Healing Autocancel 1.0.0

Healing Autocancel

Automatically cancels applied med kits when the body part is at full health and is not bleeding or broken.

  • This makes grizzlies usuable again, before it took way too long to apply it which is why i stopped using it.

  • Thank you for this wonderful QoL mod.

    Btw, do you plan to push to your git the project's source code?
    I like to learn how the mods i love are made.

  • This is the mod only who really knows TKF can made. It's a really amazing mod, you are the best!

  • Does it fix when you stop healing and hands disapear and you can't use your gun?

    I had that bug alot, when I tried to cancel heal with a sallewa.

    • No idea. Never had that bug

    • Bug present in Tarkov

      It's probably not a matter of mod.

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    • IhanaMies yeah, it happened to me on 3.7.6 alot. Specially when using a Salewa and stopped mid animation.

      delusio thanks! I know it wasn't because of the mod, but I was asking if this kinda fixed it. Glad some1 knows what I am talking about ;)

    • Yeah it's a tarkov bug. I tried with every med item and it's present on Salewa only.

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  • This is a GREAT mod! Good job! Definitely a must have :)

  • Boy if this works, this is epic.

    EDIT: All my bum grizzly mfers repreSENT.