ShAK-12 Kit 1.4.1

BIG HARD ROUGH full-size suppressor, the last jigsaw of ShAK-12 system

Big thanks to Tron, Choccster, GrooveypenguinX, MoxoPixel and Pettan from Discord, I cannot make this mod so efficiently without their help.

ShAK-12 system

As a dedicated CQB weapon using by FSB, developed from VKS sniper rifle, ShAK-12 system is used to deal with terrorists with adrenaline.

(While FSB just put it in storage to rot...)

It can split into several parts:

  1. 3 ammunitions: PS12, PS12A, PS12B;
  2. 2 magazines: 10, 20 rounds;
  3. 3 muzzles: muzzle brake, quick-detachable suppressor, full-size suppressor;

These weapon parts make up the ShAK-12 system, but in Tarkov, PMC cannot access the full-size suppressor, it's a pity to lose experience on the whole weapon system.

However, nobody knows when or where the long suppressor pops up in Tarkov. But it just works.

All these can be purchased via Mechanics lv.1~lv.3.

Due to its giant chamber, the recoil is finally controllable, the sound is more quiet than the tactical one's, and muzzle velocity is improved.

But, PMC, what is the cost?

It is above 10 kg! The heavy weight and terrible ergonomics are literally hand-shaking. :D

Gun of Giga Chad confirmed!

On the other hand, maybe there is another way to use the big gun:

Of course, you can use it as a sniper rifle due to full-size suppressor's high accuracy.

(However, the velocity still remains subsonic, which means you can't shoot at a long distance, wtf...... )

Now you probably know why the Russians won't use the weapon to face terrorists...

(Besides, the practicality of Ash-12 remains a doubt. And the expensive ammunition and low order production count.)

But in Tarkov, you have the choice to try it, so why not? :kekw:


The contents below are not included in ShAK-12 attack system!!!

(Maybe the MC558 barrel can be attached to Ash-12? Well I have no idea :kannatiredofthis: )

Yeahhhhh~, why not? jojothinking

Also, in the update, it can split into 2 parts:

Last but not least, here comes the full-size detachable carry handle, which is kinda tacticool. (Fictional!!!)

Then you can combine it with what you like.

Since it has a long barrel and sound suppressor, it is necessary to use Ash-12 as a sniper rifle, while the design of the bullets do not allow the case.


But in Tarkov, you can trust the collective wisdom of PMCs, Skier has imported some experimental bullets that were made with sabot. =O

Lethal penetrating power with hypersonic sabot, which is bad news for PMC who don't use Ash-12.

Skier lv.2;

The DMR of Ash-12 be like:

Have a good time in Tarkov, with this these freaks. :kannatiredofthis:

  • Version 1.4.1


    1. Improve textures
    2. Update to v. 3.8.x

    Pictures are shown in overview page.

  • Version 1.3.1


    1. Remake muzzle fume;
    2. Reshade full-size carry handle;
    3. Add Ash-12 hypersonic sabot AP bullet (Fictional); :kannatiredofthis:

    Ps. Pictures are shown in the overview page.

  • Version 1.3.0

    Update: 2024 New Year Gift

    1. Retexture Ash-12 full-size silencer;
    2. Remake MTs-558 barrel;
    3. Add Ash-12 full-size detachable carry-handle;
    4. Readjust attributes of these items above;

    Have fun in Tarkov!

    Ps. For non-English user, if you want to add translations to your language, you can try to DM me the translation, which may help other local people. bugcatfat

  • Version 1.2.0


    Add a civilized Ash-12 weapon barrel called MTs-558, which is not included in ShAK-12 system, but it's cool. :nikitathinking:

  • Version 1.1.0


    1. Fix the error that generates muzzle fume without shooting;

    2. Tweak suppressor's working curves to perform better; :isawthat:

  • Version 1.0.0

  • With this mod enabled, the ash-12 can take a whole bunch of magazines and muzzle brakes that it's really not supposed to take. Is this fixable manually?




    • The pictures are broken, I can't see them, theoretically it can't use more magazine and muzzles.

  • might be some conflict in my mod setup, but can't seem to find the full size suppressor on the flea nor as an unlock through traders. should the suppressor still be on the flea in the latest version?

  • Love the mod, the only thing missing would be part compabilities for other weapons, id love to mount this carry handle on other weapons such as the Mk-47 RD-704, M4's or G36's to create some new mutants.
    Do you think it would be possible to add this in ?

  • Kinda cool mod, but I got some issues: 1. the gun sounds the same with the short suppressor and the long suppressor. In the description I thought it said it would sound different, but for me its the same sound, which just doesn't fit. 2. the full length suppressor doesn't show up in shadows, so when you see yourself running it looks like there is no muzzle or suppressor on your gun. Paired with the weight of the ASH-12 it doesn't feel worth it to run unfortunately. Lastly I think it would be interesting if maybe you could make another gun thats the same as the ASH-12 but bolt action, similar to the VSSK Vykhlop is in real life (maybe reduce the weight a bit so its actually worth it to run over the ASH-12, increase bullet velocity idk) and have that full length suppressor permanently attached. Just my thoughts! Fun mod

      1. I'd have done it if I could.
      2. I'd have done it if I could.
      3. I'd have done it if I could.

      In short: due to the mechanism of Tarkov, I can't.

      Crying 1
    • Unfortunate. Fun mod either way :saint:

  • Getting a Virus detected.. "wacatac" from windows. heads up. probably a false read. but I cannot install due to it.. auto deletes the zip file.

    • Idk, nothing happened to mine, maybe you could add the file to whitelist, or accept window's advice. =O

    • This is more than likely a false positive from Windows. Other mods have been reporting "wacatac" and from my knowledge about it isn't a Trojan or a virus, it's just Windows sometimes flags it as suspicious or severe when it isn't, it's only because it need access to certain files to change certain values.

      If you want to allow it go to Windows security > Virus and Thread Protection > Protection History and then the false positive should be at the very top of the list and then you can allow it to run.

    • alrighty. I'll try it. But it's not a matter of running it. I was trying to state that it's being deleted by windows on download. As in the second the download finishes... windows says "wacatac virus detected" and deletes it. Maybe this will work.

      UPDATE: ok.. now it didn't do it. weird. Might have been the trick. thanks!

  • Hey this isn't a criticism of the mod, I'm just incredibly pedantic. The speed of sound is about 340m/s at sea level, so mach 3 would be about 1020m/s, and hypersonic is over 1700m/s. You could mod ammo to be over 1020m/s, I have edited ammo to be 1300m/s and the game didn't seem to take issue with it. No idea if there is a cap on InitialSpeed, someday I'll try hypersonic ammo and see how it goes.

    • You are right, but note that there is difference between theory and practice, that's why the bullet failed to overtake.

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  • Most of the attached images are not visible.

    The image needs to be updated.

  • To fix zeroing

    Use Fontaine's Zeroing Quality Of Life, add

        "lyconoxps12sabotid": {
            "name": "12.7x55mm PS12 Sabot",
            "caliber": "Caliber127x55"

    in BepInEx/plugins/Zeroing/ammo.json

    and then in f-12 menu switch zeroing to new round. Read modpage for Fontaine's Zeroing Quality Of Life too

    If you switch to PS12B just switch back to PS12B in F12 menu

  • lovely mod can't wait for more like that.

  • Really fun mod, I think you did a great job with the models!
    The only issue I have is that for some reason the PS12Sabot round hits high, probably bc scopes are zeroed for subsonic but it makes sniping really difficult, is there a fix for this or maybe another mod to change zeroing?

  • nasty

  • Please Update!!!

  • update pls!

  • been thinking about this mod a lot, ^^

    since you added the big chungus suppressor from the VKS, what do you think about potentially adding one of the unique cartridges the sniper configuration uses?…fles/vks-vssk-vyhlop-eng/

    • Interesting idea, I don't even know there's more ammo using 12.7 x 55mm, but I'm wondering whether it can be put into the magazine. The bullet length seems bigger than Ash-12's. retardadothinking

    • i believe it should, as i understand it, the subsonic VKS rounds the brass is just necked down

    • I would love to have good ammo in this gun but sadly as seen here the VKS/VSSK round are substantially larger in comparison to the AKsh-12 (not that I'm saying i wont like to see a frankenstein version if you know what i mean)

    • thanks for that intel i couldnt find a comparison like that, i thought they just necked the others down

    • o boi he did it, we now really have a frankenstein version, this is thrilling

  • Hi there, how do you get one of those full length suppressors exactly? Or is it a big mystery to be discovered by checking every room on every map?

    • Ragfair, I'v said in the description already, you can find it easy as unlocking ragfair at lv. 15

  • Is it possible to remove the shadow created when using this suppressor with a flashlight? Possibly create a mount for the flashlight on the suppressor?

    • Yes, I've fixed the bug, just need some time to deal with other problems.

    • Are you able to share with us how you did it? Would love to be able tp use NVG with helmet flashlights without them casting a giant shadow in front of me.

    • Turn the shadow casting off in object's mesh rendering in modding.

  • Shaq

  • I haven't even tried the mod yet, honestly don't even care if it functions or not, but i felt obligated to download it just cuz the name is fkn hilarious! :D

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  • There seems to be a problem with the suppressor, when attached to the weapon it generates the overheated muzzle effect for some reason and blurs the vision even though I haven't fired a shot.

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    • Yes, I was thought that was special glass effects at first. Now it probably works fine.

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  • Love the mod description

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