Adrenaline 1.0.1

on your feet you ain't dead yet

Adds a 30 sec painkiller effect when the player is shot/caught in an explosion to simulate irl adrenaline spikes so you're not a sudden limping mess anymore

  • 3.3.0 and it works. It is damn cool! Gives this realism feel. BSG should learn from moders.

  • This mod is seriously underrated. It would be really cool if it works while being shot at (but not hit)

  • Great idea and excellent mod, only thing that would make it even better is config for painkiller effect duration.

  • How do i install it ?

  • Very cool idea!!!

    I'll check it out soon.

  • Another brilliant core-changing feature!

    Absolutely love this one, here's why:
    1. I always hated how being reaction tagged (especially by a 'lucky' shot by any chance) and then limping because of it is kind of annoying.
    2. This eliminates a lot of the need for pre-medding if you play positioning well enough!

    3. 30 seconds might seem like a short time but really it's more than enough, there's enough small timing windows already and again if you play your cards properly, 30 seconds is more than enough to scoot off to a safe spot.

    This is brilliant as it keeps the flow of the fighting at an insanely high octave when you want to be that kind of player. No longer do you have to worry about constantly hitting painkillers and checking the time, you can play way more aggressively and take more chance fights if need be and there's more room for error if you do those play-styles and I'm ALL for it! Brilliant mod even if it's just this one thing on paper.

    *Fun story also this reminds me of a time where my father who's an ex-cop was telling me a time where he witnessed a bank-robber tank at least 5-6 shots and later when he was talked with, it turns out he hadn't even realized he had been shot until he felt dizzy from the sheer loss of blood because the adrenaline was that strong..

  • And thinking that bsg woukd do this in 2026

    great mod really good thing to have and bsg wanted to implement it in to the actuall game so you can have it now instead of waiting 5 years to have it in online :thumbup::thumbup: