JustNU's Additional Gear PortPack 1.0.0

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Port of all of JustNU's Additional Gear mods

This is a port pack of all of the Additional Gear mods made by JustNU including

-Black Gear

-Tan Gear


Tan Gear I also made compatible with the Core API so the Additional Clothing core didn't need porting

This mod requires my port of JustNU's Core API to work

Original Author: JustNU

Original Mod Listings:

AdditionalGear - Black Module

AdditionalGear - UNTAR Module

AdditionalGear - Tan Module

  • Not compatible with Lua's flea market updater.

  • my game keeps crashing whenever i open ragman any idea as to why this is happening?

    • its an issue with KMC, scroll slowly and it doesn't happen

  • Thanks for the port! Any chance of a GaaxWeapons port?

    • I'll look into it

      if its not too completely deprecated I can have it ported probably in an hour

    • Oh thanks for the reply, it would be great!

  • thanks for the port homie, new gear lookin sick!

  • Chad status confirmed.

  • hey man, appreciate the work! could put links to the original mod page when you port/update anything? that way it's easy to track down and get the description

    • yeah I should probably do that, I'll be sure to do that future ports

    • you're the man!... really do appreciate you updating these old out of date mods!

  • where does it show up

  • Oh hell yeah, thank you my guy.. I've missed the black set for awhile. Glad to see it get revived XD

  • Any chance you could port some of Miralyn’s mods to 2.1.2?

  • thanks again

  • You do a good service my friend. Glad to see someone keeping some of the older files alive. I don't have that ability so I thank you.

  • Everyone be gangsta till the blue helmet pulls out a big ass bullet proof Chad vest.

    But seriously, epic mod and i cant wait to crush a scav with my vests ''thighs ;)''

    -Sincerely, Deimos

    PS: I can't wait for the ST AR-15 or some of the weapons in KMC Weapons.

    Reply from Kobrakon ():

    I've got a bunch of weapons I have planned to port but afaik KMC stuff is still compatible

  • only complaint is the lack of an icon for the mod, but otherwise terrific job porting something that many, like me, have been longing for animedance2animedance2animedance2

    Reply from Kobrakon ():

    mod icons have to be EARNED boy!

  • Blue Shirt Guy

    Keeping out-dated mods updated because blue shirt guy cares like us :')