Deminvincibility 1.4.1

A standalone version of DadGamerMode's Keep 1 Health section with extended settings.

A simple mod that keeps you from dying but still lets you take damage. Excellent for practicing the various kinds of meds that Tarkov offers. Has extended settings.

Current features

  • Keep 1 Health, meaning you can lose all health but will still retain the last hp left on the affected bodypart.
  • Selection (Head, Thorax, Head & Thorax, All), for choosing which parts of your body will retain the last hp and what can get blacked.
  • Ignoring health side effects, where fractures, bleeds, etc. will self-heal.
  • % Damage received, which means you will take X% of whatever damage you actually take.
  • Second chance protection, where the first killshot or killnade in any given raid can give you a second chance to survive and escape alive.


  1. Download the zip from the big blue button
  2. Open the archived zip
  3. Drag-and-drop the BepInEx folder into your main SPT folder (where Aki.Server.exe is located)
  4. Profit



As usual, always available on Discord:

  • Version 1.4.1

    Fixes 'n features

    VirusTotal Link


    • Update to 3.8.0
  • Version 1.4.0

    Fixes 'n features

    VirusTotal Link


    • Fixed issues with the 'Allow 0HP' and 'Allow Limb Blacking' settings - should now work as described
    • Second chance protection should now be slightly more reliable
    • Added feature to restore critical limb health when second chance protection is triggered
    • Added feature to remove negative effects when second chance protection is triggered
    • Added feature to optionally toggle the blacking of Head & Thorax
  • Version 1.3

    Fixes 'n features

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Replaced Keep 1 Health Selection with individual options.
    • Added "Allow 0hp on limbs" option.
    • Added "Allow blacking of limbs" option; EXPERIMENTAL
  • Version 1.2

    Fixes 'n features

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Added actual keep-1-health functionality.
    • Added feature to ignore fractures, bleeds, etc. while using Keep 1 Health (potentially inconsistent/unreliable).
    • Added second chance protection.
    • Keep 1 Health Selection now lets you choose if limbs can black out or not.

    Ignore health side effects:

    • If using Keep 1 Health, any fractures, bleeds and potential other injuries will self-heal within a minute or so. This is only partially tested and may be inconsistent and/or unreliable. Use with caution.

    Second chance protection:

    • The first killshot or killnade you take in any given raid will giev you a second chance to survive and escape alive.
  • Version 1.1

    Bugfix release

    VirusTotal: Linked on the repo


    • Fixed only one bodypart being targeted per bot
    • Collateral damage now works
  • Version 1.0

  • Version 1.2 includes tested Keep 1 Health and a new feature or two. Should work properly now!

    IF YOU FIND A BUG: Please VERIFY it without any other armor- or health mods, then report it in here!

  • Is this mod supposed to have more than just the .dll? that's all I got from the .zip after downloading. If not how do you configure this?

    • Yes, apologies. You're meant to have a BepInEx/plugins folder hierarchy.

      Drop the DLL file into your BepInEx/plugins folder. You can configure it via F12 in-game.

      Update: I fixed the download zip. Thanks for notifying me :thumbup:

    • Thanks, that Makes more sense. I knew where to put the .dll, just didn't know if there was anything else missing like a .json for the mods folder for setting it up. Thanks for the timely reply and explanation!

    • Nope. Client mods are configurable in-game, as BepInEx is a different system

  • does this include protection from rounds of the nsv or ags

    • It should be universal, as the patching is done on the damage and kill methods directly.

  • Hi I'm just looking at this mod at the moment and wondered, Can I still die? Like is it an option to use the second chance protection but still die or rather is it just, "You can take damage, but you will never die!" ?

    Because I like the second chance option however if it's just another Invincibility mod I'll look elsewhere.

    • You will not die unless you use second chance by design. It's to allow full med use without actually dying.

      Second chance was implemented as a lot of people appear to enjoy the idea of having a headshot protection that only saves you once. :)

  • @Devraccoon, Thanks so much for the update. Question, any reason the "Compatible SPT-AKI Version" is still at the quite outdated SPT-AKI 3.7.1 and not the most recent 3.7.6? Thanks in advance

    • I just haven't changed the version label. It should by all accounts work for 3.7.6.

      Update: I have now updated it

    • Great. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Loving this mod, but when using it, I don't see anywhere in the config to choose which bodyparts to stay at 1hp, and limbs (even thorax) that do hit 0 HP are capable of being healed with a normal med kit. Surgery kits are not able to be used on limbs that should be blacked.

    It is a very cool mod tho. I really am loving it.

    • This is a known issue. I haven't had time to properly look into it, so I've resorted to only using Keep 1 HP. Feature #2 on the Overview page is the Selection part where you can choose whether to go for Head & Thorax or the rest.

      The blacked limbs not working are something I've been trying to fix for a while as well. Thanks for using the mod though! :)

  • Hi there, I downloaded your mod installed it, now I can't die anymore period, nor do the options work, like blacked limb just stay 0 hp, I also don't know how to uninstall a plugin even when I delete it it stays.

    • Hi there.... I don't know if you understood the point of the mod.


      a) Blacked limbs staying 0hp is a known bug, I'm working on a fix.

      b) It won't stay if you delete it. That's not something I can fix for you. You'll have to go through your mods for conflicts.

  • yah know instead of just dying to a single shot of some high power round getting utterly destoryed but still having to live and scrap your mangled body to the exfil or attempt to patch it up inraid feels more punishing and fun tbh

    • ... I think this sounds like a compliment? 😂

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  • Is the limb blacking feature not working for anyone else? I am unable to have any of my limbs blacked with the 1 HP Mode, Allow 0hp on limbs, and Allow blacking of limbs options enabled.

    • It's not working atm, sorry. I haven't had the energy to figure it out. I'll get to it sooner rather than later I hope.

    • No big deal. Thanks for the mod!

    • yes it is not working even when I uninstall the mod it just breaks that area so you don't need surgery kits anymore annoying

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  • Buddha mode :)

  • the body selection option doesnt work, none of my limbs are blacked out even when i choose only Head and Thorax

    • I just tested on my debug profile on the latest version. Keep 1 Health on, Head & Thorax selected. I was able to get both arms blacked but my Thorax stayed at 1hp and didn't go down. I tested this both with around 8 client mods loaded (including Realism) and with no client mods loaded at all. No difference.

      On the other hand, Head DID manage to get blacked. That will be fixed. I couldn't reproduce your issue of none of your limbs blacking out.

      What options did you have selected?


    • 0 health on the arms and legs doesnt count as blacked, since I don't have to do a surgery on them... I must've misunderstood what your option meant

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    • Ah, that might do it. Yes, the option is simply meant to allow you to go to 0. I could probably implement a toggle so you can choose if you also want them to get blacked completely.

      Regardless, you did make me find out that Head can still go 0 when it's not meant to, so thanks!

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    • Just like with yansen, when you select only the head and chest 1, the stomach, arms and legs are not darkened, it is not possible to use Surv12/CMS. A switch would be very convenient.

    • Yeah, I understand the need. I'm looking into it!

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  • Is there no body blackout using this mod?

    • Did you read the description? :) Or did I misunderstand?


  • Excuse my previous message, it was not meant to be agressive or mean.

    Yeah i know it should make me invinsible, But it made everything unhittable. PMC's where just emptying their mags on each other and nothing happend

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    • And what version of SPT are you running?

    • 3.7.1

    • Me and Hazel have both tested the mod, and aren't able to reproduce this issue. Could you record a video of this happening, and throw it on YouTube/Streamable and link it here?

      The mod explicitly checks that it's only applying to the player, so this behaviour shouldn't happen.

    • its happening to me as well

    • It's been two days of testing for this issue, and while I can't reproduce your specific issue, I CAN reproduce an issue where collateral damage does not apply anymore.

      This means that whatever limb is targeted will be the only thing taking damage, and unless it gets blacked out you won't take more damage by the time that limb reaches 1hp.

      I'm working on a fix for this, but said fix is... taking a long ass time to find.

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  • Just looking at this mod, would it be possible to make it so it only works on the head, and that it prevents 1 shots but 2 taps would still work? Maybe entirely out of the scope for this mod, if so, I apologize.

    • I may have misunderstood your request. There is an option for only Head to be counted, it's in the selection menu. As for your latter request, could you elaborate?

    • Yeah, so I love the idea of the head being reduced to 1hp from any hit, to prevent the random head, eyes situations, but I still don't want to be immortal in the head, so I'm thinking only a hit when you're at 1 (or < 10) would outright kill you. That would be amazing.

    • ah, I see. You want protection against one-taps ending you on the spot, but if you're already at a certain point then it'd be unimmersive not to die.

      Well, I can probably add a dropdown menu to let you select how low on hp you have to be to allow a one-tap to kill you. Would that be fine?

      I would do a slider, but if you have mods like Realism your health is modified, and I'm too lazy to check for that currently.

    • Dude that would be amazing!

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    • Oh yeah, if possible, could you make it work for 3.7.0?

  • Does not work. There are not enough files in the archive.

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    • 7jPrzhI.png

      Downloaded straight from the same page. You have to enable it in F12 once you've gotten to the main menu.

    • Understood thanks!

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  • Oh shit, you're moving onto client mods? Nice

    • After two years of waiting I decided it was my time....

      🧙 if they can do it then so can I 💅

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    • Pfft, if they can do it you can do it BETTER! All hail the age of the dev racoon!