EFT Controller Config (Steam, XBOX One) 1.0.0 fix

An ergonomic and easy to use controller setup for XBOX One controllers.

A controller setup for Escape from Tarkov that includes everything you need for SPT.

Recommended sensitivity is 110%.

How to install:

Extract the .rar into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\controller_base\templates

Add EFT as a non-steam game.

Open big picture.

Press the controller icon on the Escape from Tarkov page.

Click templates -> EFT

If you don't see EFT in your templates, go into your community layouts then search EFT. The author is "MissinginAction"

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  • If you have any issues with installation, please list them here or in the support thread.

    I was really confused on how to set up an install for this, so my apologies if it doesn't work for you.

  • cant use mouse and keyboard? Skill issue lifeworththinking

  • Hey im sure im doing something wrong but I cant add single player tarkov as a game only the launcher. If I add the exe for EFT thats in the SPT folder it launches normal tarkov and breaks. How do you get this working??

  • I followed the directions and for some reason I can’t see the templates. Is there some unspoken step that most people see as common knowledge?

    • go to the community tab and look for it. i think its an issue with steam.

  • I'm gonna cry if they release a console version and they use this layout.

    • they wont release a console version any time soon, too many mechanics at play, stabilization issues given console limitations and theyd have to work twice as much to keep both pc and console up to date with fixes

    • they said they'll try to release one after 1.0 @shiningluna

    • true, that be wild, thsi mod be paving the way.

  • @MissinginAction. Hello. Getting this trying to download the file. From Dropbox

    Error (410)

    Something went wrong. Don't worry, your files are still safe and the Dropbox team has been notified. Check out our Status Page to see if there is a known incident, our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.

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  • Lien Corrompus,

    Error (410)

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  • EFT Controller Config - A Seamless Controller Experience

    Greetings, gallant denizens of Single Player Tarkov! I am thrilled to bring tidings of a most splendid creation that enhances our journey in this digital realm: the "EFT Controller Config." Allow me to regale thee with my heartfelt enthusiasm for this invaluable addition.

    For those who seek an ergonomic and user-friendly controller setup, tailored for XBOX One controllers, look no further. This mod is nothing short of a boon, a creation by a true virtuoso that brings the world of Escape from Tarkov within the comfortable embrace of your controller.

    The beauty of this controller setup lies in its simplicity and ease of use. It has been meticulously crafted to encompass all the essentials needed to embark upon your Single Player Tarkov adventure. With your recommended sensitivity set at 110%, you shall find your controller responding with grace and precision.

    Installation is a breeze, adding a layer of convenience to your gaming experience. Extract the contents of the .rar file into the designated directory within your Steam configuration. Then, in the grand tradition of explorers, add Escape from Tarkov as a non-Steam game, open the majestic Big Picture, and journey to the Escape from Tarkov page. There, amidst the digital tapestry, you shall find the "EFT" template, ready to serve as your trusty companion.

    Should you encounter any difficulty in locating the template, fret not. Venture into your community layouts, and with a simple search for "EFT," authored by the illustrious "MissinginAction," you shall discover the path to your controller's perfect configuration.

    In conclusion, the "EFT Controller Config" is a marvel that bridges the gap between our digital realm and the tactile world of controllers. It ushers in an era of comfort and precision, allowing us to navigate the challenging terrain of Single Player Tarkov with grace and ease. I, as an avid explorer of virtual realms, extend my gratitude to the creator for this wondrous gift.

    Reply from MissinginAction ():

    I read this whole thing and I do not regret it one bit

  • I don't have a controler but if this is works...

    You have just acomplished something that bsg could'nt in 5 years once again modders beat bsg :)