Featured Game Panel HUD 2.2.2

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Create Screen Panel HUD In Raid

Tarkov All-in-one HUD Expansion

Contains Health Panel, Ammo Counter, Grenade Counter, Hitmarker and Kill Info Panel, Compass Panel


Extract BepInEx folder from 7z to Game Root directory (Has EscapeFromTarkov.exe directory)

  • Version 2.2.2

    Fix Because DLSS or FSR cause Hitmarker screen position wrong (Thanks Amands2Mello for Amands's Hitmarkerhis Update let me know this issue why happen)

  • Version 2.2.1

    Fix Weapon name will not auto display at first take weapon

    Now Direction and Angle Font Styles default is Bold


  • Version 2.2.0

    Fix Exp HUD display Switch Can't Hide Exp HUD in Test Kill

    Fix Buff Arrow Animation Reverse Switch Can't Work

    Add Kill Xp display Switch

    Add GamePanelHUDCompass


    Separate into GamePanelHUDLife and GamePanelHUDCore from GamePanelHUD (Need delete the original GamePanelHUD.dll file, Now can close Life HUD)

    Rewrite some async method to not async method (maybe can fix crash)

    KillInfo Now is from bottom to up Destroy


  • Version 2.1.1

    Fix Destroy KillInfo will cause null object issue

    Fix Distance and Armor damage When value is 0.00 text is .00

    Fix Test Kill Distance is integer random

    Fix MagHUD Ammo Type font sometimes too small

    Add Other display Switch (HeadShot Info)

    I promise this is last update in today :kannatiredofthis:

  • Version 2.1.0

    Fix KillInfo can't Destroy at opening backpack after

    Fix Exp can't calculated properly at opening backpack after

    Now Hit KillInfo Exp HUD will hide instead of close

  • Version 2.0.0

    Fix GC Crash (should be)

    Add Hitmarker Direction judgment and Direction Animation

    Add Hitmarker Icon

    Add Hitmarker Head Size Setting

    Add Kill Exp HUD

    Add Test Kill Different Weapon and PlayerName

    ReWork KillInfo Panel (Reference BF4)

    More settings (If your from old version update , I recommend your reset all settings of GamePanelHUDHit)


    Adjust MagHUD WeaponName Position

    Add AmmonType HUD



  • Version 1.9.0

    Update 3.2.3 support

    Fix Font fuzzy

    Fix All Feature not work in 2.3.1 version

    Fix KillInfo has distance animation not will wait text input complete to play

    Add Hitmarker Animation

    Add Hitmarker PRS settings

    Add KillInfo Level

    Add KillInfo Scav Name To En setting

    Add Test Button

    Better DamageInfo


  • Version 1.8.4

    Fix Kill self also will show Kill Info :kannatiredofthis:

    Fix GamePanelHUD Zeros default color is opaque

  • Version 1.8.3

    Update 3.2.2 support

    Fix Hit Icon Color Change Can't keep up Hit Trigger Speed

  • Version 1.8.2

    From GamePanelHUDHit Remove some invalid checks

    Fix Because "Fix In Raid need open once backpack to display HUD" again cause "In Hideout Panel UI GamePanelHUD still display issue" :kannatiredofthis:(Now HUDSW not has other issue)

  • is it just me or the latest update health hud icon stays on permanently even in menu screen? can't seems to get rid of it.

    • somehow i click 2 times on the bar on top of the HUD and he minimize somewhere i dont know what i did but it worked.

    • After version 2.2.0, GamePanelHUD Separate to GamePanelHUDCore and GamePanelHUDLife. If you update from old version, need delete GamePanelHUD.dll file

  • Hitmarkers when using a scope is way off, bug or feature? retardadothinking

    • Yes, this is a bug, already has feedback and Log. But I never met and can't Reappear this bug, so idk what happened and how to fix :notlikethis:

    • You can tell me your game info? Including Resolution, BepInEx/LogOutput.log flie, Game Version :kannatiredofthis:

    • Game Version:

      SPT Version: 3.2.3

      Resolution: 1920x1080

      LogOutput.log BastePin: https://pastebin.com/yz8JuNK2

      hope these help. hummm

    • This is cause by DLSS or FSR, latest version has been fix

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  • I used 7zip to extract it into my main folder where all of tarkov, server, launcher, and user are located, (I think thats eft.exe directory) but when I start the server it and load in, nothing is added, in f12 no new menu for the mod, and no hud in a raid

    • You need to first extract the folder with 7zip, open the folder then place BepInEx in your game root and it should work

  • Hi :)

    So when i test the hitmarker + kill locations in f12 they show in the correct place. But once in raid the hitmarker will move to the left hand bottom corner.

    Messed around with the x/y values but did everything but fix it :x

    Any help appreciated :)

  • Thanks for the update!

    I gave it another test run after having to disable it due to memory issues. Unfortunately, the same problem exists. After 20-30 minutes in a map it maxes out my memory and causes the client to crash.

    • uh, You can provide BepInEx/LogOutput.log file?

    • Sure thing. Here is the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/zBYk5bKG

      After seeing your request, I deleted the current LogOutput.log, made sure the GamePanelHud settings files from BepInEx/config were removed, then I downloaded the latest version and installed it. I hopped into a Customs raid and used the F12 menu to change my settings back to how they were previously. After ~22 minutes the client and server crashed to desktop with no message. I was watching Task Manager as the memory used by EFT slowly grew to just over 27,000MB. Near the end it was increasing by about 7.2-7.6MB per second. I've been playing most of the day with GamePanelHud removed and haven't had any memory or crashing issues. The first raid after reinstalling it got me these results.

      If there is anything else I can provide that can help you, please let me know!

    • This really, really weird, Log not has any error.

      After your description, I Test multiple customs raids with Hard AI amount. but memory usage has always been normal and not happen memory or game crashes. I don't know why game will crashes :notlikethis: , you tried alone used GamePanelHUD mod to gaming or alone used GamePanelHUD (Life) will cause memory keep increasing?

  • Can I disable all features except for the grenade panel in the bottom right corner?

    • Yes, press F12 in-game to show the mods settings, check on each sub categories of this mod (there is grenade/ammo/etc...) that the "enabled" setting is not checked except for the grenade one.

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  • Any way to add ammo type info text?

  • For latest update it says file has been deleted.

    • sorry, Latest version link is previous link, has corrected

    • Thank you, love the mod.

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    • In Settings I wrong swap Other display and Streak display Setting Name, If you encounter this issue, please download file again :kannatiredofthis:

  • If it's possible for the next update, do you think you could also raise the position of the health/hydration/energy panels by about 5-10% so that they don't sit directly on top of the normal health/ stamina bars?

    • You can change the location of everything in the F12 menu. For your question, increase the Y-coordinate under "Position Size Scale Settings" -> Anchored Position

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    • Dang I didn't even know you could do that. Thanks for showing me, that's awesome.

  • Any reported issue about crash of the game cuz of OutOfMemory?

    • I have ~17 mods running and I've been seeing memory errors as well. I spent a couple of hours disabling and removing a bunch of them and discovered it was this mod that was causing it. Today I'm going to re-enable it and disable/enable certain features to see if I can narrow it down to figure it if it's related to a certain feature or the entire mod.

      I have 32GB of RAM. When the map loads, my system is using between 12-14GB total depending on the map. With this mod loaded it slowly works its way up to the full 32GB before crashing. I'd say it takes around 20 minutes to crash, so if I'm quick enough I don't have to worry about it. I kept the Task Manager memory window open so I could watch it slowly creep up over time while playing. With this mod disabled my total memory usage never goes above 17GB or so, even after enabling Extended Raids and wandering around a map for 90 minutes.

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    • I'm glad isn't just me with this problem.

      Thanks for this detailed report!

      I'll keep disabled the mod then. :(

    • Thank you for your issue report, I think it's because I abused Action in Update so cause GC Crash. I rewrite a new method centralized Update Instead of use Action, will try fix this issue in next update. :kannatiredofthis:

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    • A little update: I disabled the grenade and hit markers in the F12 menu (I never used the hit markers anyway) but the setting didn't make a difference as far as memory is concerned. I renamed the grenade and hit .dll files to get rid of them completely. With only the Hud and Mag enabled I just spent an hour in Customs in an extended raid and didn't crash. My memory usage still went up to 21GB, but it seemed to peak there and hover until the end of the raid.

  • is there any way we can disable some parts of the HUD?

  • it says "mod loader:loading mods... [ERROR] invalid mod encountered Mod bundles is missing package.json

    • Extract BepInEx folder from 7z to Game Root directory (Has EscapeFromTarkov.exe directory)

  • Great mod but I'm the hitmarker is in the bottom left corner of the screen instead of the center and thrown grenades don't have the icon on them like the mod page shows. How do I fix this? I haven't edited any settings.

    • now has been fixed

    • I'm getting this issue on the latest version aswell :o

  • The ability to adjust text size on the 'killfeed' and the thickness of the hitmarker would be very nice.

  • I downloaded the files and extracted them then placed them in the mods folder for sptarkov but when i loaded the server it says missing "package.json" did anyone have a similar issue. Also i attempted to just place the folder in the same place where the directory is but didnt register in the game

  • Any chance of adding bullet name in HUD? Like what's the current type of round currently loaded inside the chamber

    • Achieve this is simple, but I think bullet in chamber each round maybe is different,

      This means that current ammo name will often change then look weird. animesmugidk

    • Now MagHUD can show weapon need ammo type

  • One more question. If i dont need hitmarker, can i just delete gamepanlhithud.bundle and GamePanelHUDHit.dll ? :/

  • Link is dead. Cant download

    • :notlikethis: Sorry previous file has a error, already upload Correct file link

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  • how do you install it

    • extract folder to has EscapeFromTarkov.exe directory

  • cant get it to work it. the download is a different format then the other plugins. what do i do?

    • just move that entire folder in his zip into the bepinex/plugins folder.

      If it has a .dll file, then it needs to go into bepinex folder as rule of thumb.

  • reload on another filehost

  • Thanks for the great mod!

    If you're looking for suggestions, it would be cool to include the name of the closest extract with a distance, and the raid time countdown.


  • I have installed the mod corretly in 2 different versions of spt aki but the grenade throw still doesntt show a icon like the b4 sign:( is it a option i need to enable in the f12 tab ?
    other mods i use
    neverlooseevquipent by revinly

    and kronkzy trainer

  • it keeps telling me an error about .json and idk how to fix it i downloaded version 3.2 thinking that was the issue it wasnet if anyone knows how to fix it can i get some feed back thanks

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  • Thank you!

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  • The HUD itself still works, all you need to do is go under the mod's folder, manually delete everything that has the word "grenade" in it, and you are good, the game will stop producing errors.

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    • :mikudeathstare: I'm writing new features for Mag Counter, this Update need some time. If you now need in 3.1.0 use it, delete GamePanelHUDGrenade.dll as VoidIvory say

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    • Is this fixed now with the most recent update?

    • Sure :kannatiredofthis:

  • As common knowledge goes -- No begging for updates--

  • Damn, This mod is, Dare I say....SPICY.

  • how i install this mod?

    • Scroll down and fucking read..

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    • Sheeesh, I witnessed a fucking murder.

  • Installed like preview, however is not working?

  • Amazing!

    Must-have mod for SPT. Many thanks!



    КАЧЕСТВЕННО !! : обзор:

  • I haven't tried

    But it's cool and it should exist.
    UPD: 13.09 I tried, cool as expected.

  • Can't imagine tarkov now without it

    I know that Tarkov is meant to be as realist as possible, but this makes the game so much more practical, especially when playing solo.
    If you don't like it because it makes it look less real, just imagine that your soldier has a super good memory and count bullets as he fires them :kekw:
    This was so well created that looks like like is a a default setting of the game that was simply turned off, and the mod developer did some code witchcraft to unlock it.
    Must have mod :love:

  • Very useful

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Nothing to add.