Custom Main Menu Music 1.2.0

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Your own music in the main menu

  • Version 1.2.0

    Changed license to CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, it means you cannot upload your music packs anymore, you can download this mod for personal use only.

    - Fixed the stuck on loading screen issue if you had only one song in music folder with "ReplaceOriginalMusic" set to true.

    - Added shuffle to playlist on each startup. (Thanks Props)

    - Removed debug logging.

    - Code cleanup.

  • Version 1.1.0

    Updated to SPT-AKI 2.3.0 [EFT] and hopefully fixed the issue for some users


    Extract into root SPT-AKI directory near EscapeFromTarkov.exe

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Have tested and confirmed, 1.2.0 version still works on 3.7.0 stable build.

    However, glitch where music doesn't play anymore after one raid is still present.

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  • why CC BY-NC-ND 4.0? i guess ill keep my music pack to myself

  • I can confirm this still works on 3.6.1! I cant play without this Mod! =)

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    • Oooooh... now i see. It does work but like others said after Raid no Music. =(

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  • Excellent mod however I must also report as others have that the menu music does not play again after a raid. As I find this to be quite the essential mod to my own personal SPT experience, I thought I should leave a comment in the hopes that along with the others reporting similar issues, you would perhaps 'escalate' this particular problem to matter of import. I do appreciate your time however, please see to this just when you are able and willing to. I will not make demands of your labor. Thank you for creating such an amazing mod and I hope this message finds you well. :)

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    • Can vouch, I am also experiencing this issue. Music only plays after first booting the game, after doing a raid the music doesn't play again unless I restart the game.

  • Hey there Sam, will this addon along with the Geneburn music pack be updated soon? Wondering as I'm wanting to start adding my own music in again. Thanks so much in advance! I look forward to hearing from you! ^^

  • Does anyone know where the original music is located and if I can pull those files out. I would like to listen to both...

    Also I am having the same issue where the music does not start again after raid.


    • Hi,
      look at Soundcloud for Geneburn,

      Happy Christmas

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  • Anyone having an issue where the music stays off after a raid?

    • yeah if I got replace music on it does the same thing if I have it set to false it only plays the original music bummer

    • I ended up just playing it in windows media and turning it on and off with keyboard buttons for now

  • Went ahead and installed following all instructions and nada.

  • Is there a limit for tracks or file size? I put like 595 songs. It just stuck at launching.

    • sadly this mod using lots of ram usage to temp store the music files.(I guess)

      I didnt test in raid but it means u can put too many(or too big)music files in it.

      I may try to test in-game difference(I think its ok for me if it only effect at main menu)

      Small tip:If u gonna put lots of music remember enbale auto ram cleaner.

    • ~4gbs music files will cause 12Gbs ram usage

  • it's a perfect work. but I'm wondering, is there any mod can custom the TV and radio in the rest place of hideout?

  • Does the music play in the Serafim radio in the hideout? If not, are you able of making such thing happen? Would be amazing if we could blast our favorite music in the hideout.

  • Much needed license update, ty!

  • I absolutely love this! Could you please add more songs like this?

  • works on 3.5.5! just be sure to convert any song to .wav. For some reason, it doesn't like .mp3.

    • What are the issues with MP3? Most of my music mods are with MP3. Do I need to convert?

    • I'm not sure. This is an old(ish) comment and for some reason, it stopped working with .wav. It may just be a me issue.

  • Does this work on 3.5.3 ??

  • couldn't load to main menu, game freezes at all

  • There's something different about blasting Perturbator while loading into a raid tbh

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  • it doesnt work, i added the 3rd clash royale menu music to the folder in mp3 format, then changed config to true and it just freezes my game.

  • Hey man, awesome mod. It lets me listen to the music I envision my PMC listening.

    Sadly it will only play one track out of my list, and then go mute. I don't understand why, I followed the instructions.

    Parameter is set to true.

  • This is an essential mod! One small question, as I have added over 100 songs, is there any chance of getting a control menu that skips the current song?

  • Good mod, still working on 3.2.3 without any issue.

  • Using this to play that song that one guy was making his gf listen to while they banged.

  • it dont workie

  • Does this work on 3.1.1?

  • Great mod! After playing EFT for so long some of it's songs get repetitive, nice way to throw some spice into stash managment.

  • causes my game to freeze at the main menu

  • I haven't played SPTAki in a while cause i had to update Microsoft but... next time i get the chance to install it ill fucking make this addon a Number 1 priority.

  • Not sure if this is much of an issue but wanted to note that .flacs don't work w/ the mod. Mod is dope :thumbup::thumbup:

  • This is an excellent mod! The new version is missing some files. I think that Google Drive is blocking the files when downloading, but I found a workaround...just download the previous version (1.0.0) and copy the .Json and javascript files to the user/mod folder and the music folder should be in BepInEx\plugins\SamSWAT.CustomMusic...that is where you add the mp3 files.

    I've added MUSIC FOR MAIN MENU (ALEXJ EDITION) and the soundtracks to Crysis 2 and's awesome!

  • Interesting that it claims its missing the json but there is the json file?

    • U sure you installed it correctly?

    • Yes i extracted the contents to the spt folder and then added songs to the music folder. either it doesn't play them in the main menu or when I move the folder to the mods it will say its missing package.json

    • And you are on 2.3.0, right? If so, does your plugins folder look similar?


    • Yep. This is how i have it setup when the game launches. and I get no music


    • Can you send me your discord as a quick method of communication?