Featured Immersive Raids 1.0.3

Large raid overhaul

Immersive Raids is a large overhaul of the Tarkov Raids with a large list of features and changes including

-Realtime Raid Progression: raids run in real time according to your local time, if its 8pm where you are, its 8pm in the raid, and raids last forever, along with this, the UI that shows the remaining time left in raid will now reflect your current local time instead.

-Dynamic Events: such as Blackouts, where the lights on the map all go out (except for labs as the lights are baked into the map but the doors are locked), leaving the raid seem even more dark and dead for 10 minutes, as well as disabling and locking power switches for 10 minutes, along with a Lockdown Event, where all extracts are disabled for 15 minutes, and an Airdrop and Armor Repair event, which are self-explanatory.

-Hourly Raid Cleanups: where every hour or so bodies are cleaned up to reduce processor strain and also run an airdrop along with the cleanup to reward you for sticking around.

-Decreased Energy and Hydro Decay: so you can last a little longer in raid. The UI may not update to reflect this, but its changed in the client

and more planned.

  • Version 1.0.3

    cut a misbehaving patch

  • Version 1.0.2

    fixed the issue with hydro/energy decay not being changed, turns out I wasn't patching it properly 💀

  • Version 1.0.1

    Added config options to disable the events timer and invert the current time

    made it so that the PMC and player watches are also synced with the current time

    no gear extraction yet, it's still whooping my ass

  • Version 1.0.0

  • sexy

  • The heart attack event just gave me a heart attack of my own lol. Also just wanted to say that I enjoy your small tweak mods like TAB, Firearm Deafen, and Adrenaline. They improve the game so much, thanks!

  • Hello, are the events togglable? I really like the real time raid thing and no extraction timer so that's why I downloaded. Is there a way to toggle off the blackout and lockdown events? If I have to leave my pc to make it somewhere it would suck being stuck in lockdown and not being able to extract lol

    • yes, access config options with the bep config by pressing F12

  • Thanks for the great mod. But could you add an option to enable/disable the "Hourly Raid Cleanups" feature.

    • SHADOW WIZARD 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ MONEY GANG 💰💰💰💰💰💰

    • Seconded, was just on my way to ask for this. xD I've had situations where I was fighting Shturman or something right up against the hour limit without realizing it, doinked him, and poof, body gone D:

  • Oh does this keep bots respawning too? That's one of the big problems I've been having without this, just using a regular 4 hour setting from SVM, is that maps like Interchange and Shoreline are just... dead. The scavs and pmcs that initially spawn together brawl it out but then afterwards THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE *cough* err, only one side of each pod survives (usually the pmcs) and then the map just kinda stops spawning more. D: I like having the maps feeling lively~

    • I added a patch that hopefully does that but I haven't been able to test it much recently

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  • when the mod clears the gameworld, if in labs at for example black keycard room, it closes the doors with no way out. another bug is the security office, if the door is closed when the world clears it's unable to be opened. however if it is opened before it clears it stays open. havent found any other bugs. great mod! kanalove

    • I believe you mean the blackout event? Gameworld cleaning does not interact with doors at all

    • as for the keycard doors trapping people, I plan to add a little "reboot" grace period where the doors are unlocked for a time

    • my bad, confused gameworld cleaning with blackout event kana_oO regardless i really enjoy the raids with this installed! thank you!

  • Once the raid timer turns red i take no damage and can deal no damage. Any way to fix this?

    • only issue with this mod is the raid timer being red, which is purely visual, the whole no damage thing is most likely some other mod or bug with your game

    • Thank you, I appreciate the quick reply.

  • Just a quick question:

    i am using the KMC Server Value Modifier,

    do i need to set up anything in AI spawn options?

    i like a bit of razzle dazzle in my raids and dont want them to turn to dull

    • idk go crazy

    • okay i will report if i come across anything not so fun.

  • I love almost everything about this mod except that it locks the raid time to my local time. I only get time to play in the evenings but I don't only want to run night raids. D: Is there any way to change that?

    • press F12 there's an option to invert your current time

    • Yay tankoo <3


  • Incredible mod, i love it. animehappynod

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. If possible, an option to set time for sunrise and sunset. More immersion.
    2. Clouds and weather are incredibly fast (When sunny, the clouds fly by really fast so the map just blinks dark and bright), is it a conflict with mods or a known issue?
    3. Fix the timer, it turns red after a while. Already acknowledged.

    That's about it.
    There is nothing game breaking from my experience. I love it, but those are some features that i would love to see added and/or fixed.

    • The clouds thing I have no idea about, used to be worse at a 2x multiplier but I patched it to be 1 and it's still rather fast, the whole timer thing has been pretty confusing so far as there's no one method that causes it so I've just gotta keep digging

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  • Is there a way to modify the timer of the despawning of bodies or outright disable how the cleanup of bodies work?
    I've had bodies literally disappear right in front of me as I was looting them; which can be quite the immersion breaker.

    Perhaps have a despawn distance at around 100m of the player to be a thing to avoid this?
    Thanks for the mod btw; like the rest of it quite a lot!

    • thats why I added the 30 sec warning, so you don't get caught looting

      I can add the distance check but its more so releasing stress on the CPU so your raids don't get too laggy

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    • Maybe the feature could be made standalone? I personally would only want that part of this mod for my game with customizable timer for when bodies should be cleaned

    • yeah ive been thinking of splitting it into a standalone mod and making it a keybind thing

    • a key-bind to clear it all would be awesome. instead of the current if i understood the conversation correct?

    • That or an option to set the timer ourselves in a simple json file & be able turn it off all together.
      Having the choice is what would be great.

  • It will be nice if we can change the odds of certain events to happen during raid and its duration. Maybe even the option to disable clean up bodies. Because there are times that bosses are killed by other PMCs across the map and i cant loot them because the bodies are all gone.

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  • No instructions on how to actually install this or where this package.json is. Not the greatest mod.

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    • man you a special case ain't you

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    • it doesn't have a package.json because it's a bepinex plugin. put it in bepinex > plugins. from now on, if a mod doesn't have a package.json or is packaged as a folder named "plugins" or "bepinex", assume

      1. put the "plugins" folder in the "bepinex" folder in your SPT root
      2. put the "bepinex" folder in your SPT root
      3. put the folder that the mod is packaged as in your SPT root > bepinex > plugins

      you're welcome

      and kobra, ffs just take the plugin out of the folder in the .zip file so people like this don't get confused by it. would have been so easy for you to type the instructions as well.

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    • I do not entertain people who don't know such basic information

    • most people arent autistic enough to know such "basic" information

    • Cool. Don't insult my work because you lack such basic information

  • Raid timer still turns red when there would normally be 10 minutes remaining. Is this just a visual bug? Does it just stay red forever? Or will I still go MIA at the end of the 10 minute warning? To be clear, it's not showing a 10 minute countdown, it just shows the raid time permanently in red at the top right corner of the screen.

    • its just visual afaik, looking in to how to prevent it from popping up

    • Gotcha, thank you. Was scared to test it in a raid 😅

  • Hi, any issues with other mods?
    I'm running the Kobra's AIO and that one has a "raid time extended" setting, it's using. (which i reduced form 24H to 2H)

    So i'm just trying to see if there's any trouble running other mods.
    Would be nice to mention if yes, or no.
    Thanks for your reply :)

    • I don’t know of any specific ones but yeah I’d imagine there is a possibility for conflicts, basically best I can recommend is just to keep an eye for any issues when installing new mods

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  • i like this, but is there any way to keep the food levels default? i have a mod that randomizes items and i get a lot of food lol, a lot of it seems worthless now

  • how do i install its not wroking

    • bruh

    • bruh what i put the file in the bepinex folder and im still getiing raids lasting 40 minutes even skipped the insurance stage

    • Roger great conversation

    • Root\BepInEx\plugins\*the mod folder itself*
      You're welcome.
      No need to "bruh" people.
      It's not always obvious where to drop mods for those who're not accustomed to it.

    • Thank you

  • Will there be the option to configure the decay rates?

  • This mod is genius. Taking it a step further and pairing it with Path to Tarkov make for the ultimate immersion experience.

    • omg. Path to Tarkov was genius, but wow was it tedious to try and build up those hideouts. I can't wait for SPT-Aki to update to the current, Streets of Tarkov have been released with the new wipe and update.

  • So I just got the mod, and I love everything about it, except.
    My time is currently 17:25 pm or 5:25 pm. In game, it makes my time 5:25am every time I go into a match.
    Is their a setting I need to check? Inverting doesn't change anything.

    For the record, it shows my current time correct, UP TO the point I select a location to go, and get past setting my insurances. The final timer before you click ready is what reads wrong, and the ingame timer is following that final timer.

    • There's a setting when you hit f12 to "invert time" so it changes AM to PM. It may be activated.

    • Oh yeah don’t go to the screen past insurance, for some reason it’s bugged and throws null exceptions and I can’t find what’s wrong with it

    • AHH there we go! See when I do this part, skipping the insurance stage it all works just fine. Brings me in at the correct time. And yes, I know about the F12. I have tried Inverted and Not Inverted. Before, neither one was setting me to play during the day. But seems now it is fixed. Tried a scav run to test, and it was 11am like it's supposed to be.

  • Realtime Raid Progression which local time does it use my ip address or the time my computer clock is set to

  • Great mod! But i wish there were a option to disable the body-cleanup.

  • image.pngimage.png
    Hey would it be possible to fix the timer to be accurately displayed as it keeps switch between 12h sequins and 24h and i do prefer the 24h one. + That's what the game uses if I've seen it right.

    • it does

    • This is effectively my issue, except the game sets the day/night to it too so even though it's day for me, I am jumping into a night match every time and it's making me have to play at night to enjoy day runs.

    • i dont know whether to scream at both of you or just outright ignore you

    • I'd rather you just explain to me what I am doing wrong so I can fix the issue. As I stated in my own reply before. I could just be mucking something up honestly. I'm not very bright when it comes to modding. After I dropped into a few matches btw, it suddenly fixed to the correct time. So I'm now trying to trouble shoot again to figure out where the issue lies. ANY help is appreciated.

    • there is literally an option to invert time in the configuration

  • Stuck on loading profile and get a popup for object reference not set to an instance of an object, any chance on knowing what i did wrong?

    • issue with a patch, try new version

  • After I start the game it has a longer loading time, then once it's done I get a fatal error. I tried removing all other plugins and mods but that didn't help fix the issue. Could I get some help?

  • Hi! Is the energy and hydro decay working correctly in this last update?

    I feel that the energy and hydro levels works as in vanilla.

  • For all curious, mods like SVM that alter hydro/energy rates do conflict with this mod. Server mods will overwrite the changes the client is supposed to make.

    Edit: Okay, so maybe it doesn't conflict and the mod is just broken? I only say it conflicts because I turned off extended raids on SVM and the timer showed red at the top like time was running out, but the raid never ended prematurely on me. But my energy/hydro definitely still drain at the rate listed in the inventory. I'll try removing SVM (wasn't using many options anyway) to see if this solves these issues.

    • never had the issue with time redding out like that but if it doesnt end prematurely then not really an issue, and the way hydro/energy is updated was changed, i now have the constructor patched so it should reflect properly

    • Yeah, so I removed SVM and it's still draining at the standard 3.2 for energy and 2.6 for hydro. Suppose I'll need to try a fully unmodded profile.

    • Yeah man, energy and hydro isn't working right. I just started up a brand new profile after having removed any and all other mods, server and client, and spawned with this
      IR Test

      I made sure to wait a tick and it brought energy down to 96 and hydro to 97.

    • dunno what to tell ya, im getting lower rates

    • think i might have found the issue, might have been patching the wrong class

  • Unfortunately the lockdown has locked me inside Labs room G22. Cannot unlock the door from the inside.

  • Itching for this configurable update. By the time I get off work, it's already dark so I only ever get night raids :(

    • Based username.

      Anyway, config update is out, friend. Night owls may now reign supreme. Still no gear extract, though.

  • Fantastic Masterpiece of A Mod.

    The mod is fantastic.
    There's so many features in it that I can't mention them all at the top of my head, but I can highly recommend it.
    It removes the annoying extract timer & adds in an immersive real time timer that forces players to play during the hour of which they live in themselves in real time.
    Meaning that if you play during late hours, it will be dark in the game & there's nothing you can do about it & that is not a bad thing.
    Just means that players are not gods & have to deal with the environment as a challenge just like real life itself.

    Further more; there is a neat despawn feature that cleans up bodies over time & the hydration & hunger system is no longer annoying either & fits the balance of the features implemented in this mod.

    Only thing I wish for this mod to change is to add in the option to change when bodies despawn or even allow users to disable despawning all together for those of us who do live with beefy PC's that can handle a few bodies lying around in raids.

    Or even crazier, as just a fun little idea which will very likely not happen, but allow bodies to persist in the same maps over a couple of raids just so coming back & seeing the same bodies still there would be absolutely insane.

    BUT if you can make it happen, DO IT. ^^

    5/5; would give it a higher rating if I could.
    Fantastic job. 8)

    Reply from Kobrakon ():

    yeah I have config options for despawning drafted up (enable/disable toggle and distance to cleanup to) but persistent bodies sounds a bit far fetched

  • Arguably a must-have

    It does quite a lot of things which I adore. More notably, it makes the time hotkey not useless with infinite raid duration timers, gives incentives to stay longer into a raid (random events and airdrops with random pmc loot or something), makes food and water consumption relatively balanced (it could honestly be toned up and I'd still be fine with it), and makes raid times based off local time which adds another layer of immersion to this game.

    The only reason I wouldn't give this an immediate 5/5 is that there just isn't any good way to get loot out of a raid instance without extracting. I'm sure that the dev is working on one with a quick read of the comments, but this is still a must have for anyone that wants a mix of quality of life and immersion.

  • Great Mod!

    Great mod!

  • Its a nice mod but needs work

    The mod is a great mod and i like the features but geez, It would be nice to change it from night time to day since I play at night cause I play wow during the day... A menu with options to turn on and off things would be nice.. If you don't care about it being night all the time then this mod is for you. I recommend!!

    update: I looked in F12 and did not see an option for a menu.

    Reply from Kobrakon ():

    peep pinned, options are working I'm just busy with fixing in-raid gear extract system and finals

  • Great mod if its more realistic i like it.

    its a great mod to have in the background wille you play to get a better immersion