GFL Voice 1.0.0

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Girls' Frontline Character Voice

Audio for Girls' Frontline , Girls' Frontline II: Exilium

【SPT-AKI 2.1.X】少女前线 Voice语音包
I recommend to use with GFL 2 CHARACTER.Because only use it very weird:notlikethis:

  • this is pretty dope but just wondering is it possible to change your characters voice after you've already started a new game?

    • of course can, in setting change voice

    • wow, thanks for the quick response I must be retarded lol I didn't even look in the sound settings I thought I had to edit the json file animelaughing

      Haha 1
  • Can I hear sample without install?

  • fuck yes! kana_o

  • I thought this community was safe... BUT IT KEEPS FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE I GO!!!! /joking

    btw epic that you added voicelines for your mod :)

  • Amazing work!
    The superior way to play Tarkov indeed

  • Inconceivable

    I must admit that this is an unimaginable way to achieve some degree of linkage between my favorite mobile game and escaping from takov!

  • sexy voice

    Thank you for a new voiceline. It works great.. I'm not using the anime chara skin with this mod because i don't like any of the outfits so im just using the voice. Mod works great and sounds great too. totally recommend if your getting tired of josh voiceline :p

    Will use his other mod in the future if better skins come out for it but for right now im not using it.. I'm sure his other mod works amazing and goes well with this voice line.


  • 一人血书多弄一些疼痛时的声音

    大佬能不能多加一些受伤的时候的语音,现在受伤的时候的只有嗯一下,持续受伤的时候有点洗脑 kana_o

    虽然知道语音都是来自游戏里面的 ,或多或少有些受限,不过要是能找到一些声音相近的受伤的声音加进去也是非常不错的 ayaya

    Reply from kmyuhkyuk ():

    :whatever: 已经翻过Groza大部分音频了,适用音频实在很少,受伤音效更是只能找出一个,对此我也无能为力

  • 大佬,2.2.0版本好像无法使用 ;(;(

    Reply from kmyuhkyuk ():


  • Amazing!

    This madman went and added Groza's voice lines from GFL/GFL2 bugcatrainbow

    Do play with the Character mod though