Shredder's Tweaks 1.0.0

Changes a number of small things to my personal liking.

Not many changes as of now but here are a few:

  • Parent item fixes. (May not be technically correct, but correct for me)
  • Optical scopes (-3), assault scopes (-2), and collimator sights (-1) have had their ergonomics normalized. No more choosing one because it is outright better than the other.
  • All medical stims have had their max use changed to 3.
  • "Under Barrel Grenade Launchers" ergonomic penalties have been reduced to -12 and their grenade stack size to 3 (may not work cause I'm tired and stupid).
  • The body armor repair kit and weapon repair kit have had their resources turned up to 2000. (If added mid game this will not be applied to those that were already used)
  • @papershredder432, Thanks for these changes. Question, are you also going to be updating your own [Stackable Grenades] mod for 3.8.0?

    • I uploaded this the day before I started moving into my new house. I will not be really available to update many of my mods until I am fully moved in. :(