Immersive Raids 1.1.3

Large raid overhaul

Immersive Raids is a large overhaul of the Tarkov Raids with a large list of features and changes including

-Realtime Raid Progression: raids run in real time according to your local time, if its 8pm where you are, its 8pm in the raid, and raids last forever, along with this, the UI that shows the remaining time left in raid will now reflect your current local time instead.

-Dynamic Events: such as Blackouts, where the lights on the map all go out (except for labs as the lights are baked into the map but the doors are locked), leaving the raid seem even more dark and dead for 10 minutes, as well as disabling and locking power switches for 10 minutes, along with a Lockdown Event, where all extracts are disabled for 15 minutes, and an Airdrop and Armor Repair event, which are self-explanatory.

-Hourly Raid Cleanups: where every hour or so bodies are cleaned up to reduce processor strain and also run an airdrop along with the cleanup to reward you for sticking around.

-Decreased Energy and Hydro Decay: so you can last a little longer in raid. The UI may not update to reflect this, but its changed in the client

and more planned.

  • Version 1.1.3


  • Version 1.1.2

    back at my pc for a bit figured id do some maintenance

    rewrote a patch to fix the laggy exfil time display and made sure everythings good

  • Version 1.1.1

    bone man is forced to fix time once again

  • Version 1.1.0

    -Rewrote the time system, should have no more issues

    -Fixed the Lockdown event so that it actually works again

    -Fixed the Blackout event so it no longer breaks lights

    -Added a server plugin so that server changes can be made there without the client jank, so now all maps should have their raid times changed more properly along with the energy and hydration decay rates (especially considering they can now be affected by skills)

    -Changed time inversion by now making it just one of the regular time options so you wont need to open the bep config

    -Added a random event that heals you because im generous

    -Enabled the ability to use a map to select your spawn point (bit weird tho, have to go to the raid settings screen beforehand for it to work)

    Plus a whole lot more neat changes and improvements that are both too big to put here and largely not remembered by me.

  • Version 1.0.6

    Fixed bot gen issue

  • Version 1.0.5

    -Update to 3.5.0/0.13

    -Finalized patching for globals values relating to energy + hydration decay along with raid times so that everything displays properly and should function properly

    -Transpiled the raid timer panel so it should no longer go red when it thinks raid is almost over (not really necessary since raid time is working now but jic)

    (also forgor to mention but I fixed the bugged ready screen messing with raid time and implemented a config for the cleanup so you can enable/disable it and pick at what range it cleans up)

  • Version 1.0.3

    cut a misbehaving patch

  • Version 1.0.2

    fixed the issue with hydro/energy decay not being changed, turns out I wasn't patching it properly 💀

  • Version 1.0.1

    Added config options to disable the events timer and invert the current time

    made it so that the PMC and player watches are also synced with the current time

    no gear extraction yet, it's still whooping my ass

  • Version 1.0.0

  • god this mod was essential, i hope it gets updated at some point

  • For anyone still wanting to use this mod, there is a way to get it to work on 3.7.1. Got to your SPT / user / mods / Kobrakon-ImmersiveRaids / ImmersiveRaidsServer and open the JSON file named package. Change the Aki version from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1, save changes and you're good to go. I hope this helps the ones that need it! :*:*

    • have you experienced any crashes?

    • Not yet and I play about 5 hours a day. I did however notice that it is colliding with the helicopter crash mod. Since I've used Immersive Raids I haven't seen a heli crash, besides that, no issues on my end.

    • It conflicts with Game Panel HUD, when i combine Immersive Raids with HUD, my exfil and mission marks won't show in my compass below.

  • Dear Kobrakon

    we need you =)

    Best regards.

  • pls update i need this mod fucking 3 brothers

  • does this work with 3.7.1?

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  • take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    MIA raids sucks =)

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  • thank you for continuing to update these mods. if I could i would buy you a coffee or a drink. much appreciated for the hard work. Cheers!

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  • sending my energy

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  • 3.7.0 ? ;)

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  • Committed genocide at a factory and went to loot every person - in the end I got lost in a raid after the "timer" expired. DaFaq? I installed mod properly

    • I also have red timer at raids and i think these endless raids just doesn't work or i need to start new profile to work it

    • Use SVM and add more time to the raids.

    • Ja, I downloaded it. However, I got some bug - I can't hear bush sounds. Maybe it's not this mod's fault but it's kinda strange

    • Did you put the immersiveraids plugin in the plugins folder? After I updated to 3.7.0, I installed this mod too, and I forgot that part. My timer was on red and i was MIA in th end. Then I went to find and the plugin wasn't in the plugin's folder but the mod was correctly installed. Got so mad after that raid I was so looted :cursing: ;(

    • I did but now I don't even care cause installed SVM for 3.6.1. Now waiting for update, SVM is much better for all things that I want

  • Question; does your mod add the cardiac arrest event?
    If yes... is it just to scare the player or does it really kill you?
    Because if that's the case, the game was merciful on me yesterday as I lived for way longer than 10 seconds after it appeared xD

    • Its a joke, it should say "jk" after ten seconds.

      Its declared in a function named "doFunny"

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    • Got it!
      Thank you for reassuring me here.
      I was going to exit a really long raid on Interchange, were I survived like 20 different fights and when I saw this message I was like "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" :D
      Didn't see the jk message... I guess I was too busy being sad on the spot :P

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    • Ederys GOTTEM!

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  • The mod won't let you loot air drops, but besides that, this mod has been and will continue to be my favorite mod!

    Please fix the airdrops, though...

    • It also appears that it no longer makes the raid run indefinitely and that you still go MIA at the expected time again. A few people have reported this.

  • The mod is awesome! I found myself in raid for 2 hours lmao, there is a bug with the Airdrops however that wont allow the loot screen to show. Other than that the mods Amazing. What else do you have planned with it?

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  • Is there some way to fix airdrops opening but no loot screen?

  • The game just infinitely loads, it doesn't seem to actually work as is for 3.6.1. Also, nothing to say current installed mods are not compatible.

  • Hi, love the mod. I however have an issue with the airdrops not working as intended. I have tried this mod without SVM to no avail. The airdrops still don't seem to work. I'm currently in the process of trying to fix this issue. When I have found a fix, I will write a new comment with the fix to the problem. Stay tuned. Hopefully It's a quick fix and not something that'll take me weeks to figure out.

    I can't figure out any methods to fix the mod, that don't involve me installing visual studio and scanning every last line of code, until the issue is found and fixed. Hopefully someone out there has more patience than I do.

  • Also came here to ask if there's some fix or workaround to the Airdrops "opening" with no loot screen. Would be awesome to be able to make use of the cool 1-hour reward feature! ^^

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  • Anyway to fix the airdrop not opening?

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  • Is it possible in the future to have a config file for tweaking events/energy drain/cleanup/etc? Please ^^

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    • agree having a more regular clean up would be good to help with FPS or can you tell us where we can edit how often the clean up happens?

  • thank you very much king

  • Important info

    • Going MIA because the raid timer expired? Use SVM, find the setting called "Additional Raid Time in Minutes" to w/e you prefer (max is 300)
    • Don't like how fast the clouds are moving? Well right below that setting is another one called "Raid Time Acceleration". Set that to 1 for real time or less for even slower clouds.
    • big help any ideas on fixing airdrops

    • I'm not experiencing any problem with air drops. Could it be a conflict with another mod? SVM and Realism both make changes to air drops so I would check there first. Maybe rearrange your load order.

    • Same air drop are bugged, can open them but not loot it

    • Support thread for Airdrop Issues on SPT 3.6.1 and Immersive Raids 1.1.3
  • Can anyone help? I'm not a very smart user and can't figure it out. Without this mod everything works fine for me, with this mod I just get stuck on the loading screen.

  • the real time thingy doesnt work it just extends the raid timer to 10 hours

  • Hi, thanks for the update. I registered to only comment on this specific mod. Seems like it isn't working properly. I have experienced MIA in mutiple >40 min raids, can't open airdrops (hourly event and the ones sent by flares), and AI spawning issues through out the raids. AIs are now only spawning at the beginning of the raid, and never spawns after that. To me it seems like the mod have twisted the timer that AI cannot spawn in during the raid properly. Hope you can look into that :)

  • it seems with the new patch/version (1.1.3) you are able to go MIA in raids, at the 40:01 point on woods I went MIA, with full health, food, and water.

  • "raids last forever" *goes MIA*

  • Gonna be honest, The biggest turn off using this mod was the clouds speeding by like a time lapse

    I'll probably return when that gets sorted because there isn't anything immersive about the weather zooming by like that

    • Very easy fix. Use KMC SVM (server value modifier) and change "Raid Time Acceleration" to (1) for 1x acceleration (real time). If you want the clouds to move even slower? Enter a value less than 1 like 0.5.

    • Copy that, Are you getting good results with this mod? I want to add it to my list but all the comments suggest there are issues currently

  • "mod immersive raid doesnt have a json data"

    • works now as intended if you have the same problem put in you aki version into the json file in your folder and move the server folder to mods as explained some comments beneath mine

  • LOVE THE MOD however it seems like a few others i am unable to open the air drop and there is a few instances both on customs and factory that i was pulled out of raid with a MIA (raid time expired) death.

  • imagine having a really nice raid on factory and suddenly being pulled out after 20 minutes without warning...