Tame AGS-30 and NSV "Utyos". 1.0.0

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Sometimes you want to take a machine gun or grenade launcher in your hands, and destroy everything that gets in the way.

Prapor is kind today, so he gives you these two guns for only 100 rubles.

In addition prapor gives:
- AGS 30-round box (actually 100)
- 30x29mm VOG-30

- NSV 100-rounds belt (for NSV)

- 12.7x108mm B-32 (Damage: 182, Penetration: 88)

- 12.7x108mm BZT-44M (Damage: 199, Penetration: 80)

WATCH OUT ! EFT does not provide for the reloading of these guns, so an attempt to recharge it by pressing R will lead to frozen hands bag.
In order to reload a weapon, you need to move it to the inventory (it takes only 2 cells), right-click>select discharge>drag a new magazine to weapon.


In addition, box and belt models are not drawn in the inventory, so it's easy to miss them. Rock will explain.


  • plz work on 3.0.0

  • Is it possible to reposition the NSV to have it be held like a normal rifle, i dont know if custom animations are possible but could it be positioned to be held like a normal rifle using say the AK animations or something, same for allowing to be reloaded via it just doing a generic assault rifle reload or would this break the turrets?

    Ether way this mod is fantastically fun and meme worthy.

    • It is possible, but I have no experience.

    • ah as long as its possible there is a chance it might happen, anyway thanks for the mod as its super fun

      Thanks 1
  • how do you use them in game? Do you have to "deploy" them or can you just run around with them?

    • Place them in the weapon slot.

    • place in your hands like a normal gun, they arent aligned properly so they kinda look like shoulder mounted cannons but they work just fine