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Insurgency-style BRRRRT

  • What are hell is this??????? AWESOME!

  • This mod is fantastic. Excellent for clearing out Bosses and their little boyband.

    Also, using this combined with the LittleMaid trader is neat.

    You can find a Grenade Launcher named "A-10 Warthog" and some ammo for it in her shop. Unfortunately, despite having a 99-round drum, it's a single-shot gun you have to reload using your inventory. Still, good fun and funny

  • This is fricken awesome man! Can't wait for more options!

  • Awesome

  • Phenomenal :thumbup:

  • does this work with 3.2.1?

    • I tested it. No it does not....

    • Counter fact i actualy just tested it and it ended up working try using the latest version maybe

    • Doesn't work for me on 3.2.1

  • This is next level keep it up

  • you absolute LEGEND

  • Mental - The love and attention in this is simply superb!!

    • I wonder to BSG Dev#s look at this and lament how much they have failed at game designing and their lack of ingenuity.

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    • failed at game design and lack of ingenuity?? What game is as deep as Tarkov in terms of an FPS? Lets give them some credit here!

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  • Murican A-10 flying in Russian No Fly Zone

    God damn Russian AA systems kekw

    Reality 1/10 /s

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  • Amazing!! I went straight to lighthouse after loading this up. You're the man, Sam!

  • Legen...wait for it...dary!

  • This will 100% help against those pesky lighthouse rouges at the treatment plant lmao if you miss a sniper shot you can hit em when they move to cover now

  • Watch this dude put in the C-130 Spooky next xD

    Gonna have 105 rounds hitting the deck on light house. Rogues won't have an idea what hit them xD

  • USA! USA!

  • Sam you are an angel

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  • un


    lievable <3

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  • SAM is a Legend....

  • me watching as my A-10 gets brutally shot down because tarkov is no-fly zone

    Happy 2

    I hear bots crying XD

  • tarkov is a no fly zone but samSWAT don't care >:)

    • A-10 is designed to work in no-fly zones, only jet aircraft that can fly with no engines and holes in its wings and or parts missing off its wings.

  • oh my god animeblush


  • This is insane.

    I'm speechless. How the fuck did you even do that, you magician?

  • Bringing a little freedom to the great Special Economic Zone

    It has a configurable amount of uses and a time limit in between uses that makes it semi immersive, it really isn't too overpowered as long as you don't use it to clear RUAF every time :D it would be neat if there was an item you could find or craft the uses at the intel center..but this is already a lot really

    It even counts as your kill \ shows you what you hit afterwards! This thing is so seriously awesome.. Wait until you see it dump its flares at night

    Absolutely love this mod!

  • mmmmmm A-10 go brrrrt

    i love brrt plane

  • Game Changer

    Bam! Now we have Insurgency: Tarkov.

    The A-10 fire support per se is incredibly well done, yet those two gray icons beside it still kept me curious about up coming updates. I suppose the artillery support maybe is easier to implement, while the helicopter probably require much more work to become functional.

    Still, free A-10 strafe feels kinda off, if only we can have some kind of token to represent the value of each strike, maybe purchased from Peacekeeper or some other NPC.

    Anyways, well done! Absolutely enjoyed the content. <3

  • Amazing work, Sam!

    Totally changes how to approach certain situations and the execution and sound makes it absolute badass!!! You've outdone yourself! Can't wait to see what's next in-store from you, man!