Kalashnikov Duet + Retexture port for latest AKI 1.0.4

Ports over Carl's AK-12 and AK-15 and comes with Miralyn's Retexture

Port that allows the Kalashnikov Duet mod to work with the latest AKI build, also comes with the retexture if you wish to apply it

Kalashnikov Duet by carl makes mods

Retexture by Miralyn

Original Mod Listings:

Kalshnikov Duet

AK-12/15 Retexture

  • Hi, Kobrakon.

    Maybe you cannot update the mod and that's okey.

    But how can I update the mod, what would I need to change?

    It is possible to mimic some code of SamSWAT's weapon mods and make it run?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hi, is there an update planned for?

  • Hi cool mod, it would be great if you could update it to 3.2.0! Thanks!

  • Hi, I cannot unpack the mod file because windows is complaining about the filepath being too long.



    I had to use 7-Zip to unpack rather than copying using file explorer.

  • Good day! I downloaded the mod, installed it, but it is not in the game (I attached the screenshot). How can this be resolved?

    • yeah i guess somethings wrong with the flea but i suggest you level up prapor to whatever level he offers these things for.

    • It’s because a lot of items were blacklisted on flea in 12.12, there are mods that remove that blacklist tho

  • This is really nice, I appreciate the work. Looking forward to more if you take the challenge again.

  • Perfect with only one flaw. The fire rate in single-shot mode is not defined in both "weapon_kalash_ak12_545x39.json" and "weapon_kalash_ak15_762x39.json", and as a consequence the firing rate is below 300rpm in semi.

    I just fix it adding: <<"SingleFireRate": (rpm u want),>>

    P.D.: Thank you for uploading this mod, mate :3

  • How do you update these mods for 2.1.2?

    • usually its as easy as just updating the akiversion in the package.json but sometimes i also have to edit the main files so they work with the server

    • Oh, wow, thanks. Just got a mod I really wanted to use working doing that.

  • im getting a notification on my launcher saying this mods json package is missing. help?

    • The files you need to drop in are in the file you extract, it’s 2 files for both the mod and retexture

    • i placed them both in the folder and its still saying that the package json for the duet is missing

    • in the main KalashDuet files are the actual files you need to drop in, it has the bundles retexture that you drop into the main file to add new textures and then the main folder, I have a new version that merges them and fixed the single fire rpm and just need to upload it when I get home

      so basically

      KalashDuet port = package file, won't work on its own, only the Kalashnikov Duet file inside of it works on its own

    • when you gonna upload it? just asking.

    • when I get home, which is usually around 4, its a patch for both this and QHB

  • Dude big thanks, any chance we could get carl's Honey Badger mod too?

    • perhaps

      Like 1
    • I hope so. I love that gun!!!

      But I suspect that many modders are waiting for 12.12 to drop in SPT so they can mod for that.

    • actual god amongst man

  • Thanks, this mod has worked great so far!