Lua's Locale Manager 1.1.1

Update locales and mangages in files, Plus easy to share

Update game locales and manage in files
Check the comments section for sharing locale files

  • Update and Manage locales in one or multiple JSON format files
  • You can make a translate for mods and share with this mod
  • Create JSON file in locales folder and automatically loaded
  • It may overwrites other locales by load order (file name)
  • To check default locale files and format

    • Aki_DataServerdatabaselocalesglobal

  • Shared Locale Files List

    You can reply on this comment for sharing locale files.

  • Would you like to open a new repository on GitHub so that users can translate PR at any time?

    • Could be but I would prefer to suggest on upload in here as a config mod like Zico's

      Mod itself is a config loader, you don't have to PR for locale and no need to be single gaint file

    • The warehouse is only used to receive translated languages

      This is just a small suggestion from me

    SamSWAT - VEPR-12 "MOLOT"

    // Korean translation completed //
    Locale files are separated by tags before their names.
    For example, "weapon_SCAR-H"

    번역파일은 계속 추가될 예정입니다.
    항상 멋진 모드 감사합니다 :)…yHDMc4Ma/view?usp=sharing

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