Kobra's AIO 1.1.6

allows you to change various server values and tweak items

Large collection of configurable values to change things to how you feel

Available options:

  • Change Minimum Flea Market Level
  • Mark All Items Examined
  • Have all armors protect the stomach
  • Disable secured container restrictions
  • Multiply maximum ammo stacks
  • Have high capacity magazines be only 2 slots tall
  • Change loot spawn multipliers
  • Have infinite key durability
  • Mark all bought items as FIR
  • Edit stimulant use amount
  • Configure the health capacity of each medkit and health item
  • Disable BSG Flea blacklist
  • Set the minimum and maximum possible durability for items on the flea
  • Change min and max insurance times
  • Set all clothes to be free
  • Set clothes to be available for both sides
  • Reduce Energy and Hydration decay in-raid
  • Set custom time in-raid
  • Set pre-raid settings for AI Amount, Difficulty, and whether Bosses, Scav War, and Tagged and Cursed are enabled
  • Make PMCS friendly to those of the same faction
  • Disable player scav timer
  • Have all flea offers be bought instantly
  • Have no flea sell fee
  • Enable realistic recoil tweaks
  • Change Airdrop config values
  • Have helmets protect the entire head

And much more planned

  • Version 1.1.6

    -Fixed ragfair durability settings plus added the "ConditionChance" option

    -Added an option to allow armored rigs to be worn with vests

    also future versions will now be hosted on github

  • Version 1.1.5

    updoot to 3.5.0

    also added the ability to disable RMT changes but haven't done enough testing to know if it works yet

  • Version 1.1.4

    updoot package

    changed recoil convergence for realistic recoil tweaks, should be less snappy now

  • Version 1.1.3

    //don't ya love it when there's an update and stuff inexplicably breaks? whatever should be working normally now

  • Version 1.1.2

    //minor update for 3.1.0

    //only difference is the airdrop config values are useless as the SPT team pulled airdrops while CWX slaves to update em

  • Version 1.1.1

    //Added option for helmets to protect the entire head

    //Fixed hideout production and construction time changes not working

    //Fixed morphine not being included in the stimulants search (they changed the parent ID for some reason)

  • Version 1.1.0

    //Added Airdrop config values

    //Further tweaked recoil changes, should be a lot less "jumpy" now and more controllable

  • Version 1.0.9

    //Refactored for 3.0.0

    //Added realistic recoil tweaks and config option

    //Note that the "BotsFriendlyToSameFaction" option seems to not be working, dunno if its an AKI thing or sum

    finally got to working with TS, will be some time before I get to my other mods, I just wanted to get this one out since this is a pretty useful mod for me

  • Version 1.0.8

    //Added the ability to make it so all flea market sell offers are bought instantly with 100% chance

    //Added the ability to disable flea sell fees, note that even though it'll say you have a fee, it will not charge you

    //Updated package

  • Version 1.0.7

    //Added the ability to configure hideout item craft times and upgrade construction times

    //Added the ability to make it so that hideout upgrades don't need higher loyalty levels with traders

    //Fixed an oversight in the script for all armors to protect the stomach

  • Items not insta selling. Master and insta flee selling is enabled in config.

  • Is this working for 3.6.0/3.6.1?

    • It works, i tried it today!

  • Any way of adding a weight modifier?

  • Any Updates coming for this bad boy? :*

  • hey so I'm new to modding spt and I have no idea how to use this. I've installed it correctly and I'm getting no errors but I don't know how to "open" it and use it. I've read the "readMe" text file and all of the FAQ on the link posted within but I still have no clue. so sorry for the inconvenience of my obliviousness but I cannot figure it out. tyvm :)

    • i also did download the spt-aki profile editor if that helps as i remember seeing somewhere that i need it to work

  • Sorry I am really dumb when it comes to computers. Can you provide instructions for how to install this mod?

    • go to the link in the top right where it says (download from external link in blue). proceed to the next websites and download the file. then after downloading it you want to extract the normal folder (so the folder that isn't in .zip format) to your mods directory (right click the folder button in you taskbar on the bottom, click any directory, go find you spt file directory by clicking this pc in the top left of that window), which for me is /D:/SPT/user/mods and go ahead and extract the normal folder format in there. you will like need a program called 7zip which is super easy install (just search up and watch any video) and after you successfully install it just make sure to delete the cache folder under /D:/SPT/user/cache. don't worry this shouldn't affect anything in game, in just helps the server properly load the mod!
      this should be everything and good luck installing!

    • and incase your worried something might mess up you can backup the files using the profile editor mod which you actually do need for this to work. ill put a link below!
      SPT-Aki Profile Editor

  • I think this mod is breaking the game in 3.5.5. I am not 100% sure, but the Realistic Recoil option is making the gun not have any recoil at all and there is not gunfire sound at all. I tried removing other mods too, but this seems to be the culprit. I might be wrong.
    Is there any prospect of an update for 3.5.5?

    PS Thank you for your incredible work!

    • haven't heard of that issue, I'll check it later

    • So I finagled with the Aim setting, and it appears that the issue has resolved?? I think it was something with either the load order or other settings. :thumbup:

  • Hello Kobrakon, Love the premise of the mod! Thanks for the work. I'm new at this and I'm not sure where to put the file. Is there a specific place where I should place the two json files? Thanks in advance.

  • so i have no clue what happened but now spt wont launch with a big error

    TypeError: Cannot create property 'min' on number '0.6'

    TypeError: Cannot create property 'min' on number '0.6'

    at C:\sptarkov\user\mods\zz_kobra-AIO\src\script.js:180:31

    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

    at aio.postDBLoad (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\zz_kobra-AIO\src\script.js:179:64)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    TypeError: Cannot create property 'min' on number '0.6'

    TypeError: Cannot create property 'min' on number '0.6'

    at C:\sptarkov\user\mods\zz_kobra-AIO\src\script.js:180:31

    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

    at aio.postDBLoad (C:\sptarkov\user\mods\zz_kobra-AIO\src\script.js:179:64)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

  • I adore this mod and can't play the game without it! Only question/complaint/potential bug I consistently run into is, ever since switching to 3.5, the pre-raid settings that I have saved in the config don't seem to be reflected in game unless I open up the in-game game settings tab or swap to a different screen, either the pick a raid screen or the insurance screen, and then switch back to game settings. So in the config I currently have AI difficulty and amount both set to medium, when I pick the map I want and go to the game settings screen, it says "as in online" for both difficulty and amount, unless I click game settings or cycle the screen where it will then update to medium for both. Not a huge issue but I didn't see anyone else talking about it here so I figured I'd bring it up.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Loving this, thanks!
    Is it possible to add an option for 100% boss spawn chance?
    Or removing the goon squad from Customs, so that it's always Reshala?

    Question; Does enabling 'helmet protects whole head' work for the player only or also the AI?

    • helmet protects whole head edits the items themselves, so it applies to everyone

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    • use betterspawnplus

  • This is probably one of my favorite AIO mods on here, However one thing i really wish was apart of it was disabling Gear Restrictions like wearing a ballistic vest and a plate carrier/armored ammo carrier. id love to see that added one day in the future

    • your lucky cause I actually just finished that lmao

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    • Thats awesome! I was hoping it was in the works lol

  • Hello, I don't know if your mod is the problem, but every time I enter the game, your mod's config file reverts to default settings.

    • most likely an issue with whatever app you're using to change them

  • I love it, the default values were set just right that I didn't need to switch any. Had to make sure settings weren't making it too easy. I just love the tweaks to ammo storage. I always hated a box of 120 turning into a stack of 120 you couldn't stack yourself.

    So many great options, thanks!

    • Like Ibuprofen, I don't know about you but my bottle has 100-500 in it. LoL

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    • inb4 1000 pack ibuprofen

  • Great mod. Could you add no weapon-durability loss on repairing, like you have for armor?

  • Hello !! I was just wondering when this would be updated to 3.5

    I understand it may take some time but i didnt know if you had like an idea. i've just gotten used to using your mod and its hard to play the game without it. thank you for your time

    • yeah I'm gonna update it later tonight was gonna do it yesterday but then the education system struck

    • looking forward to it!

    • youre good kobra i understand. but def looking forward to it !!!

  • It would be great to have some preview screenshots as to know exactly the depth of changing those settings.

  • Is the airdrop value the % chance for the whole raid? seems like at 25 i get it EVERY raid not 1 in 4... maybe im just lucky?

  • This AIO is perfect though I am curious; in the config, it says:


    "Enabled": true,

    "PraporMinReturnTime": 12,

    "TherapistMinReturnTime": 12,

    "PraporMaxReturnTime": 24,

    "TherapistMaxReturnTime": 24

    Are these in minutes or hours? I put in 12, thinking it was 12 hours, but it came in quickly. Thanks again.

    • ah, I had it refer to "MinReturnHour" in the script but have it as "MinReturnTime" in the config, so it must be defaulting to 0 since I wasn't getting a value that exists in the config

  • Code
    Lua-WeightChanger - Total 2795 items updated
    Loading: pornhub.com
    Kobra is tweaking your SPT

    Hey, Is this part of this mod or Lua or is something up with my mods lol?

  • Can you please add a option where you can pick up weapon cases, items cases etc in raid? I found a weapons case but couldnt put it in my bag cause of Tarkovs stupid defence against RMT.

  • Just a quick question: for extended raids who the extraction with "time" works exactly ? Like the train on reserve

  • It says its imcompatible with the current aki version when i execute the server (willpost this on a few other mods dont mark as spam. just letting you know)

    • As it would with any older mod like this that is still "compatible" versions later. The package.json file can be updated to avoid you having to see the incompatiblity message.

      "akiVersion": "3.1.0",

  • In case anyone is wondering, this works on 3.2.1 too. At least the options I tested all seem to work.

  • If insurance is set to false, will it let insurance have the standard timing or will it disable insurance outright?

  • A must have, all in one Tarkov's greatest hits mod.

    Anything you can do about infinite stamina and/or fall damage Kobra?

  • I noticed in the readme there is a line that refers to removing the fog, however it's not present in the actual config. Did you simply remove this bit because it was buggy or something, or did you do us all a favor by just baking it in with no option to re-enable that damn fog?

    Edit: Nvm I decided to look at the version history and noticed you removed it some months back, that sucks.

    • yeah that read me is pretty outdated

  • Think you could add an option to remove regular container restrictions as well as an option to turn on the various pre-wipe events? maybe even the option to turn off fall damage? Those are really the only options left from Ereshkigal's AIO that I use that aren't already here.

  • I get this message when starting the server with the mod.

    Mod Kobrakon-Kobra's AIO is not compatible with the current version of AKI. You may encounter issues - no support will be provided!

    • Edit file package.json with notepad ++ or similar and edit line "akiversion" , change "3.1.0" for ">=3.1.0"

    • That fixed it, you're awesome.

      Thank you

    • wasnt even an issue in the first place but whatev


    If you add these lines to script.ts (or script.js after first run) below the lines for AllItemsExamined keys and keycards will remain unexamined by default

    Code: script.ts
                    if (config.Items.AllKeysUnexamined.Enabled && items[id]._parent == "5c99f98d86f7745c314214b3" || items[id]._parent == "5c164d2286f774194c5e69fa") {
                        items[id]._props["ExaminedByDefault"] = false;

    and add these lines to config.json below the lines for AllItemsExamined

    Code: config.json
                "Enabled": true