Adrenaline 1.0.7

on your feet you ain't dead yet

Adds a 30 sec painkiller effect when the player is shot/caught in an explosion to simulate irl adrenaline spikes so you're not a sudden limping mess anymore

  • I miss this mod

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  • Not compatible with 3.7.0 for anyone wondering. Time to inch my way to the exit I guess...xD

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  • Is it compatible with 3.7.0?

  • Does this mod have a BepInEx menu in-game??

  • I wonder how much this renders pain killers useless?

    • You only get something like 30 seconds of painkiller effects. I THINK it may still stack where if you get an additional break a painkiller effect is applied again but that MAY have been patched.

  • any interferences with realism mod?

    i love the adrenaline boost that mod has but i dont want to use the extreme medical overhaul that basically only offers options to fix you enough to get u to the next exfil

    and unfortunately that gets disabled when u turn the medical stuff off :(

  • This is an absolutely awesome mod. I hope it's updated for 3.6.0 soon, as I am *suffering* at the loss of stamina in game. :/

  • Not working on 3.5.7 for me, anyone else with this problem?

    • it needs to be updated sadly. im waiting. please update it mr mod man :(

    • According to the SPT-AKI Dev site, most/many of the Client Mods (i.e. .dll's in \BepInEx\plugins) will need to be updated for SPT-AKI 3.5.7.. Looks like Kobrakon has yet to get to updating any yet, they are all showing 3.5.5 or older.. Hopefully they will be able to be updated.

  • For ease-of-use, put your mod in a "BepInEx > plugins > [mod]" folder structure so users can just drag & drop into their root directory (like most other mods).

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  • Hey, this mod seems to be recognized by the F12 menu (when I hit debug options, it lists "Adrenaline" as one of the mods that has no configurable settings) but when I get shot at, I don't get a painkiller effect. Whether they miss me or hit me, no painkiller effect. I put the .dll in the plugins folder and again, it seems to be recognized, but I am not getting the effect.

    Any initial ideas on what might be wrong?

    Thanks for the mod btw! This idea should be in the main game, don't know how it isn't.

    • shit then BSG must have changed something that borked the mod then

      I've been updating my mods to implement dynamic type searching so I'm gonna be implementing that into this mod so hopefully this mod should become future-proof

    • Gotcha! Will be looking forward to it. Take your time man.

      Thanks again for the mod!

    • Hey Kobrakon!

      I have the same issue on 3.5.5.

      It worked flawlessly on 3.5.3, but after I updated to 3.5.5, it's not working. There's no painkiller effect, but the mod is recognized in Bepienix

      Thank you for your help!

  • Best Mod.

  • Hey boss, silly question; does this increase the chance of getting a bleed? Only reason I ask is that I am getting bleeds like crazy after installing this. Talking anywhere from 2-5 bleeds per time I get shot.

    • nope doesn’t touch bleeds

    • Yea turns out the bots just love shooting my arms and legs

    • 'tis why I made it lol, was annoying constantly getting legged and limping cause I got a fracture

  • Works really good and feels natural. Thank you mate.

  • Hi Kobrakon , Can I share MOD to mddba?


  • Do this mod need update to 3.4.0 ?

  • does this apply everytime you are shot? like if you get shot , get the adrenaline and get shot again does the timer reset?

  • 3.3.0 and it works. It is damn cool! Gives this realism feel. BSG should learn from moders.

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  • This mod is seriously underrated. It would be really cool if it works while being shot at (but not hit)

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  • Great idea and excellent mod, only thing that would make it even better is config for painkiller effect duration.

  • How do i install it ?

  • Very cool idea!!!

    I'll check it out soon.