Fast healing UPDATED 1.1.0

This mod allows you to customize healing and surgery time to your liking. Additionally, you can speed up healing for less damaged body parts, so you no longer have to perform full healing animation just to heal 1 or 2 hit points.

All cheers to the original author, I just fixed it

Faster healing and surgery + dynamic healing time for less damaged body parts

Warning: faster healing works only for limbs without bleeding or fractures! Enabling it for bleeding or fractured limbs causes the game to bug out, and at the moment.(I'm not sure for this bug at 3.8.3, could not reproduce, maybe helped my correcting errors in the author's code related to first aid kits and duplicating salewa)


CactusPie.FastHealing_fix_by_Reyson.dll to BepInEx/plugins directory

Configuration (F12 menu)

  • Enable surgery time multiplier - whether the surgery time multiplier is enabled
  • Surgery time multiplier - the surgery time will be multiplied by this number. For instance
    • Setting it to 0.5 will make it two times faster
    • Setting it to 0.25 will make it four times faster
    • Setting it to 2.0 will make it two times slower

  • Enable healing time multiplier - whether the healing time multiplier is enabled
  • Healing time multiplier - the healing time will be multiplied by this number. For instance
    • Setting it to 0.5 will make it two times faster
    • Setting it to 0.25 will make it four times faster
    • Setting it to 2.0 will make it two times slower

  • Dynamic heal time enabled - enabling this will make less damaged limbs heal faster. For instance, if you lost only 1hp in a specific limb, it will be healed very quickly. The more HP you lose, the longer the healing will take - but it will never go above the vanilla time.
  • Dynamic healing time health threshold - the percentage of health required for the dynamic healing to trigger. By default, it is set to 50, which means the limb needs to have more than 50% of health for it to heal faster. For instance, stomach has a maximum of 70 hit points by default, which means that it will need to have at least 36 hit points for it to heal faster.
  • Dynamic heal time multiplier - the default value (1.0) is the default multiplier for how much should the healing be sped up. Decreasing it below 1.0 will make the dynamic healing even faster, while increasing it will make it slower.

The final equation for calculating the dynamic healing time, assuming that all options are enabled, is as follows:


If the limb is below the theshold for dynamic healing, only regular multiplier will be applied. Thus, the equation will become:


  • Was expecting looping animations for slower healing. Like extra animations on Grizzly. But for all meds and surgical kits.
    Instead you finished animation and just sitting there, waiting untill it's done.

    Sad. Wouldve been a great mod for immersive realistic gameplay, where you have to heal for a long time and cant just bandage mid fight and be full hp again.

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    • Its Fast healing mod, not slow healing =)

    • yeah, i got that from description. Just my expectations far exceeded the reality.

      Thought you were manipulating animations with this mod. Cutting them off, making them faster, reducing the amount of animations.

      Instead the animation stays the same. Just the effect itself changes. Plus you did stated, that you can change speed both ways. Faster and slower. Was interested in slower part.

  • this mod seems like a godsend, sick of hiding in a corner to heal like 5hp of damage after a light bleed -- but before i install i have to ask, would it pose an incompatibility with healing autocancel? (automatically stops using medkit when bodypart is at max hp, avoids the need for constantly hitting RMB to stop the anim)

    • This solution completely replaces auto canceling mod and makes the duration of treatment depend on the severity of the injury.

      You will need to remove the "auto-cancellations" mod to use this.

      just try it and you won't get back on the crutch ;)

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  • Can you make healing heal multiple limbs at the same time like in arena breakout? I thought that healing system was pretty neat.

  • Will this mod work with Realism's health system

    • I haven't tried it, I can't even imagine how realism actually works.

    • Im just curious if it overlaps with the regen for Realism meds

  • Thank you very much for the update, but if there is still this bug, it still feels like a regret

    • I broke my arms and legs and spent 5 sets of surv and 4 grizzlies - more than once my hands did not become busy and the error with bleeding \ fracture was not reproduced.

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