Featured Game Panel HUD 2.4.1

Create Screen Panel HUD In Raid

Tarkov All-in-one HUD Expansion

Contains Health Panel, Ammo Counter, Grenade Counter, Hitmarker and Kill Info Panel, Compass and Gunshot Marker Panel


Extract BepInEx folder from 7z to Game Root directory

(In EscapeFromTarkov.exe directory)

  • Version 2.4.1

    Add when enemy dead auto destroy Compass Fire marker Setting (default enabled)

  • Version 2.4.0

    Add GamePanelHUDCompassFire (Compass Gunshot Marker)

    PMC and Scav






    When enemy shoot will Marker to Compass

    You can in ConfigurationManager (F12) set whether hide used silencer enemy and maximum marker distance

  • Version 2.3.4

    Update Launcher Ammo Counter



  • Version 2.3.3

    Update support to 3.5.0 BleedingEdge ( Client)

  • Version 2.3.2

    Update 3.4.0 support

  • Version 2.3.1

    Update 3.3.0 support

    Add Update Check Panel to ConfigurationManager





    At startup game it will auto from Version.json Get Mod Version Info

  • Version 2.3.0

    Update 3.2.5 support

    Fix MagHUD can’t work in 3.2.5 (Damn Field name changes)

    Fix LifeHUD display Default is false

    Turn off all Image and Text RaycastTarget to Fix click dead zone

    Optimizing Reflection Performance with delegates

    Optimize ColorToHtml Method with HexColorPool

    Optimize In Update Class String concatenation with StringBuilder

    Add Grenade and Compass SizeDelta Settings


    Add HUD method execution time Debug, You can with console see is HUD what part maybe slowing down your game.




    GamePanelHUDMap still in experiment (MiniMap and WorldMap)

    Because for Map Layered and Possible Repaint need lot of time and my skill issues, if anyone willing to do Map Layered or Repaint Work, I can provide my current have map data (Models, Unity Project File, Untiy Render Image)

  • Version 2.2.2

    Fix Because DLSS or FSR cause Hitmarker screen position wrong (Thanks Amands2Mello for Amands's Hitmarkerhis Update let me know this issue why happen)

  • Version 2.2.1

    Fix Weapon name will not auto display at first take weapon

    Now Direction and Angle Font Styles default is Bold


  • Version 2.2.0

    Fix Exp HUD display Switch Can't Hide Exp HUD in Test Kill

    Fix Buff Arrow Animation Reverse Switch Can't Work

    Add Kill Xp display Switch

    Add GamePanelHUDCompass


    Separate into GamePanelHUDLife and GamePanelHUDCore from GamePanelHUD (Need delete the original GamePanelHUD.dll file, Now can close Life HUD)

    Rewrite some async method to not async method (maybe can fix crash)

    KillInfo Now is from bottom to up Destroy


  • HUD position is incorrect for 4k monitor. Any ideas, how to fix that?

  • i have it in the folder but its not working

    is it working for aki 3.4.1 ?

  • Console throws this error, though I'm not entirely sure what it means, or why.

    Everything still seems to work like it's supposed to though.

    [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFireUI.Fire () (at <04d2a2efd45244f3bc88b1b7b456686d>:0)
    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFire.ShowFire (GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassPlugin+CompassFireInfo fireinfo) (at <04d2a2efd45244f3bc88b1b7b456686d>:0)
    GamePanelHUDCompass.Patches.InitiateShotPatch.PatchPostfix (EFT.Player+FirearmController __instance, EFT.Player ____player) (at <04d2a2efd45244f3bc88b1b7b456686d>:0)
    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.Player+FirearmController.DMD<EFT.Player+FirearmController::InitiateShot>(EFT.Player/FirearmController,EFT.InventoryLogic.Weapon,BulletClass,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,int,single)
    EFT.Player+FirearmController.method_47 (EFT.InventoryLogic.Weapon weapon, BulletClass ammo, System.Int32 chamberIndex, System.Boolean multiShot) (at <b70ab122c7b54735837be52669483e6f>:0)
    EFT.Player+FirearmController+GClass1429.MakeShot (BulletClass ammo, System.Int32 chamberIndex, System.Boolean multiBarrelShot) (at <b70ab122c7b54735837be52669483e6f>:0)
  • Please upload the file to google.drive X/ I can't download from droopbox! :|

  • Please upload the file to google.drive, I can't download from droopbox! Thank you!

  • Yo, your mod is amazing. Must have for me!

    I do have one suggestion in addition to enemy firing position on compass.

    Can u make airdrop visible on compass ? That would be amazing, i lost it so many times XD

    Either way. Amazing mod. Keep up the good work.

    • If community rules allow, This maybe will add to a new quest marker compass panel (or called static marker) at later

      Eventually this panel may Contain: quest , airdrop, extraction point markers.

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  • Not sure why, but the latest update has started causing a task-progression error whenever loading into a raid

    • Nevermind, it was conflicting with *something* but I couldn't figure out what, so started a fresh install, and it works fine now

  • Fantastic mod, adds a lot of features to add a more casual feeling or simply add more customizable features for those who want them. ayaya

    I'm curious, would it be possible to add dynamic visibility to some functions, similar to the Autohide setting in EFT's options? I think it'd be nice to have some parts become visible when needed, to clean up screen space. Like, the ammo counter becomes visible when firing, compass/firing location becomes visible when an enemy shoots (or upon pressing a keybind like old EFT 12.11's compass, etc)

    • Uh not. sorry I don't think autohide feature is needed. Because Most games HUD is always displayed.

    • Fair enough, figured I'd ask

      Cheers, keep up the amazing work! animeokay

  • Hello! Please upload the file to google.drive, I can't download from droopbox! Thank you!

  • Just wanted to say this is one of my favorite mods. Thanks for continuing to develop it!

    I am really looking forward to an in-game map toggle if/when that becomes possible.

    • Now GamePanelMap is standstill, high and low layer map picture drawing is difficult. :kannatiredofthis:

      It's still achievable, it just won't be done just yet :whatever:

  • amazing

  • this is epic

  • I could need some help the Hud dont work for me and i did as mentioned

  • Is there a way to disable the Radar/Compass?

    • Can disable HUD in Configuration Manager (F12)

    • Awesome! Thank your very much. Keep up the great work and stay healthy! :)

    • Thanks, I will rest well during New Year.

  • Is there any chance that an option to show enemy locations on the radar

    By "Show" I more mean just give a very broad location of where they are, like some sort of icon with indicators that show if they are a boss, PMC, or scav, like the ones used in Kronzky's trainer

    it would probably just be a toggle-able option, but i think it would just be cool if you wanted to make tarkov more of a killing simulator then a realistic fighting game

    • If GamePanelMap can be complete, I can make minimap gunshot marker like cod

    • That would be a great thing to add, but i was thinking more of a Direction hud based thing, so when a boss, scav or pmc would be in range (50-100 meters) a little thing would appear on the compass, showing their general proximity - Image linked below

      (Its on a minecraft direction hud just ignore that)

    • Thank you for your suggestion, this Feature is achievable. Now I have completed basic gunshot patch, still a lot of UI work need to do.

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    • Now this feature has been added to 2.4.0 version :senkosmug:

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  • Tested on 3.5.0 BLEEDINGEDGE and it seems to have an issue on displaying anything else than the icons. And the icons also show on main menu before the raid.

    • I can't reproduce this issue on 3.5.0 BLEEDINGEDGE, Please provide game version and BepInEx/LogOutput.log file.

    • I also have this issue with game ver. using patch -TESTING-MOD-SPT-3.5.0-21523. Latest.

      Only grenades and compass working. love this mod btw.



    • Please try disable AmandsHitmarker, Now AmandsHitmarker not yet updated to 3.5.0BE support. AmandsHitmarker and GamePanelHUDHit same will patch ApplyDamage method, But in 0.13 client this method Parameter has changed, So Now AmandsHitmarker Patch will generate error and affected GamePanelHUDHit Patch.:mikudeathstare:

    • Ok thanks, will try now.

  • Does this mod work for 3.4.1?

  • Tested life hud overlay and it works on 3.4.0
    Finally it was updated to 3.4.0
    Thanx author.

  • I have this text next to each of the plugins for this mod and I had no other versions installed previous, can you explain what this means thank you

    • It simply means that there is no newest version/you have newest version.

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  • Anyone know other mod that allows to see HP, hydration, energy on hud?

  • waiting for update to 3.4.0, very useful mod

    • Hey, I already fixed HUD not working in 3.4.0

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    • thank you very much, your work is amazing

  • Gives an Update for this Mode ?

  • I was using only "game panel life hud" on AKI 3.3.0 and it worked fine.
    Now on 3.4.0 it is no longer working.

    • already fixed

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    • This mod (life hud) is so convenient. Happy to have it work again.

      Thanx :)

  • Its not working on me Please help, SPT 3.3.0 (20243)

  • Really handy Mod is it possible to have a hotkey e.g F8, so its not there all the time.

  • Hey, as some people mentioned, I'm also having the problem where the memory usage slowly increases by about ~5 Mb every second until the game crashes due to memory usage. Anyone know any temporary fixes until this is resolved by kymuhkyuh?

    Other than that, awesome mod, very well made, especially the UI design, fits tarkov's aesthetic perfectly, and is super useful.

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  • is there 2.3.1 version still?

    • Support Aki 2.3.1 - 3.2.5

    • ye i`ve found away ive got it working i was installing it wrong i was putting it into mods folder when i ment to put it into main directory of spt-aki

  • I'm glad to hear fix that deadzone problem :)

  • I extracted the files into BepInEX folder and pressed F12 and there were no option popped out. Do i need to copy the files inside kmyuhkyuk-GamePanelHUD folder to the game's BepInEx>plugins folder?

  • I'm using 3.2.4 and the hud won't open, I can't make any adjustments (Direction and Angle appear)

    • Doesn't look like it has been released for 3.2.4 just yet. We gotta be patient.

    • I have been using it on 3.2.4 with no issues. It all works fine so far for me. Health / Food drink display and ammo counter and compass and also grenade sprite all working as they should.

      Not noticed anything different to how it worked on 3.2.1, which i was on previously. Not sure how exactly, but it could be something is conflicting with other mods you have.

  • Still need help

    ^^^^ This is what it looks like for me and i reinstalled it completely now but still nothing

    thx for Response Edit is Below...

    i did as said at the mod page but it wont show the hud with F12 i dont even have the LARGE menu of options like the dev of this mod got i only got an enable and disable button and when i activate it nothing happens do i need another mod for this to work or what?

    I made as u said and it is still not working

    i cant put in the Logoutput Data the Forum sais its and unknown data ending it wont let me post it cuz of the .log

    Reply from kmyuhkyuk ():

    Confirm whether mod is correctly placed in BepInEx folder (correct path: GameRoot/BepInEx/kmyuhkyuk-GamePanelHUD), if F12 cannot display menu, try re-install spt-aki.

    If still doesn't work, please provide your game version and GameRoot/BepInEx/LogOutput.log file.


    As shown the picture, you only installed core dll, did you extract all dll files?

    You can in Conversations upload game version and GameRoot/BepInEx/LogOutput.log file.

  • Good and customizable

    Really nice mod. Especially for new players that need some help in getting around in the beginning. Its highly customizable too. For example i turned off the compass and the ammo display but kept the grenade counter and water/energy display because i always forget about that :D

  • awesome mod

    soooooo cool.. nicely done mod. lessens the level of immersion but adds a nice amount of detail and cool information to the screen. really well done!

  • Thank you for this!!!

    This mod is just spectacular! I don't want to play without it. I use it so much, and every piece of the UI can be adjusted for size or placement on the screen. You can even disable/enable the sections you want. Amazing job! Please keep it updated especially for the upcoming streets release when we get it :)