Item Context Menu Scale 1.1.0

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Don't need endure always so small Item Menu

In F12 Change it Size

Extract ItemContextMenuScale.dll from 7z to Game Root/BepInEx/plugins

  • Thank you very much. You mod is eye saver.

  • Might you be able to find a way to adjust the UI scaling as well? There was a point in time with a 1440p monitor where you didn't have to scroll up and down every time you want to load ammo from your secure container into a magazine in your rig. See link below.


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  • Is is possible to do this for the item inspect screen:

    And preset changes screen:

    I've been hoping for a mod that changes text size in this game forever, would be amazing. Thanks for the mod, this is a good start.

    • Thanks for your idea <3 , Now I plan write a contain multiple UI Customize and extensions overall plugin.

      The mod Feature will merge to new overall plugin.

    • Awesome, can't wait to use it. The text in this game is way too small.