Ram Cleaner Fix 1.0.0

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A workaround for RAM Cleaner running only in the settings menu

Currently, there is an issue with the RAM cleaner running only when you enter the settings menu. This means that in order to prevent Tarkov from using too much memory, you need to remember to enter the menu every few minutes in raid. In order to alleviate that, this mod allows you to set custom intervals for running the RAM cleaner automatically.


Copy CactusPie.RamCleanerInterval.dll to BepInEx\plugins directory

Settings (F12 menu)

  • Interval enabled - unchecking this check box will disable this mod - the RAM cleaner will run normally, as if the mod wasn't installed.
  • Interval (seconds) - how frequently the RAM cleaner should be executed. The default is set to 300 seconds, which means that the RAM cleaner will run every 5 minutes.
  • Clean now - pressing this button will execute the RAM cleaner immediately
  • Only in raid - by default, this mod will run RAM cleaner only in raid. Disabling this checkbox will also run the intervals outside of raid as well

One thing to keep in mind - the "Interval enabled" setting in this mod is separate from the "Automatic RAM Cleaner" setting already built into the game. If you disable the RAM cleaner in game, but enable it in this mod the RAM cleaner will still run at the intervals you specified. In order to completely disable the RAM cleaner, you need to disable it both in game and in the mod.

The mod doesn't modify the way RAM Cleaner works. It only executes it.

  • Hello,

    i upgraded from 16gb to 64gb RAM.

    Should i still use this mod or its better now to turn it off ?

    • I have 64g ram and EFT still managed to crash my game by simply exhaust my resources according to Windows Event Viewer. It's a must for EFT.

    • yap found out overall game runs way better with cleaner

  • Any plans on a 3.8 update?

  • Installed this and after a few raids none of the item's icons load, also all the textures keep cycling between high (my setting) to the lowest most pixelated quality. it's a ram cleaner but now it feels like i'm constantly running out of ram

  • I have a suggestion: instead of running it per interval or manually, make it run on inventory open. I think the stutter would be less jarring and less likely to get you killed in a firefight. The method is in Player class, SetInventoryOpen(). It takes a bool argument that you can check so it only runs once (either on open or close).

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  • I added the dll file into the plugins folder but it doesnt show up in the settings menu when i press F12. Im using 3.4.6, maybe thats the problem?

    • Yes using an ancient version of the AKI will do that

  • Just in the case that you are not sure how to add this to your game, this .dll goes in the Bepinex > Plugins folder.

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  • Well, it is working but game keeps crashes after pc ran out on "virtual" pagefile memory, is there any way to make cleaner cleans pagefile allocation to tarkov?


    • You can increase pagefile size in NVIDIA control panel, if you have AMD I’m sure there is a way to also do it

  • Does the mod have full functionality if the automatic ram cleaner built into the game is turned off?

    • Yup. It works even when you have ram cleaner turned off. You need to enable/disable it separately via the F12 menu

  • I had constant stutters before this on more cluttered maps like interchange and streets. This gives me about 63 frames and stable on streets. What an improvement. Well done.

    • for me lag mostly just comes from too many bots consuming CPU with AI

      100 ram cleaning won't raise FPS if I don't despawn bots over the limit

    • I don't increase bot limits. So I don't have that issue.

  • Where can I see that the ram is cleaned?

    because in task manager didn't have different

    • If you use MSI Afterburner, it can monitor your ram usage. You'll see in the graph where the ram usage peaks and drops off/gets cleaned (every 15 min in my case).

  • This is beautiful and so are you.

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  • Thank you so much!!! THis was a must have for SIT. I was getting crashing while playing and now it just drops it back to a nice 45% usage with tons of mods running!

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  • Sorry to deviate a little but since you're certainly more into it than me, what do you think of this tool to replace the RAM cleaner built in Tarkov ?


    I'm using it since a streamer advised how to configure it properly but I'm just curious if it's better or not than EfT one. It definitely helps on street. It was also advised on the 2022 EfT optimisation guide (reddit).

    • To be honest - no idea. You need to test it yourself and see if will help you with the memory usage

    • What streamer video is saying? Please paste the link or something. I try it use this software, but not configure correctly. Thanks!

    • Rengawr / ISLC


      I'm using it since a while, it seems to work, especially on street. I still restart game+server every 4-5hrs, I've noticed SPT is malfunctioning after a while (a looong while). Not an issue at all for playing.

      I was curious if built-in RAM cleaner was similar.

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    • Thanks a lot this video!

  • Chrome is blocking the download for some reason :/

    • Yeah, it's because it's a .dll file. Maybe I should repackage it as .zip. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Goated - thank you!

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  • I never realized how much RAM tarkov used before this mod, holy shit. What the actual fuck BSG?

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  • this is why people say modders fix the games the devs break... another excellent mod I will be recommending to any player with memory issues. <3

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  • hi im fairly new to modding how do i install this? i only ever had to just drag bepix files and user files

    • Just copy CactusPie.RamCleanerInterval.dll into BepInEx\plugins directory in SPT

    • thank you very much, this mod is gonna reduce my crashes heavily i been having an issue with the ram just not being cleaned

  • Sorry for my ignorance, but how would one know if they needed this? I do experience stuttering on Streets, but everything else seems to run find (currently have 16GB Ram). I'm a bit new to this and I've heard a bit about memory leaks. Is there something I should be mindful of, to decide whether I would need a Ram Cleaner mod?

    • I've just noticed that during one raid on Shoreline the game was using 30 GB of RAM. Then when I entered menu the memory usage suddenly dropped. People on the internet reported the same issue. I suppose you don't really need the mod if you have 64GB of RAM or more, or if you're fine with manually opening the menu every now or then.

      The stuttering you experience may or may not be related to high RAM usage. If something in your system uses too much RAM, the excessive data is saved to the paging file, which is on your SSD/HDD, but since that is a lot slower than RAM it might cause some stuttering. You can try enabling the RAM cleaner (with or without this mod) and see if it helps you.

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