AK Guy Shop - Revamped 2.0.2

Infinite AKs for everyone!

This is a revamped version of the AKGUY SUPER SHOP by Fershte.

The mod has the same parts/presets as in the original, and a little bit more on top:

  • CMMG-Mk47 (Mutant) parts for those of you who want even more shenanigans.
  • Prices are now balanced. No more infinite money-making for you, little filthy AK lover.

Enjoy your AKs :)

  • Need Gear Gal please :)

  • I hope someone can mod in the AK-50 some day.

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  • Found this today, which also happens to be the date for Brandon's runoff vote! LGB

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  • @brainraq, well done. Are you planning or working on updating the AR SHOPPE mod ( AR Shoppe Unlimited ) as well?

    • Nope. The AK Guy is a very simple mod - but it took me around 5 hours to implement. I wasn't able to find a clear API documentation, and I don't have that much spare time in my life 😅

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  • Bravo! Thank you!!

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  • traders store do not show up for me. im version 3.8.3

    • Might be a conflict with other mods. Check your server logs or try disabling mods one by one.

  • does this work on 3.8.1?

    • No idea. Try it :) The mod is self-contained and doesn't overwrite anything. You can just remove the folder if it doesn't work for you

    • no problems so far, Using with Realism aswell


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