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More smoke grenades in different colors



  • there is no link :(

  • Nice, would it be possible to add white smoke?

    • You already have white smoke in the base game.

    • In the soviet smoke granades

  • Nice. Would be cool to see some piss and shit coloured ones in future

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  • Is it compatible with artillery support?

  • Would it be possible to apply Smoke to GL nades?

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    • not sure, I'll see what I can do

  • You're good son, Maybe even the best! This mod is what I've wanted for years, Thank you!

  • This is awesome! Do you think it is possible to add underbarrel launched smoke?

  • So I know this is dumb as hell and immersion breaking.... but is there any way that'd you'd be able to do a multi-colored smoke grenade?

    • Depends on how much colors it will have

    • Fair enough, gonna keep up with the mod in hopes of rgb smoke grenades one day lol

    • I mean you could just carry like 5 different coloured smoke grenades into raid and fire them? ;)

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