ShAK-12 Kit 1.1.0

BIG HARD ROUGH full-size suppressor, the last jigsaw of ShAK-12 system

Big thanks to Tron, Choccster and GrooveypenguinX from Discord, I cannot make this mod so efficiently without their help.


v. 1.1.0 Update

  1. Fix a bug that generates muzzles fumes blurs without fire;
  2. Tweak muzzle curves to perform better;


ShAK-12 system

As a dedicated CQB weapon using by FSB, developed from VKS sniper rifle, ShAK-12 system is used to deal with terrorists with adrenaline.

(While FSB just put it in storage to rot...)

It can split into several parts:

  1. 3 ammunitions: PS12, PS12A, PS12B;
  2. 2 magazines: 10, 20 rounds;
  3. 3 muzzles: muzzle brake, quick-detachable suppressor, full-size suppressor;

These weapon parts make up the ShAK-12 system, but in Tarkov, PMC cannot access the full-size suppressor, it's a pity to lost experience on the whole weapon system.

However, nobody knows when or where the long suppressor pop up in Tarkov's ragfair. But it just works.


Really tough for PMC to hold the big wild one.



Due to its giant chamber, the recoil is finally controllable, the sound is more quiet than the tactical one's, and muzzle velocity is improved.

But, PMC, what is the cost?



It is above 10 kg! The heavy weight and terrible ergonomics are terrifying.

Gigachad's gun only?

On the other hand, maybe there is another way to use the big gun:

2023-09-1418-17_0.png?width=1440&height=563 2023-09-1418-18_0.png?width=695&height=676

Of course, you can use it as a sniper rifle due to full-size suppressor's high accuracy.

Now you probably know why the Russians won't use the weapon to face terrorists...

(Besides, the practicality of Ash-12 remains a doudt. And the expensive ammunition and low order production count.)

But in Tarkov, you have the choice to try it, so why not? :kekw:

(Maybe the MC558 barrel can be attached to Ash-12? Well I have no idea :kannatiredofthis: )

  • Is it possible to remove the shadow created when using this suppressor with a flashlight? Possibly create a mount for the flashlight on the suppressor?

  • Shaq

  • I haven't even tried the mod yet, honestly don't even care if it functions or not, but i felt obligated to download it just cuz the name is fkn hilarious! :D

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  • There seems to be a problem with the suppressor, when attached to the weapon it generates the overheated muzzle effect for some reason and blurs the vision even though I haven't fired a shot.

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    • Yes, I was thought that was special glass effects at first. Now it probably works fine.

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  • Love the mod description

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