bethesda level of quality here

I hope you have read the teaser, because this port was made by a person with zero programming experience pepeclown. So yea, backup your profiles.

btw this is big money version

Known bugs:

  • Builds appear at gunsmith only after server restart (Not exactly a bug, I just "borrowed" some code from this mod. Don't know how to make "sessionID" actually have sessionid in it. Too lazy to figure it out anyway.)
  • Builds disappear from assortment after restock(I'm not quite sure why this happens, but it's temporarily solved by restarting the server)

I originally made this mod for myself, so anyone capable of doing this, please make a normal port. i beg you killme.

Credits to VirtualHex for original mod, of course, and remember:

"It just works" - Todd Howard

  • anyone able to explain how this works? just traded my weapon parts for 1 ruble and 250k for a gp coin and am currently broke

  • "Bethesda level of quality here" I take this as the mod is full of bugs, will crash your game and BSOD and will steal all of your money for in-game cosmetics that are pure arse? ^^

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    Bethesda level of quality here


  • Welp, off to sleep I go.

  • zenimax ceo 'dies of illness' right after microsoft bethesda buyout and no one bats an eye? thats kinda sus