Parkside 1.0.0

Contract War's Parkside, (mostly) recreated in EFT.

A small map I made to re-familiarize myself with mapping.

(also the first custom map to use fog and Unity terrain tools + add custom AI spawns/patrols)

This is not an accurate 1-1 replica of Parkside. Expect bugs, this map is technically WIP.

A small park, torn apart from the Contract Wars. Remnants of the park and military crates can be found here. Only for true fights.

How to Install

(install gif by DrakiaXYZ)




This map utilizes custom spawn and patrol points for AI. There are also a lot of props. Because there is little to no guidance on mapping or utilizing AI in your maps, they have wallhacks and spawn after ~2-3 minutes. They also love walking into props. What silly little creatures.

Should be mostly fixed in the newest version.


Some spawns are left behind by a previous mapper. I use a custom server mod to help the map load faster and have custom loot crates (wip)

You might spawn outside of the map in the skybox, forever falling until you die or disconnect, or you might hear a couple gunshots from scavs that met the fate you would've


Some objects have weird collision, especially trees. This is something I can probably fix later. Also, the terrain doesnt interact with bullets or melee in the usual sense. You just "hit" it, but dont cause any effects or textures to appear.


I haven't fully figured out texturing in Unity. Some textures may look too shiny, too reflective, or just weird at times. I tried to get them to look as good as I can.

Remember that there is basically no documentation on mapping, so everything I do in these maps is done without any help, other than some materials provided without guides. AI is especially hard to make, and you can blame BSG for their weird behavior and map usage. This mod also uses a lot of assets (as seen below, and that's just the models folder) which are really hard to find. If you have any guides or tips for mapping, PLEASE tell me. I would greatly appreciate it. I'm still working on this map. Some bugs will probably be squashed out in a bit.

i also added a super cool sign on the side of the extract building :3

Thanks to GrooveyPenguinX for the custom server and tools

Thanks to SSH_ and SamSWAT for the SDK.

Thanks to Unnamed (SilverZeether) for the navmesh guidance.

  • Bug reports should go in this comment's replies or the support thread (the blue button to the right.)

    Guides should also go here, or in the support thread.

    • yes i will add ambient sounds

      theres a bug with audio that makes it so it wont fade at all no matter how far you are, but since this is strictly an outside map, I'll add it at some point.

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  • Whenever I try to run this map I get stuck at the "loading local game " screen for about 10 minutes then a error message pops up. Is there a fix for this?

    • yeah probably not, this was meant for version 3.6.x or something and I don't think there's an easy way to port maps.

  • I look forward to seeing where you go with this! It's not really in a "playable" state right now, but I love the concept of a factory-sized outdoor map. I hope you continue to work on this and work with the community to improve Parkside so that it fits well into Tarkov <3

    • Thank you!

    • Im making a new version right now that has some new stuff like a new switch activated extract!

    • I'll have to try it out when I update to 3.7.0 animeokay

    • It should work with both 3.7 and 3.6, actually! Just change the package.json in the server mod.

      Version should be 3.6.x or 3.7.x depending on what you're playing.

  • "Because there is little to no guidance on mapping or utilizing AI in your maps, they have wallhacks and spawn after ~2-3 minutes. They also love walking into props. What silly little creatures."

    You can easily fix this. It works within the exmaple of the map SamSWAT put into the SDK, You simply refuse to learn how to properly use it.

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    • Then do it yourself.

    • yes, why dont you do it then if its so easy?

    • I didnt understand how to do it. I moved the patrols, I changed the spawn max and min time in the server, I generated a navmesh, but nothing works.

      The only thing I properly understand is custom spawns, and even those tend to break.

    • What SSH_ just said is the equivalent to starting a brand new class and the teacher throwing a big ass packet in front of you and telling you to figure it out. That's not guidance...

    • Thanks to Unnamed, I was able to make a proper navmesh. Still need to test it.