets of Tarkov) might sometimes be a bit off. This is because the maps are not scaled 1:1 and therefore this issue cannot be fixed.

How to add a new map

A guide on how to use custom bounds and support map sub-areas coming later!

  1. Enter the map creation mode by checking the "Map creation mode" checkbox
  2. Click "Add new map" and fill the fields:
    • Map image - can be filled by clicking the "Add map image" button. A path to an image file of your new map
    • Map name - a name of your new map. Can be set to any text, but it should be unique - no map with the same name should already exist
    • Map rotation - useful when you want to rotate the map image. Ideally, the map should be rotated so that north is located on top, otherwise it might not work properly. If that's not the case, you can rotate it in an image editor (even Paint would do the trick) and then rotate it back in the Minimap itself by setting a correct map rotation. An example of it being used is "Lighthouse Loot" map
  3. Click "Add map"
  4. Move to any location in game
  5. Middle-click the corresponding location on the map. For instance, I'm currently at the gas station on Customs: tD8FFhn.jpg

    Which means I would middle-click at the following position on the map:

  6. Click "Add current position"
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 multiple times to add many positions in game. Ideally, it would be best to grab positions from all the furthest edges of the map and a few positions around the middle - just spread them around. The more positions you add, the more accurate the map will be, although at a certain point it will provide diminishing returns. In total I usually add around 40-50 positions per map.
  8. Once you're done, click "Update map transforms". This will fit a polynomial to calculate map positions based on in-game positions. You can adjust the polynomial degree in the UI, but generally it's best to leave it at 1. Afterwards, you will see a graph that looks like this:
    If the lines go more or less across the dots - then your new map should work fine. It will never be perfect, like you can see on the screenshot, but if it's more or less correct, then it's good enough. If the lines don't match the dots, it means one of 3 things:
    • You mapped the positions incorrectly
    • The map is incorrectly scaled and cannot be used
    • The map rotation is incorrect - the image itself should be rotated, so that north is facing up. If it doesn't, you need to rotate it in an image editor and set a correct rotation when adding the map
  9. After you close the graph the map positions will be updated. You can exit the map creation mode see how your new map works.

New maps are added in the "Maps" subdirectory. You can edit or remove them from there if you need to.


- Themes used in the app were taken from:

- kmyuhkyuk and TechHappy - I "borrowed" :evil: their code for handling quest locations and airdrops

  • Version 2.0.4

    • Compatibility patch for BoopsQuestZoneAPI - available as a separate download below
    • Disabling "Auto-switch levels" will disable it for bots too

    If you use BoopsQuestZoneAPI, you also need to download this patch for 3.7.6, otherwise the map will not work!

  • Version 2.0.3

    • Automatic level changing will now correctly apply to bot markers
    • Added missing map creation data for interchange

    If you use BoopsQuestZoneAPI, you also need to download this patch for 3.7.6, otherwise the map will not work!

  • Version 2.0.2

    Self-contained release in order to avoid problems with missing libraries on some systems. If version 2.0.1 works well for you, there is no need to update, as there are no functional changes in this version.

  • Version 2.0.1

    Fixed quest marker rotation on rotated maps (Lighthouse, Labs and possibly others)

  • Version 2.0.0

    - Added enemy position display (radar)

    - Added quest markers (thanks to TechHappy and kmyuhkyuk)

    - Added an airdrop marker (credits to TechHappy)

    - Added automatic map and level switching

    - Map switching for dorms

    - Added an option to define custom bounds for automatic level switching

    - Extended the UI

    - Converted maps to jpeg in order to reduce the mod size

    - New communication method between the game and the map

    - Significant behind-the-scenes code changes

    - Improved coefficient calculation for polynomials above a linear function (level 1 polynomial)

    If you have an older version installed - remove it! Simply delete CactusPie.MapLocation.dll from BepInEx\plugins directory

  • Version 1.0.5

    - Added an option to change player marker size and opacity

    - Added a loot map for labs level 1 and level 2

  • Version 1.0.4

    Fixed decimal separator parsing on systems using comma as a separator

  • Version 1.0.3

    - Added labs map

    - Fixed dark theme colors in "Add new map" dialog and plot window

    Plugin version for SPT 3.4.0:…CactusPie.MapLocation.dll

  • Version 1.0.2

    Added themes support - including a dark theme

    Courtesy of

    Plugin version for SPT 3.4.0:…CactusPie.MapLocation.dll

  • Version 1.0.1

    - Switched to a linear function for all map transforms

    - Added error logging for the in-game plugin

    - Disabled excessive console logging in the plugin

  • TECHHAPPY'S WEB MINIMAP works great... at least until this is updated, you can try it.

  • I have upgraded this mod to 3.8.0 for my own use. If I had CactusPie's permission, I would be happy to share it with you all.
    But before this has even happened, this is a straight port from 3.7.6. In other words: no map for Ground Zero, and no extensions to any of the other maps.
    Also, I cannot provide any, that means NO!, support.

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    • Do you mind sharing your solution? I really need this for quick bot spawn debugging. Using Questing Bots with freecam is such a chore :(

    • Please, provide a link of the updated version, this mod is awesome and very usseful.

      Nevermind.. I just compiled it myself, there is a pull request from NNThomasL on the github, if you apply the same changes it works perfectly.

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    • When compiling the .dll, did you receive 2 errors related to QuestControllerClass & QuestClass?

    • Nope, You need to apply the modifications from NNThomasL in order to make it work with the current aki version.

      I can provide you a link with the plugin if you want, just send me a PM.

      I've modified this version a little because the plugin was crashing when loading certain quest data, probably the daily ones... my version just tries to load the data, but if it throws an error, quest tracking gets disabled and the map still works showing your position and the bot locations if enabled. I am still searching the exact cause, but at least it works for now, even if sometimes quest data doesn't show up on the map.

  • Can you update this? Please!!!

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  • Please update!

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  • We need this

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  • We need this :(

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  • I miss this mod :(

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  • just tested it - AMAZING WORK!!! the plugin and the minimap.exe program.

    is there any chance you up this to version 3.8.0 ?

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  • I need this mod for 3.8.0.

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  • Is there a way to make it work as a scav? For some reason it doesn't. Figured I was doing something wrong.

  • Please update mod to include the rest of the maps, especially Factory and maybe even the new one from the .14 update. Thank you.

  • Is there anyway to add Factory to the Minimap?

  • im having issues with the mnimap working at all sometimes, itll work one day, but then not the next, is there any way to know for sure that itll work or how to launch it to make it work 100%?

  • do you think it's possible to add an option to save the settings so we don't need to change them every time we start the software?

  • Is it normal for customs to be off? It seems the map is scaled wrong.

  • It doesn't seem that Factory is working at the moment.

    • yeah i hope they fix that soon

  • Factory is not working.

  • for some reason streets will not load, any idea why?

  • Does the mod not work on the SIT client?

  • Hi! I'm really sorry but i've got a really novice question about the patched API
    Do I need the original mod which goes into the mod folder too? Or do i just need the .dll?
    Thanks in advance

  • This is a wonderful mod. I seem to be getting an issue though while its running. sometimes there is a periodic restriction to aiming. like a rubber band is locking my mouse. it wasn't happening before I opened the minimap, and it goes away when closed.

  • Not sure if I'm missing something here, but the "EFT Map" application just says "Waiting for a raid to start" even though I'm already playing for 10mins. Am I missing something ? Do I always need to define a new map with the waypoints as you described on the mod page or are there predefined Templates for the maps ? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I assumed it would say "Create a new map" and not "Waiting for raid to start" if that's required

    • Only seems to work as a pmc

    • I do play on my PMC. I usually never do SCAV raids in SPT

  • Quick thing, it looks like the Factory mini-map is no longer there? I remember it being there for 3.7.5 though! I'm using the most up to date version of the mod and under Minimap-->Maps there's no file for Factory.

  • So the mod works perfectly fine locally

    I have tried using the app on other local PCs and it worked flawlessly

    Since I had some experience port forwarding minecraft servers in order to play with my friends i tried to port it to the external network in order to "roleplay" with a friend of mine acting as an UAV operator of sorts

    Could get the signal forwarded however i always get a "Bad Request (Invalid Host)" header when testing the /mapData link

    I was wondering if there is anything I can do in order to fix this

    (I am aware and I hope it doesn't go against the co-op policy since we won't technically be playing together)

  • So i just updated from 1.0.5 to 2.0.4 and i love the update. however, would it be possible to have a manual map selection for when you're in your hideout and want to plan and draw what you'll be doing for the next raid?

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  • I registered just so i could write this question, i downloaded the patch for the BoopsQuestZoneAPI, but i can't seem to get it to work.

    Do i need to change the load order or do i need to put the patch somewhere specific?

    I've tried putting the patch in multiple different places but nothing seems to work, have'nt tried changing load orders yet though.

    • I've had a similar issue, I'm about to attempt to remove the .dll file that they recommend in the comments. I'll edit/reply on how that works out.

      Edit: So by chance, I went ahead and placed the patch in the raw /BepinEx folder instead of in Plugins and that seemed to work. If that doesn't work for you, I believe deleting the BoopsQuestZoneAPI.dll may help.

    • Does not seem to work for me, but do you not need BoopsQuestZoneAPI.dll for custom traders and quests? If so what happens if i delete it?

    • I recall whenever I first messed around with it I could delete the boopsquestzoneapi.dll file without encountering any errors in the Aki server console. It was a while back so I do not exactly recall if it was that or the folder for Boopsquest itself, but I have a strong feeling I deleted the .dll file.

  • I recently installed this mod to try and help me get used to woods and for some reason, I'm receiving this in my console:


    [Client Request] /mapData



    I first tried setting the IP and proper port, then I got the compatibility patch followed by removing some of my mods until ultimately doing a clean install and am still getting that in my console. Have I misconfigured something? IP is the default with a port of 6969 which I double-checked in my http.json file.

  • 3.0.8 не работает он не знает почему пишет типо начать рейд , не работает

  • This mod is incredible, it makes playing the game way better for me. Would it be possible to have it auto draw a little dot wherever an enemy dies? Maybe a toggle option to have it only show dead enemies that you killed?

  • Excellent mod. Thanks!

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