Transfer loot into a container automatically 1.4.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
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Looting an item will now place it in a matching container, such as a dogtag case or a document case


Using ctrl+click on a loot item will move it into a matching container marked with a @loot tag. For instance, if you mark your Documents case with a @loot tag and put it in your secure container, all keys you loot using ctrl+click will be placed in that documents case automatically. Works only in raid - will not work with your hideout stash!


Copy CactusPie.ContainerQuickLoot.dll to BepInEx\plugins directory

Settings (F12 menu)

  • Enable for Ctrl+click - whether or not the items should be automatically transferred to containers when moving them using ctrl+click in the loot menu
  • Enable for loose loot - whether or not loose loot you pick up should be automatically palced in a container. This works for all the loot you just find lying around on the ground, shelves, etc.


  1. Put a container in your inventory. For instance a Documents case:
  2. Right click the container and select the "tag" option
  3. Set a @loot tag for the item.
  4. Ctrl+clicking a compatible loot item (such as a key) in raid or picking up loose loot will now put it in the documents case

Removing the @loot tag will stop the items from being automatically put in it

You can also add numbered suffixes to @loot tags in order to give a certain container a priority. For instance a container with @loot2 tag will take higher priority than a container with @loot3 tag. Not specifying any suffix assumes a "0" suffix/priority. Examples:

  • @loot will take higher priority than @loot1
  • @loot10 will take higher priorty than @loot20
  • In case of two containers with the same @loot tag, the game will automatically assign a higher priority to one


  • Version 1.4.1

    Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent items from being transferred when "Merge stacks for non-loot containers" is enabled

  • Version 1.4.0

    Added an option to automatically merge stacks (money, ammo, etc.) when quickly transferring items to containers not marked with a loot tag

  • Version 1.3.1

    If the first matching container is full, put the loot into the next matching container

  • Version 1.3.0

    Added priority container selection/sorting, for instance @loot2 will take higher priority than @loot3

  • Version 1.2.0

    Automatically merge stacks (such as money, ammo, etc.) when transferring them

  • Version 1.1.0

    - Added support for loose loot

    - Switched to a prefix patch instead of a postfix patch for a minor performance improvement

  • Version 1.0.0

    First release for 3.7.2

  • any other mod that simillar to this for 3.8.3 guys??

    • This one here:

      Install this one:

      This is the updated one of this one - check here for explanation.

      in a nutshell: Works with tags and a button to sort it into containers.

      eg: Tag ammo box with text "@o" to auto put fitting things in the container.

      or get crazy (like me) and make rules for each container.


      tag ammo box for nato rounds only: "NATO - @sl @o n:5.56;"
      tag ammo box for ak small rounds only: "AK - @sl @o n:5.45;"

      ammo box tag for pistol rounds: "Pistol - @sl @o n:9x19|n:9x18|n:5.7"

      Items case for headstuff only: "Headstuff - @sl @o headgear|headsets"
      medicine case for healing stuff (excluding pills, injectors etc) : "Heal - @sl @o !pills|!injectors|n:!vaseline



      Quick guide:
      @o - organize - make it fetch fitting stuff in when button is clicked
      @sl - sort lock - when standard sort button is pressed container will be fix and not be sorted around with the rest of the stuff

      @o blabla; - only auto transfer stuff in the container of that blabla category
      @o n:blabla - organize only in stuff with blabla in the item name
      @o !pills - sort in everything BUT NOT stuff of category "pills"

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  • I love <3 this mod please update 3.8.3 :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • Hi, could you please update this amazing mod to work with the latest version 3.8.0?

    Thanks a lot for your hard work and stay safe.

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  • Hello,sorry I can't speak English very well,so I use google translate.

    I try to update this mod for 3.8.0 release-29197.Its basic functions work fine.But it still having issues about function 'Merge stacks for non-loot containers',I don't have the ability to fix it.More about this issues can see this comment.

    Also I have pull requests for you in github,or could I upload it myself and give you all the credit.

    Here is new source code.

    Thank you.

  • Please come back to us, ye Gods of Singularity Tarkovsky. Cactus, Samswat, where art thou? Gondor calls for aid.

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    • see my comment above - Gondor's calls have been answered.

  • does it work with 3.8.0?

    • I tried it and it doesn't seem to be working. Most likely gonna need an update from the creator

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  • Came here to say this mod is awesome. For those playing with bigger inventories and weight limits, this pairs amazing with Nightingale's INVENTORY ORGANIZING FEATURES.

    This allows you to have container priority and organizing/tagging features. I can sort my entire raid in less than a dozen clicks.

    Amazing work, thank you for all that you do and for being a valued member of this awesome community.

  • So idk if im having an issue with this mod or maybe something else but I have noticed that when Ctrl+LMB items into my inventory when I Ctrl+LMB on ammo and its the same ammo as the ammo in any gun in my inventory (On my PMC or in my bag) there's a chance the ammo gets stacked with ammo in the guns mag, which then causes the magazine to overfill, like 54/30. If I try to unload that mag in raid it breaks all ammo loading/unloading until I exit the raid. And if I dont touch it and exit the raid all the ammo in that mag just gets deleted

    • I confirm. The same thing happens when you move ammo from a container or a corpse.

      If there are a lot of bullets, nothing will happen. but if there are <20 of them (as I understood), they will be "placed" in the weapon

    • Same here. I hate losing my ammo from this bug so sadly I'm just not going to run this until it's fixed.

    • So in the BepInEx menu I unchecked the box Merge stacks for non-loot containers and after playing for a couple days I have not seen it happen again! Hopefully that helps anyone running into the same thing

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    • Same here! Checking the fix now Midnight88 mentioned.

  • How has this flown under the radar... so good!

  • Big fan, does it work on 3.7.6? or only on .4?

    • I'm on 3.7.6 now and it works. Should work on any 3.7.* version

    • sweet! thanks for the answer!

  • Oh, tested and works nice with SPT. But not working with SIT, for those who wonder.

  • HAVE TO LOGIN TO SAY THANK YOU! <3 this combine with autosell is gonna make this game sooooooo funn now!!! well atleast for a hoarder like me

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  • This mod is a godsend!, damn i was tired of things landing in my vest and having to transfer it during raid.

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  • work on stash or just in raid ?

  • Using 1.3.0 and noticed a strange thing happening.

    So I am able to have 2 containers in my backpack. With @loot and @loot1 on the containers, after the first one fills, the second one seems to be ignored and everything else is just being tossed into my backpack instead. Is this intended?

  • I am using v1.2.0 and I meet a question that when I take pmc‘s dog tag it will get into junkbox instead of tag bag.I wonder if there is a way to avoid that. ;( (Money not into wallet as well)

    • You carry an entire junkbox with you? :D Well, for now if there are multiple containers you tagged with @loot tag, it will deposit your loot into the first matching container. Since the junk box can contain dog tags they might end up in there.

      I'm not planning to add tagging based on an item category for now, but I might at least add some form of ordering of the containers soon.

  • Does this work recursively? For those of us who enjoy loot goblin/hoarding.

    IE. Automatically putting items into a container inside of a bag

    • I think it should, as long as you tag the specific container (or containers) you want the loot to end up in. The order in which they will get filled will be kinda unpredictable though

  • Really helpful.So many times picking items but still have to open bag and put them into right case really annoying me.Now I can focus on raid.Much thanks to your work:) :thumbup:

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  • Do you plan on extending this to other tags such as:









    • It will transfer all items to a container marked with the @loot tag. You can use an ammo box, if you prefer and tag it so it will automatically get all your ammo.

      Unless you want a more granular approach, specifying what type of items should be automatically deposited, in which case I have no plans for that at the moment.

    • Yeah, I definitely meant a more granular approach. In my mind I picture multiple cases having these tags based off the type of case. So say I had a mix off items from what I stated above in my backpack/on character. I would then just hit the key bind plus click and they would go to the correct cases/containers. Meds to meds, drink to drink, etc.

      But yeah, no worries if you have no plans right now.

    • In terms of granularity, I'd love something for in-raid that worked based on the tag structure of Inventory Organizing Features.

      I'd love to be able to just use the same tags as that mod to be able to ctrl+click stuff from bodies/containers right into the exact loot containers I want it to go in.

    • I was wondering this as well.

      First of all thank you for all these awesome QoL mods, we greatly appreciate it.

      Like the others said, if a certain @tag can used to automatically put certain categories of items with the ctrl+click.

      Say for example a keytool in your secure container that uses at @key tag, so any found keys will automatically go into it until full.

      But again thank you so much for this mod and your others!

    • Yes, I agree this would be useful, I use Inventory Organizing Features too. However, I'm currently working on some other things and as such, I don't have the time to implement any kind of complex tagging system. In the first place I intended this mod to be very simple and straightforward, but if someone is willing to implement something like that I would welcome a pull request though!

  • Very cool idea. Would be possible to disallow certain containers to be used? For example, I don't want the loot to be put in a chest rig (mags and ammo go there automatically) unless manually.

    • Yes, this is something that annoys me too. I'll take a look when I have a moment, but no promises!

    • FYI, I made a separate mod for this
      Custom inventory container priority

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    • Very cool, thanks. Although the images you have added in CUSTOM INVENTORY CONTAINER PRIORITY don't work.

    • Ah, shit. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Man I was really hoping something along this avenue would be possible eventually, this sounds like a great start. Was the tag system added by BSG just to like label and color code your containers for physical organization and no logical workings behind it?

    One of the mods on here for key storage (adds keyrings) has a cool workaround to make the keyrings only accept storing certain keys by adding them like a weapons addon system. Quite creative indeed haha.

    • Oh, I'll probably keep it using tags for now. I want to keep the mod simple, but the idea you posted is kinda genius :)

  • This is a great idea. Some questions tho.

    If I mark multiple containers as such (is this even possible?) which gets priority?

    What are your plans for continued development, if any?

    From the way you write it, I take it that picking up loose loot isn't hoovered into the marked case?

    • Quote

      If I mark multiple containers as such (is this even possible?) which gets priority?

      Definitely possible, but I'm not sure which one would get priority to be honest. The game would either go with the one that's placed earlier in the inventory, or some arbitrary hidden value. I considered adding some priority to the containers, but decided it's gonna be very rare for anyone to have to matching containers in their inventory. It shouldn't be much of an issue, and I'd like to keep this mod simple.


      From the way you write it, I take it that picking up loose loot isn't hoovered into the marked case?

      Nope. For now it's only for Ctrl+click in the loot screen. If I implement it it, guess I'll have to rename the mod :D


      What are your plans for continued development, if any?

      I have some minor improvements in mind, like what you and gangster hotline mentioned, but we'll see. Can't promise I'll have the time and motivation to implement these :)

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    • Just an update - I've added support for loose loot as well

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