Featured Game Panel HUD 2.7.8

Tarkov All-in-one HUD Expansion



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  • Version 2.7.8

    Now ShowQuest will skip quest for not current map

    Please update your EFTApi to 1.1.8

  • Version 2.7.7

    Fix 3.7.0 Exfiltration switches field change causing Compass throw error and moved out of Update

    (In order to quickly update mod I usually only tested it at factory, so the issue was not triggered.

    I don't have any testers, If anyone can help testing please contact me :aquacries: )

  • Version 2.7.6

    Update 3.7.0 Support

    Add CompassStatic InZone Tip

    And Other things I don’t remember

    Please update your EFTApi to 1.1.7

  • Version 2.7.5

    Before EFTApi 1.1.5 version I uploaded the wrong file caused Aki 3.5.7-3.5.8 will generate error, currently working

    Move old AssemblyInfo Company(ModURL) to new

    Use ConcurrentDictionary Solve FireUI and StaicUI destroy conflict issue

    Please update your EFTApi to 1.1.6

  • Version 2.7.4

    Fix HitPanel in 3.6.0 will generate error

    Fix Compass in 3.5.0 and below will generate error

    Fix When Remove Fire will generate error

    Fix When throw will keep generate error

    Fix Test Kill will throw Error

    Please update your EFTApi to 1.1.5

  • Version 2.7.3

    Quick Fix: ArmorDamage never output

  • Version 2.7.2

    Fix compatibility issues with some old game versions

  • Version 2.7.1

    Fix GamePanelHUDHit ArmorDamage sometimes will generate error

  • Version 2.7.0

    Now GamePanelHUD Depend EFTApi

    Use Home Keyboardshortcut Open ConfigurationManager, Switch English or Chinese localization settings

    If you can translation more language localization settings, Please contact me

  • Version 2.6.4

    Abbreviate "Requirements are not fulfilled" to "Requirements"

    Fix GamePanelHUDCompass not work in aki version below 3.5.0 game

    *Fix a lot typos in code*

  • How can I remove hit markers and kill notification? I was able to disable some of the info popping up on hit or kill but not all of it. Is there a way to disable it fully?

  • mod is broken, the mod only shows the hinge points and the tachymetry but does not show the extraction points or these

    • it.imgbb.com

      i try disinstall and install but steel nothing

      This mod have a conflict whit BoopsQuest 1.1.0 I uninstalled the mod and now HUD works

  • support 3.7.3??

  • the mod is broken and EFTApi is causing massive Memory leaks for version 3.7.1!

  • how do I turn off t he hitmarkers and kill feed?

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to download this mod but can't seem to get it to work no matter what I do. I followed instructions on the page but still won't work. Is there anything else I can follow to get it up and running?

  • after installing this and the required mod, i can no longer change my firing mode. its stuck on single fire. if i press my bound button is just says single fire over and over. even if i do the double press to quick full auto it does nothing. any idea?

  • [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFireUI.Fire () (at <2d8ea04bc90e4c878cbef6ade0c8f627>:0)

    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFire+<>c__DisplayClass19_0.<ShowFire>b__1 (System.String key, GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFireUI value) (at <2d8ea04bc90e4c878cbef6ade0c8f627>:0)

    System.Collections.Concurrent.ConcurrentDictionary`2[TKey,TValue].AddOrUpdate (TKey key, System.Func`2[T,TResult] addValueFactory, System.Func`3[T1,T2,TResult] updateValueFactory) (at <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0)

    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassFire.ShowFire (GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassPlugin+CompassFireInfo fireInfo) (at <2d8ea04bc90e4c878cbef6ade0c8f627>:0)

    GamePanelHUDCompass.GamePanelHUDCompassPlugin.InitiateShot (EFT.Player+FirearmController __instance, EFT.Player ____player, UnityEngine.Vector3 shotPosition) (at <2d8ea04bc90e4c878cbef6ade0c8f627>:0)

    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.Player+FirearmController.DMD<EFT.Player+FirearmController::InitiateShot>(EFT.Player/FirearmController,GInterface273,BulletClass,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,int,single)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController.method_52 (EFT.InventoryLogic.Weapon weapon, BulletClass ammo, System.Int32 chamberIndex, System.Boolean multiShot) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController+GClass1487.MakeShot (BulletClass ammo, System.Int32 chamberIndex, System.Boolean multiBarrelShot) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController+GClass1487.MakeMultiBarrelShot (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] singleShotDatas, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] chambersForFire) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController+GClass1492.OnFireEvent () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController.method_39 () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+FirearmController.IEventsConsumerOnFiringBullet () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+AbstractHandsController.GInterface18.OnFiringBullet () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    GClass584.smethod_9 (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] eventsConsumers, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    GClass584.AnimatorEventHandler (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] eventsConsumers, System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    ObjectInHandsAnimator.AnimatorEventHandler (System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.method_2 (System.String functionName, System.Int32 functionNameHash, AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventParameter parameter, System.Int32 stateShortNameHash) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.method_3 (AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEvent event, IAnimator animator, AnimatorStateInfoWrapper& stateInfo, System.Single normalizedTime) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    AnimationEventSystem.AnimationEventsEmitter.EmitEvents () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player+ItemHandsController.EmitEvents () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player.method_68 (System.Single deltaTime) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    EFT.Player.ComplexLateUpdate (EFT.EUpdateQueue queue, System.Single deltaTime) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.Player.DMD<EFT.Player::LateUpdate>(EFT.Player)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class327:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

  • Hi, any known reason why when i kill with headshot the hud says 0 exp bonus? i do get exp in the post-raid screen tho

  • @kmyuhkyuk Is it possible to add another module into the HUD? Specifically the current time of day in Tarkov. I can't seem to find any mod that does this or anything similar (maybe it is for some reason impossible).

  • @Warhouse1 you see quest locations and exfils. pls can you explain in detail how it came out?

    i'll tell you in advance have not EnableQuestItems mod

  • So what's going on with this mod then? is it like half broken?

    • The quest locations and exfils were not appearing due to a conflict with an older mod. Everything seems to be working again for me.

    • how did you get quest locations and exfils?

  • Does anyone have a fix or know the cause of the compass not showing exfils or quest positions? I was hoping to use this mod to learn Streets but it's unable to atm. Uninstalling both Game Panel Hud and EFTApi did not work.

    The quest locations and exfils were not appearing due to a conflict with an older mod. Everything seems to be working again for me.

  • j'ai un problème , des que j'installe le mod, le jeux monte 32go ram et coupe. que faire??

  • How do you customise the HUD panel? Which button is it?

  • I think this is one of the greatest asset for Tarkov if you are a beginner, without it you will suffer by dying most of the time, while searching the map for the right exfil. Love this code.

  • my hud is broken, it doesn't show any numbers, kills or hits.

    • Yes, mine hud is too broken

  • I like this mod but only life hud part (HP, hydration, energy) Rest is not fitting this game at all and I do not use casual/arcade stuff. Still awesome thing in terms of creating such mod. Good Job Kmyuhkyuk.

  • Not sure if I'm just not looking in the right place but does anyone know if there is a hotkey to turn the compass on and off so it is not always visible ?

  • Everything loads and works except for the quest markers and exfil points on the compass. Please assist.

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    • Try deleting GPH and EFTApi, then reinstall them.

    • Unfortunately, it didn't work, even after deleting the config files as well. I did download the previous version of both mods before this to use in 3.7.1 because I saw that the HUD elements worked besides the quest markers and exfil points. Are there any other files that might have been generated which may be interfering with the latest version of both mods?

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    • got the same problem, any luck in finding a solution ?

    • İ re-installed the huds and it still won't show exfil or mission marks to me

    • I removed EnableQuestItems from my BepInEx/plugins and that fixed this issue for me.

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  • Thanks Bro!

  • Thank you! this makes it for me

  • Thank you for the update!

  • not working for me on 3.7.1

  • im having trouble downloading the mod. i cant access dropbox because it uses HSTS and has a faulty certificate. there is nothing i can do according to the internet. can someone maybe post a different download link?

  • Hey a repeating issue I've had with a quest showing on Shorelines while the quest is On Customs only.

    could this be fixed as it's quite annoying?

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  • Works fine on 3.7.1 :thumbup:

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  • Working just fine in 3.7.1 installtion, both using 3.7.0 verion of EFT API and HUD mods

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    • i saw another comment saying that only some parts of this mod are working with 3.7.1 can you tell me if the compass & location to extract part is working with SPT 3.7.1 please kind stranger

    • compass & location to extract part all working fine for me, but i have little mods for my installation so i got some lucky i think

      here some in game ss with working UI:


    • Thank you so much for the reply i really appreciate that :)

  • Unable to load normally in 3.7.1

  • Anyone else getting this error with spt 3.7.1? gNsbtCp

    • I have the same one, not sure if this mod causes it, also using More Checkmarks that also changes UI

    • im using more checkmarks as well but its up to date for 3.7.1. So im somewhat sure its not what causes it.