Kalashnikov Duet Ducttaped 1.0.4

Somewhat decent port this time! Adds AK-12 and AK-15 to the game.

This mod is a port of a port made by Kobrakon of a mod made by a carl makes mods that adds AK-12 and AK-15 to the game. Seems to be working, but just in case, backup your damn profiles!

I also tried to make a translation into Russian, might be a little inaccurate, but should be playable.

Just in case, original mod here

  • can some one please update this mod to 3.4.0 or how to :);)

  • Does this work on 3.3?

  • Would be sweet if it was updated to 3.3.0

  • Как установить?

    • Всё в папку user\mods\
      В случае с плагинами, в папку BeipenEx\plugins\

    • Спс

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  • Sorry to bother you, but is it possible for you to adapt this mod to 3.0.0? Post 3.0.0 is stable for me, so I'm still using 3.0.0

    • I finally tested it. It absolutely does not work on 3.3 or 3.4.

  • Will it upgrade to 3.2.4?

  • Crashes my server on startup, and there's no error in the logs. I don't think this is this mod's fault in particular, but I have no clue about mod compatibility for SPTarkov. Is that a known issue?

  • Hey, just had a Bug where after the gun jammed with a misfire I couldnt do anything anymore. No opening of doors, no med usages, nothing. Problem already known or a fix?

  • *ka chink* OK now port honeybadger

  • great mod only thing is that it breaks when you use weight modifier where the gun duplicates when you drag it and it depending on how you mod the weight it will multiply rather that divide but that is a nitpick and it is otherwise a great mod. :thumbup:

    • Thanks for this! I had no idea what was causing the issue :)

      edit- weirdly the issue seems to still occur for me without modifying the item's weight? *shrug* I'll TS a bit tomorrow now that I have an idea of what may be causing the issue

    • Its the only thing I have that modifies any guns stats and It only does it for these two guns so it could be something else but most likely not

    • It seems it was because I was buying the weapons from the Flea instead of Prapor. All good with the ole Praps!

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    • I just tried that and it worked thank you!

  • which trader sells them? cant find them

  • Pretty cool gun, but the recoil stats are kinda outrageous and way too good and some stats aren't up to the new tarkov standards for heat and cooling stats, tho that's an issue from the old version too.

    • I might try to nerf it a bit, but I'm not that good at balancing stuff so results might be...questionable

    • Well, there's some obvious things that could be done, the base tarkov rpk16 handguard is -1 recoil, while these have -3 on their handguards for whatever reason? I've no idea why its parts aren't samey as the rpk16, but in AR form.

    • It should probably have its parts perform like a well-modded AK-74M from the base game.

  • Thank you very much Bro!

  • These look awesome! Thanks for the port!!

    Having a.. weird..issue? with the AK-15.. when I drag it into my inventory from my Stash, it goes into my hands..and also stays in my stash? Cloning itself? 8|

    Other than that, they're showing up at Proper properly, I can modify them in all the ways that I'd expect.. all else seems to be working :) I can just discard the copy for now

    • First of all, could you please tell me your mod list, as my tests didn't show anything like this

    • Hmm.. well that is unfortunate, I was hoping it would be something obvious & not on my end :P

      Here is my mod list x) I'll try to reinstall the mod and see if I can come up with something

      Edit- another weird issue.. everytime I restart the server the weapons in my stash revert back to just the receiver. Also the duplication is happening with both weapon platforms x)


      andre1336 - boomsticks



      Carl-KalashDuet (this mod)

      Faupi Munitions Expert 1.6.4

      Fin-Fold Everything Again

      Gunsmith - Reboot

      Hideout Architect

      jbs4bmx - Special Maps

      Kawaii Weapon Mods

      KcY See Item Value 1.4.5

      Lua - Flea Market Price Updater

      MacrossMX-Weapons Armory

      Nootropix - Friendly Scav Extracts

      Program K 1.06

      Refringe Customer Raid Times 1.2.2

      Revingly - micc

      SamSWAT - CodMW JWGROM

      SamSWAT - CODMW Pararescue

      SamSWAT - DolgExoS2

      SamSWAT - EotechVuduOverhaul

      SamSWAT - Famas

      SamSWAT - Helicrash

      SamSWAT - L85A2

      SamSWAT - M1014

      SamSWAT - MW Airframe

      SamSWAT - VALMOD3

      SamSWAT - Vepr12

      SamSWAT - C79A2

      SamSWAT - HolosunHS507c

      SamSWAT - LeupoldDEVO

      SamSWAT - PKAS


      ACOG 4 Life Optic Rework

      CANN - ModCase

      CANN - Recycled Ammo Bag

      CANN - Ruined Wooden Box

      CANN - Small Toolbox

      Server Value Modifier

      Trap - Path to Tarkov

      Valens Progression 1.2.3

      White Phosphor

      -- Plugins --

      SamSWAT - FireSupport

      SamSWAT - HeliCrash

      Amand's Hitmarker

      Amand's Graphics

      SamSWAT - HelmetLights

      SamSWAT - Old FreeLook


    • So, uh, I replicated your mod list as close as possible and unless container mods can mess with this mod, i suspect it might be Server value modifier. Do you have any features enabled?

    • Thanks for looking into it :D

      I have Stash and Item, Hideout, Loot, Players and Skills, Flea Market, and Case Space Manager enabled for SVM!

      I'm also CaseyJones on discord if you'd like me to show you what's going on \ if you have any TS ideas :)

      Edit- buying the weapon from Prapor seems to not cause this issue! I was buying it from the Flee >_>

  • Porting this mod took me longer than it should have pepeclown

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