Virtual's Custom Quests 1.0.0

A set of custom lore-based quests to fill that deep desire for more content.


Big shoutout to Trap. Made it incredibly easy to work through these.


Version 1.0.0 works with SPT-AKI 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.0 and requires version 3.0.0 or higher of Trap's Custom Quests Mod


A custom set of 40 quests that range in difficulty to vary the playthrough of Tarkov just a little bit more. The quests are relatively lore-friendly and are split into 2 packs. Pack 1 is an addition to the game's current set of lore-based quests and appears just as new content (A new player wouldn't be able to tell they aren't the base game content). Pack 2 is a mastery set that requires the player to move through different levels of elimination quests with various weapons and yield some worthy rewards. Both can be tweaked by the player or disabled entirely (just remove the .json file for that pack if you don't want it).


Download and install Trap's Custom Quests mod.

Download the relevant version of VCQ and drag the 'user' folder into your SPT-AKI folder.

Both packs are enabled by default so I recommend taking a look first to see if there is a pack you don't want before loading it up.


Pack 1

Mall Cop

The Professional

Spicy Life

Exceptional Clientele

Rip and Tear

Cardiac Arrest

Digital Blackout


Espionage: Part 1

Espionage: Part 2

Espionage: Part 3

Bitcoin Billionaire

Old Friends

Send 'em Back

Hold The Line

Worthy Investment

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 1

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 2

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 3

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 4

Pack 2 - Mastery

Elimination Conditioning

Elimination Conditioning: Part 2

Elimination Conditioning: Part 3

Elimination Conditioning: Part 4

Elimination Conditioning: Part 5

Exceptional Marksman

Exceptional Marksman: Part 2

Exceptional Marksman: Part 3

Exceptional Marksman: Part 4

Exceptional Marksman: Part 5

Close and Personal

Close and Personal: Part 2

Close and Personal: Part 3

Close and Personal: Part 4
Close and Personal: Part 5

Red Notice

Red Notice: Part 2

Red Notice: Part 3

Red Notice: Part 4

Red Notice: Part 5

Upcoming Features
Trap has done an amazing job with the Custom Quests Mod and we can only hope for more. I am however limited with what I can put in these quests because I'm not making them the long and tedious boring way. These are a few things I can't currently put in but I will if they get updated. Before asking why a particular quest isn't in this pack check out here for the planned features and see if it's there first.


However, with these features in mind please do give me suggestions and feedback on the quests, and let me know what you think. I am certainly planning to make more and can release more of a similar nature if this pack is successful :). (Thank you Trap)

  • Version 1.0.0

    Requires Traps Custom Quests version 3.0.0 and higher

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.1.x, 3.2.x and 3.3.0

  • is there a way to rename these quests so i know which are vanilla or modded?

    • In the respective JSON files there is a "name" value for each quest. You can change this value to whatever you like and add something like [Mod] to the front of the name if you want to.

    • :thumbup:

      That's a pretty good feature idea for Custom Quests mod. i.e. the ability to autoprefix quest names

    • Custom Quests 3.1.0 is out!

      Now you can differentiate custom quests from vanilla quests thanks to the new default_quest_name_prefix option in config/config.json file

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  • Me again. ^^

    I have Old Friends from Jaeger. There is no Dialogue to place the Intelligence folder.
    It doesn´t work when i place the folder in one of the 4 crates.

    • The Zone ID's that I used were backwards, so I believe although it says ZB-014 it's actually ZB-016, so hopefully that one works.

    • The bug was sitting in front of the screen. ^^ I had the Version in use where i fixed the Tar Cola Quest. ^^ Sorry for the false alert. =)

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  • Just so you are aware, the quest close and personal: part 2 does not specify whether the player is to use a 9mm or a .45 vector. I obviously found out I was using the wrong one but it would be a good touch to change it to specify. great mod btw. much thanks for the time you put into it! thx.

    edit: I have now tried both vectors and neither work however I do have some mods that may be conflicting. ill see if I can resolve it by deleting them.

    • The issue for this one isn't the guns, it's because the location is set to Customs instead of Interchange. I've updated the file and you can just replace if you'd like, or you can just hotfix it by searching for the Close and Personal part 2 quest in VCQ_MASTERY_1 and changing the location from 'customs' to 'interchange'. Thanks for the heads up, hope this didn't cause too much of a headache lol.

    • Hey good to hear. Not a problem at all! Thanks for the mod!

  • Would this work with 3.2.2?

    • Traps Custom Quests works with 3.2.5 and is 3.2.0, so I'd assume so, yes.

  • Thank you for taking the time to make these! They are great and youre right about pack 1 blending seamlessly.

    • Thanks for the kind words ^^. I'm working on a separate mod for quests atm so that I can use everything available to me. Means alot more features can be included in the quests so stay tuned!

  • I seem to be unable to place the Item required for "old Friends" no promt to place it appears in raid when i am at the correct location and idk what is causing the problem

    • Its the other bunker, Z-016.
      Author should probably update the text

    • Hmm, that's odd. The Zone ID is ZB-014. Unless Trap has accidentally swapped them around. Can you confirm that it places in ZB-016?

    • can confirm its ZB-016 as I just completed the quest and placed it there so it's up to you now Virtual which numbers get changed? otherwise cool idea for quests enjoying them so far

    • That's interesting, thanks for letting me know I'll change it now. And thanks for the feedback ^^

  • your mod is so excellent!!

    can i translate it into Chinese and share it in the Chinese community ?i will Label the original author

    • Sure man! As long as the original License stays with it you can do whatever you like. :)

  • Cardiac Arrest quest seems to be broken. Can't hand in the Tarcola's despite em being found in raid.

    • Well considering that the ID is just 'Drink', I can see why we have a problem lol. I've updated the file otherwise if you want to fix it just head into VCQ_PACK_1 and search for Cardiac Arrest. In "Accepted_items" beneath it replace that ID with 57514643245977207f2c2d09 and you should be good. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Good morning from Germany. (=

    I downloaded your quest line.

    The Log is telling me this.

    • Ah, thank you, all fixed. Just the wrong format for the quest. I've updated the file otherwise if you want to quick-fix yourself just head into the VCQ_PACK_1.json file and search for VCQ_13. Just beneath that is:

      "accepted_items": {

      "item": "5c12613b86f7743bbe2c3f76"


      Replace with:

      "accepted_items": [



      Thanks for letting me know :)

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    • I did what you told me. It works fine.


      PS: I know how valuable bugfixing is. ^^ I´m modding myself but not Tarkov, im modding Farming Simulator. ^^

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