Hex's Firearms Production Business Mod (BIG MONEY VERSION) 1.0.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Run a firearm sales operation with your new business partner: "Gunsmith". He will accumulate passive income for you and also manufactures your weapon presets.


-More Profit/hr

-NO Initial Investment Required To Unlock Profits & Weapon Presets

-All Barter Items are FREE

-Lower Loyalty Level Requirements

This is Gunsmith. He is your new business partner.


Gunsmith has 2 important jobs:

1. Manufactures and has all of your custom Weapon Presets available for purchase.

2. Collects all of the Profits and Items from your gun selling operation and makes them available to you.

Here’s a look at what's in his inventory:

-Your Custom Weapon Presets ( 2 Collects Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL1 )

-Ruble Stacks From Business Profits ( 1 Collect Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL1 )

-Free Barter Items He Has Processed ( 1 Collect Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL1 )

You can use the "Investment GP Coin" if you don't have any Weapon Presets to invest in your business.

👇      * ( PICTURE BELOW IS LOYALTY LEVEL 4 ) *      👇

Gunsmith manufactures 2 of each Weapon Preset per hour :


Collecting Your Business Profits:


☝️ Each Loyalty Level Will Grant You Extra Profits ( Per Hour ) : ☝️

LL1: ₽70,000 Stack + 1 Free "GunPowder Kite"

LL2:  ₽60,000 Stack + 1 Free "FireKlean GunLube"

     LL3: ₽55,000 Stack + 1 Free "GunPowder Hawk"

LL4: ₽50,000 Stack + 1 Free "GunPowder Eagle"

-Every time your loyalty level goes up, you gain access to a new

"Profit Stack"


For example:

-At LL2 you can only collect the ₽70,000 + ₽60,000 Stacks

-At LL4 you can collect ALL 4 Profit Stacks, totaling ₽235,000

Total Average Profits Per Hour:

(Including Items)

LL1: ~ ₽85,000

LL2: ~ ₽135,000

LL3: ~ ₽218,000

LL4: ~ ₽300,000+

But You Can't Run A Business Without Investing... :kekw:

👉 Gunsmith needs Weapon Parts to keep production going. 👈


* I highly recommend using a 👉MOD👈 that lowers Flea level requirement if you are just starting out,

so you can easily access Weapon Parts *

Each Profit Stack Requires 1 Weapon Parts Investment to Collect:


( about ₽10k - ₽20k each )

When collecting your Profit Stacks, just enter the full amount of Rubles ( or spam 9 ) bugcatworking    



* I suggest keeping an Items Case or Scav Junk Box with a stockpile of Weapon Parts so you have a

healthy and convenient investment supply handy. *

Here are the requirements for each loyalty level:

LL1: Level 1 PMC + 0 spent

LL2: Level 10 PMC + ₽2,000,000 spent

LL3: Level 18 PMC + ₽4,000,000 spent

LL4: Level 25 PMC + ₽6,000,000 spent


-When you make a weapon preset, it should instantly show at Gunsmith.

-If you delete a weapon preset, you must restart SPTarkov to see change at Gunsmith




-Extract "Hex'sFirearmsProdBusiness.zip" into SPTarkov > user > mods

-That's it.

If you need assistance or want to adjust any values,

I can help, just ask.


This mod is also compatible with my other mod that adds weapon presets to the Flea:

Hex's Buy Your Own Weapon Presets From The Flea

And I'm shameless plugging pepelaughing my Spec Ops Menu Music Mod because its dope:

Hex's Custom Spec Ops Stash Music

<3  animedance2  -Enjoy  animedance2  <3





Thank You Both for the Frameworks that Made this Mod Possible. pikapika

  • Version 1.0.1

    Changed "Investment GP Coin" price to 250,000 to prevent buying and instantly selling to get investment back.

    More changes may come in the future.

    I would love feedback from users for balance changes. Please feel free to drop a comment for any ideas you have.

  • Version 1.0.0


    -For users that want a more laid back passive income experience with bigger profits.

    -The HARDCORE version of this mod can be found here.

    More changes may come in the future.

    I would love feedback from users for balance changes. Please feel free to drop a comment for any ideas you have.

  • hey can someone tell me how to change this to 2.3.0 i changed the package.json file to 2.3.0 on both of them but still getting an erro

    TypeError: TradeC.updateTime.push is not a function

    at Mod.load (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\user\mods\Hex'sFPBTrader\src\mod.js:58:24)

    at Function.executeMods (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:147:13)

    at Function.load (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:17:19)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\callbacks\ModCallbacks.js:9:19)

    at Function.load (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\utils\App.js:22:13)

    at Function.main (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\Program.js:26:13)

    at Object.192../Lib.js (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\Program.js:30:9)

    at o (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1)

    at D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1

    at Object.286.../Program.js (D:\Steam Games\Single Player Tarkov\obj\src\ide\ReleaseEntry.js:4:1)

  • This is what I've been looking for, for months now.

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  • Idk what's happening but somethings wrong with my mod. ive upgraded workbench and created a preset and it's not showing up. anyone know a fix?

  • Im sorry but im just not understanding the mod. I've sold a built weapon and nothing shows up. What am I doing wrong?

    • what do you mean by "sold a built weapon"?

  • i am getting an error loading this mod on stp. it keeps giving me this error

    ModLoader: loading mods...

    Mod Hex'sFPBBMv1.0.1 is missing package.json

    [ERROR] Invalid mod encountered

    im unsure if its something on my end or if its the software i use to extract files

    • try different extraction tool (7zip or WinRAR). It may also be conflicting with another one of your mods.

  • im a bit confused, rn i just see a gp coin on the trader, should i buy it and wait for 1 hour then buy it again for him to reset the presets? sorry I'm a bit new

    • You have to make weapon presets for them to show up in his inventory. I believe you need workbench level 1 in hideout to do so.

  • Hey this is my first time modding and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some kind of like modloader or something I followed the steps

    Extract "Hex'sFirearmsProdBusiness.zip" into SPTarkov > user > mods

    and it just didn't work its definitely something on my end because this happens with almost every mod I could really use some help thanks.

    • After booting up my server again and reading the log it says

      Server: executing startup callbacks...

      [INFO] Importing database...

      ModLoader: loading mods...

      Mod config is missing package.json

      [ERROR] Invalid mod encountered

      [SUCCESS] Started webserver at http://

      [SUCCESS] Started websocket at ws://

      [SUCCESS] Server is running. Happy playing!

      I'm missing package.json which I'm assuming isn't normal.

    • what tool are you using to extract?

    • WinRAR should I try 7zip instead ?

  • I have a problem

    [ERROR] Sorry, there are some errors.

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'traderId' of undefined

    at WeaponTrader.loadProfile (D:\SPtarkov\user\mods\ZZ-WeaponTrader\src\WeaponTrader.js:23:68)

    at Function.loadProfile (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\servers\SaveServer.js:58:46)

    at Function.load (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\servers\SaveServer.js:29:24)

    at OnStartHandler.afterCustomQuestsLoaded (D:\SPtarkov\user\mods\CustomQuests\src\OnStartHandler.js:106:16)

    at CustomQuests.onLoad (D:\SPtarkov\user\mods\CustomQuests\package.js:37:17)

    at Function.executeMods (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:147:13)

    at Function.load (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:17:19)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\callbacks\ModCallbacks.js:9:19)

    at Function.load (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\utils\App.js:22:13)

    at Function.main (D:\SPtarkov\obj\src\Program.js:26:13)

    PS: I made this a review because i don't know how to make a comment

    Reply from VirtualHex ():

    It looks like you’re using Custom Quests mod. Unfortunately the Custom Quests mod interferes with the weapon preset framework in this mod package. You’ll have to decide to use one or the other.