Super Heavy Trooper Mask 1.0.1

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Super Heavy Trooper Mask

Heavy trooper mask made with advanced armor using classified military materials for use by Tier 1 Operators. Each set provides level 8 protection with 160 durability. All items are sold by Ragman level 1.

Mod made from they Heavy Trooper Mask mod from author SerWolfik with a slight change. It also includes the base game olive color.

  • Can you please update the mod to 3.0.0 I find the mod very cool

  • Any chance for this to be ported to 2.2.3?

  • Im playing on SPT-AKI 2.1.2

    and it says: "Mod MT_Militia-Supertrooper_v1.0.3 is missing package.json.

    What can I do about it?

    • redownload

    • found why

    • because it's missing the package.json but the file on the download has it?

      Or check if it you have the json file when you extracted it

    • The folder with the json file in it, wasn´t named _v1.0.3 at the end.

    • I downloaded the mod and it seems to be working fine. I suggest you remove the mod in your folder then retry downloading this one again.

  • is there any way to make something like this for the EXFIL helmet and its faceshield?

  • ah.. uh.. its "ser" wolfik

  • OMG thaks alot! I'll download this cool mod right now!

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