Featured Fire Support 2.0.1

Insurgency-style BRRRRT

  • Version 2.0.1

    Updated to SPT-AKI 3.4.x

  • Version 2.0.0


    • Added new option: UH-60 Black Hawk extraction
    • Speeded up the horizontal spotter animation for easier direction selection
    • Probably something else I forgot


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  • Version 1.0.0

  • Absolutely marvelous! Never knew something like this could be possible to mod.
    This mod is more decked out then if BSG did it. Fckin impressive.

    Some ideas that could be nice QoL or actually useful:

    1. A setting that, instead of marking the pos for extract helo with the rangefinder, you could call in the helo without it, but you would need a flare or a smoke grenade to mark the LZ. (In detail: Select the helo extract from the selection wheel, Station will confirm and await smoke/flare mark, after about 10 seconds of throwing the smoke/flare, the helo will come in for approach and the rest is the same as now). Already mentioned below.
    2. Instead of the heli just hovering above and extracting, the helo could open the side doors and throw down a rope ladder. (I'm not sure if this is in I:S. If not, disregard)
      Or if there is enough flat space, the helo could tactical land and open its doors. For extraction, you would have to jump in the heli.
    3. Setting for a possible failed support. As mentioned below, Tarkov is a No Fly Zone. So a chance of the support getting shot down would be welcome. (With radio feedback informing you of failed support. Also if 1 support gets shot down, all other supports will be unavailable for the rest of the raid, because of confirmed Anti Air presence)

    That's about it. These are just my personal suggestions that would benefit my gameplay personally.
    I would love to help out and/or implement some things, but i know jacksh*t about porting and C#.

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  • братишка на модере, версия 341, все стоит в папке plugins. но не работает( хелпани чем сможешь

    • осознал что работает только в лесу, грустно(

  • I use it for 3.50 , airstrike works,menu appears,but i cant extract! i call heli it comes AND i stand under it AND it dont extract me, i even shoot at it and show middle finger to pilots but they didnt take me with them and flew off! in was in forest! Rawr!

  • There is a 'no fly zone' over the Tarkov region so chances are, unmarked planes or choppers can be intercepted by Air defense or Russian air. not taking Anti material capabilities of PMCs and svacs into account.

    >> Consider a chance for Extraction not arriving at all.
    (Intercepted and or shot down)
    (Consider the same for the A10 run.)

  • Can u heilp plz? I install in plugins and game don`t load a main menu.

  • How do I install this mod? I've tried like a bunch of attempts putting the files in many places but I never was able to get the wheel to pop up in the YY wheel. I got the Artillery mod to work but not this one. Can someone guide me how do it? It'll be nice.

    • Same, i cannot get it to work either. It shows up in my F12 menu, but the Double Y menu isnt registering

    • I figured it out! You must put the Fire Support file inside of the plugins folder. Here is a example SamSwat put on someone's reply image.png

  • Killing Shturman with this was so satisfying
    Thanks man :thumbup:

  • what is the symbol on the right of radial menu meant to be?? So left is strafe run, top middle is blackhawk extraction and the right looks an apache but greyed out :D

  • It would be cool if there was an option to require consumable items. For example, I'd love it if the helicopter extract required a smoke grenade or flare. Would add that extra challenge of deciding "is it worth it to call for extract, or should I save my only smoke for a later raid?".

    As an extra "F you", you could make it so you can't call in support without wearing the Comm 3 pack.

  • I would love troop support like spawn in a pmc or a team and have them follow you and attack enemies

    I heard the game has a Commanding Scavs thing

    could you do anything like that

  • How to evacuate I did not understand? The helicopter flies in, I stand under it, and then it flies away. What to do?

    • mine does the same thing so not sure tbh

    • I evacuated twice already, on Customs, without any problems. You need to stand exactly under it.

    • I wonder if its because im running 3.5


  • The mod is loading. Settings through F12 work. There is no menu for calling support by double-clicking Y. The rangefinder is in the inventory and in the hands. Thank you.

    • Help me plz

    • What is your aki version?

    • Mod works, no doubt. I checked both gunfire and extraction helicopter already, everything is absolutely perfect (about helicopter, that new possibility was surprise to me)

    • Самспецназ SPT-AKI 3.4.1

      Mod loading - no error. F12 Settings -work.

  • Thx for update, this mod is ESSENTIAL for EFT!

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  • god i pray for an update

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  • the mod is certainly good, but for some reason my menu does not load

  • I like this mod, well i like all SamSWAT's mods, but for the moment i cannot use these mods but i have the 3.4.0 AKI, and i want the new update, well if possible, i hope may you can update these mods, i like your work, i following you in much time

  • The helicopter extraction is one of the coolest things I've EVER seen in SPT AKI.

    You are an amazing modder.

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  • Code
    куда положить папку с активами?
    • Чё? А если по русски?

    • бля, куда кидать папку "assets"

      Thinking 1
    • image.png

    • спасибо!!

    • а как ты узнал что я русский?

  • I made an account just to say how good this mod is

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  • Thats so cool!

  • This mod is awesome!! Can't wait to use the 160th SOAR extract!!!

  • the menu for the air strike isnt showing up. any advice on how to fix it? its in the right folder,when i press f12 then i can see it in the plugin menu but its just isnt working! -_-

    • do you hold a R1500 rangefinder in your hand?

    • yes, i have it in my hand, i have it in my inventory before i start a raid. idk where is the problem that it dosent work.

    • Mine is the same, F12 menu shows its options. rangefinder in hand, double tap Y and no new radial menu.

  • It says its imcompatible with the current aki version when i execute the server (willpost this on a few other mods dont mark as spam. just letting you know)

  • Any future plans on adding in the helicopter support option? Or making the artillery support mod compatible with the menu from this one?

  • i'm waiting for 3.2.4

    • Well it works fine for me on 3.2.5, I assume 3.2.4 would work as well.

  • ai seem to have some form of grenade that is a constant gun run for me? makes sense

  • Fantastic mod, Sam. Amazing addition with custom code and assets, and extremely well implemented with balance in mind as well. Wonderful work as always, you magic man. Always look forward to whatever new content you deliver. ayaya

    If I might make a suggestion though, would it be possible to make the strafe direction indicator persistent, or blink slower? It gets a little hard to line up a direction sometimes with how fast it blinks sometimes.

  • What are hell is this??????? AWESOME!

  • This mod is fantastic. Excellent for clearing out Bosses and their little boyband.

    Also, using this combined with the LittleMaid trader is neat.

    You can find a Grenade Launcher named "A-10 Warthog" and some ammo for it in her shop. Unfortunately, despite having a 99-round drum, it's a single-shot gun you have to reload using your inventory. Still, good fun and funny

  • Sam, you're too good for this world

    But in all seriousness the mod quality is amazing and you never fail to impress with what you deliver, epic mod and can't wait to see what's in store within the near future

  • absolutely amazing

    this is a PURE masterpiece... I'm speechless at how cool this is to see in tarkov

  • This is insane.

    I'm speechless. How the fuck did you even do that, you magician?

  • Bringing a little freedom to the great Special Economic Zone

    It has a configurable amount of uses and a time limit in between uses that makes it semi immersive, it really isn't too overpowered as long as you don't use it to clear RUAF every time :D it would be neat if there was an item you could find or craft the uses at the intel center..but this is already a lot really

    It even counts as your kill \ shows you what you hit afterwards! This thing is so seriously awesome.. Wait until you see it dump its flares at night

    Absolutely love this mod!

  • mmmmmm A-10 go brrrrt

    i love brrt plane