LHA-Low Health Alert Rewritten 1.0.0

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hey I've seen this one before >:(((

My first plugin, good ol' LowHealthAlert, except it's been rewritten by a now-competent C# programmer and utilizes the Unity AudioPlayer

same deal as before, when the desired health value is met, an alert tone will play to alert you that you've got an ouchie

except now you can set the trigger value and volume value using the BepInEx config

drop the DLL and LHA folder into the BepInEx/plugins folder

  • Love the idea of this the only way I think it could be better is if it played the most annoying line that you got EVERY TIME you got to low Health in Fable...."Your health is low, do you have any potions or food?"

    • Well as long as you still have the file named “alert.wav” you can replace it so have fun I guess

  • Who knew there was a way to make the already stressful low Hp music from Pokémon, and put it into even more stressful situations! :thumbup: