Virtual's Custom Quests

A set of custom lore-based quests to fill that deep desire for more content.


A custom set of 40 quests that range in difficulty to vary the playthrough of Tarkov just a little bit more. The quests are relatively lore-friendly and are split into 2 packs. Pack 1 is an addition to the game's current set of lore-based quests and appears just as new content (A new player wouldn't be able to tell they aren't the base game content). Pack 2 is a mastery set that requires the player to move through different levels of elimination quests with various weapons and yield some worthy rewards. Both can be tweaked by the player or disabled entirely (just remove the .json file for that pack if you don't want it).

Contains translations for German and Russian users.


> Install Virtual's Custom Quest Loader

> Download the file and drag 'user' to your SPT-AKI install. The files will then be placed in their needed locations within VCQL.


Pack 1

Mall Cop

The Professional

Spicy Life

Exceptional Clientele

Rip and Tear

Cardiac Arrest

Digital Blackout


Espionage: Part 1

Espionage: Part 2

Espionage: Part 3

Bitcoin Billionaire

Old Friends

Send 'em Back

Hold The Line

Worthy Investment

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 1

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 2

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 3

Sat-Com Mechanic: Part 4

Pack 2 - Mastery

Elimination Conditioning

Elimination Conditioning: Part 2

Elimination Conditioning: Part 3

Elimination Conditioning: Part 4

Elimination Conditioning: Part 5

Exceptional Marksman

Exceptional Marksman: Part 2

Exceptional Marksman: Part 3

Exceptional Marksman: Part 4

Exceptional Marksman: Part 5

Close and Personal

Close and Personal: Part 2

Close and Personal: Part 3

Close and Personal: Part 4
Close and Personal: Part 5

Red Notice

Red Notice: Part 2

Red Notice: Part 3

Red Notice: Part 4

Red Notice: Part 5

  • Version

    Fixed and added 'Espionage Part 2' back to the quest list.

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0 and Higher

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 3.7.x

  • Version

    * Temporarily removed Espionage Part 2 from the quest list.

    * I will attempt to fix when I can and add it back.

    * Issue caused a glitch with the quest tab and a random "Factory Cleaner II" quest to appear.

    Special thanks to everyone reporting on the issue and to MooseOnTheLoose for figuring it out.

    *** I'm just now finishing my studies so I will be able to fix the quest (and add more ;)) shortly***

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0 and Higher

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.x, 3.5.x

  • Version 2.2.4

    Fixed incorrect location values

    Fixed incorrect reward for Espionage Part 2 (was 0.3 rep now 0.03)

    *Hopefully* Fixed Espionage Part 2 locate place task Made it worse :S

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0 and Higher

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.x, 3.5.x

    **HAS A BUG WITH Espionage: Part 2 breaking the game**

  • Version 2.2.3

    Added German translations. Courtesy of @Wobra

    > Install VCQL

    > Download VCQ

    > Drag "user" folder to your SPT-AKI install

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.0, 3.4.1 and 3.5.0

  • Version 2.2.2

    Added Russian translations. Courtesy of @djanbolt

    > Install VCQL

    > Download VCQ

    > Drag "user" folder to your SPT-AKI install

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.0

  • Version 2.2.1

    Removed all FIR requirements for items.

    > Install VCQL

    > Download VCQ

    > Drag "user" folder to your SPT-AKI install

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.0

  • Version 2.2.0

    > Install VCQL

    > Download VCQ

    > Drag "user" folder to your SPT-AKI install

    Works on VCQL 1.1.0

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.4.0

  • Version 2.1.0

    Once again, updated the main method of importing these.

    Now REQUIRES Virtual's Custom Quest Loader to be installed first.

    > Install VCQL

    > Download

    > Drag "user" folder to your SPT-AKI install

    Works on VCQL 1.0.0

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.3.0

  • Version 2.0.0

    Updated main method of the quests themselves. No longer using Trap's Custom Quests.

    Contains same content as V1.0.0 but without dependencies.

    You DO NOT need to update to this version if you already have a working version.

    This is compatible with Traps Custom Quests and you shouldn't see any issues.

    Next update will be more content.

    Known to work on SPT-AKI 3.3.0. May work on 3.x.x and 2.x.x - unknown. :)


  • Version 1.0.0

    Requires Traps Custom Quests version 3.0.0 and higher

    Works on SPT-AKI 3.1.x, 3.2.x and 3.3.0

  • 99% it works on 3.7.1

  • Hey i really love the Quest additions. Would be nice if there would be more handover x of x items quests found in raid, i enjoy those the most ngl. Mabye there is a chance to work on a few? :)

    • Haha, you are probably one of the very few people who like those quests. We shall see what happens ;)

  • i need a tutorial adding quests for modded traders , how to find modded trader id


    • If you haven't already gotten an answer to this, you would need to ask in the discord. I don't really touch adding quests to modded traders, just to vanilla ones. It COULD be as easy as setting the traderid to theirs, which would typically be in a base.json file - "_id": "cat". But there may also be some other quest stuff I've seen that the modded trader would need to initialize for quest support.

    • Thank you, i will try this out

  • no, it is in fact not shipped with package.json. triple checked.

    • but mod still works regardless, I unno man it is what it is.

    • ?? If you are referring to THIS mod, no it does not come with a package because it is not a server mod itself. It is loaded INTO VCQL and doesn't require one. If VCQL doesn't have a package then let me know, or if it came downloaded from another mod I can't help that unfortunately.

    • The person who commented below about that issue was referring to VCQL and was on an outdated version.

    • ah, well thats probably why people are having problems with this. Add a link to VCL so they actually see it lol (and most people dont know what a random abbreviation means)

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    • Wow I really didn't link it. Classic. I'm surprised you're the first one to tell me lol. Thanks for letting me know.

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  • Pls, update the mod to 3.6.0! Because, not supported...

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  • Mod (Virtual's Custom Quest Loader) is missing package.json

    • Just double checked the download folder and she's still in there, I'd just reinstall and make sure to follow the install procedure.

    • Might be because I am on 3.5.8 lol

  • Espionage part 2, I didn't find anything in the room or in the safe, as complete

    • It's a visit place task, nothing to find, just need to walk into the room.

    • I've been to the room several times and it doesn't complete the mission, is there anything I'm not doing?

  • Hey, Espionage 2 still seems to be bugged, no error messages shown on the server level, just can't complete the quest.

    • Nevermind, after starting a new profile, the quest worked. Sorry for the false report.

  • Hi, I just installed the Custom quests and loader and when launching i get this. Pretend i know nothing lmao

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')

    at C:\Users\austi\OneDrive\Desktop\spt\user\mods\Virtual's Custom Quest Loader\src\mod.js:73:27

    at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (node:fs:188:23)

  • There is no localisation for VCQ_10. I personally believe it should be Espionage Part 2.

    • Whoops, uploaded the wrong file by the looks of it. Thank you. Upload is fixed.

  • Exceptional Shooter: Part 4

    I kill all the raiders and PMCs from the SIDS, but the quest does not count.

    UPD: I replaced PMCs with Raiders - it doesn't work either


    • Ah yeah. Another bad capitalization. If you open the VCQM json and find

                        "_parent": "Location",
                        "_props": {
                          "target": [
                          "id": "VCQM_9_AFF_0_2"

      within VCQM_9, you can change "Laboratory" to "laboratory".

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    • Just checked (returned to the beginning through the Profile Editor), it works.

      Thank you very much!!!

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  • Is anybody else having issues with the task tab staying open and blocking the screen in AND out of raid?

    • same issue with a factory cleaning 2 keep active

    • We've hopefully identified the quest that was doing this. Thank you for reporting. The latest version should fix this issue.

    • Thank you, that fixed it for me!

  • Hi, Love the mod but I think I'm getting a task tab bug from it, also a quest called "Factory Cleaning II" has shown up as active, as soon as I remove the mod the game is behaving normally again. [MODDED] Task Tab Bug

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  • Have you used a translator to translate into Russian?

    • I have absolutely no idea how they were translated. The file was given to me by djanbolt. Is there an issue with the Russian locales?

    • yes. looks like um..cringe. why did the skier speak differently it's like he's 50 years old and he doesn't understand anything about smuggling

    • maybe i can translate it normaly? but i can understand how

    • Haha, fair enough. I had a quick look and they translate back over okay, obviously I can't check them in Russian because I don't speak it. I'm gonna be honest and say that this is probably just my shitty description writing. Probably 'cringe' from the start.

    • Basically, you just take the English variant of the locales file that is given in the download and change the right side text of each value into the Russian one.

  • espionage part 2 isnt progressing when standing in the room with the safe at dorms

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    • aaand just as i wrote this im stuck in the room and cant get out since the door now doesnt open again

  • can i make a translate files for chinese? this mod is excellent but it's just english....

    • Ah and can I republish it on the oddba forum ?

      if you dont mind....

    • Sorry for the late reply. This pack is actually already translated on oddba. In saying that though, you can do what you like, I don't mind :).

    • oh ok thank you

  • Kill PMCs on Labs with the SVD is not counting kills. Is there a detail for this task missing? Specific attachment or something?

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    • This is a bug in the quest definition. You have to adjust an entry in mods\Virtual's Custom Quest Loader\database\quests\VCQM.json.

      On line 1131 "laboratory" must be written with a small L, then the quest will work.

  • Espionage Part 2 gives 0.30 Peacekeeper REP, is this intentional?

    for context normal tasks gives like 0.02 - 0.05 rep

  • Hey! Espionage Part 2 does not complete when entering the room. I have been through every room in both dorms buildings and don't complete the subtask. I had this issue with GoblinKing mod, but was able to fix it by moving a BepInEx plugin into the proper folder. Any suggestions? All the kill tasks and turn in tasks work just fine.

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    • The kill PMCs using an SVD on labs doesn't seem to be counting kills either.

  • Hi, I seem to have an issue with having both these and the Goblin Kings quest to show up. I've got VCQL in (I believe) the correct spot, and extracted both the quest pack and the Goblin King mod into the correct spots, but I still can't see the quests. The server launcher will also give me an error saying the .json doesn't exist. Any advice?


    • Specifically, I get the following error in the server launcher:

      "Mod Virtual's Custom Quest Loader package.json main property points to non-existing file"

    • This definitely sounds like an installation issue. I'd probably reinstall both (shouldn't hurt your game) and ensure you put everything where it should be. VCQL should be installed first into the mods folder and the relevant Goblin King files into it (is just a few jsons). I would grab a new download because I'm not sure how the package has any issues since I have tested all current uploads.

    • I figured it just an idiot and there was an extra root folder, so the server launcher wasnt picking up the correct location. I got it working though, thanks for the reply, and awesome mod!

  • Sorry to trouble anyone, but when I try and install "VQC 2.2.3 the server tells me that the mod is missing package.json :/

    • Then you have installed it wrong. Move the file 'user' inside of the mod files into your SPT folder. Also you need VCQL installed prior for this to work. It is not a standalone mod.

    • :thumbup:

  • Hi, with me are instead of the mission names eg only "VQC_12 name" have I done something wrong?

    Trap's Custom Quests mod is installed.

    • Hi, I have now found out that it is due to the non-existent language file.

      I have therefore translated the language file to German. If you want to add this file to the mod then I'll send you the gladly, if more are planned I can also translate them. Otherwise I use the for me. Will the aucuh not upload or send further without permission.

    • Traps is only required for version 1.0 of this mod. Did you download the correct one? And yeah, I've only got English and Russian translations as of the latest version but you can just copy the locale from 'en' to another language if you can understand both.

    • I have only installed VCQL and this one. It was only because of the language.

      As I said, if you want to use the German translation I send you. I have translated all the quests in German. Also everything works.

    • I'd be more than happy to add the German translation to the mod. Feel free to send it through

  • quest "send 'em back" eliminate 10 raiders on the laboratory didn't worked, i've kill more than 10 and the quest didnt increase even single kill.

    • Ah, thank you. Thought I fixed this but apparently not. Download has been updated.

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    • quest "espionage: part 2" survive and extract didnt worked, tried to extract 2 times but still didnt count as extract

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    • quest "elimination conditioning" kill player with DVL-10 on interchange didnt worked. been tried with both version of DVL, not a single kill registered.

    • Thank you very much. All those quests were set to one session only and that sounds like a nightmare.

    • ah ok, thank you for your help. And i'll report here if there's another quest bug / troubleshoot.

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  • I use your's quests with Trap's mod. Will it have an effect on the profile when we switch to it? I don't think it will pass until I update the quests, but if we're sure it's okay, things might change.

    • Its the exact same content, so as long as you remove it from Trap's so they arent both loaded it will be fine. However you dont need to update to this for 3.3.0 as I haven't changed or added any of the quests.

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    • @Virtual are you planning on adding more quests in the future? I would love to see more added as I'm not far from finishing them :)

    • I do plan on a load more however, I spent a significant amount of time making the loader since Trap's mod only had so many features and I wanted a large variety of quests (in saying that I also wanted custom images). I'm looking at a quick balance update for the rewards and then will be onto new quests, releasing them 20 at a time hopefully.

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  • is there a way to rename these quests so i know which are vanilla or modded?

    • In the respective JSON files there is a "name" value for each quest. You can change this value to whatever you like and add something like [Mod] to the front of the name if you want to.

    • :thumbup:

      That's a pretty good feature idea for Custom Quests mod. i.e. the ability to autoprefix quest names

    • Custom Quests 3.1.0 is out!

      Now you can differentiate custom quests from vanilla quests thanks to the new default_quest_name_prefix option in config/config.json file

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  • Me again. ^^

    I have Old Friends from Jaeger. There is no Dialogue to place the Intelligence folder.
    It doesn´t work when i place the folder in one of the 4 crates.

    • The Zone ID's that I used were backwards, so I believe although it says ZB-014 it's actually ZB-016, so hopefully that one works.

    • The bug was sitting in front of the screen. ^^ I had the Version in use where i fixed the Tar Cola Quest. ^^ Sorry for the false alert. =)

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  • Just so you are aware, the quest close and personal: part 2 does not specify whether the player is to use a 9mm or a .45 vector. I obviously found out I was using the wrong one but it would be a good touch to change it to specify. great mod btw. much thanks for the time you put into it! thx.

    edit: I have now tried both vectors and neither work however I do have some mods that may be conflicting. ill see if I can resolve it by deleting them.

    • The issue for this one isn't the guns, it's because the location is set to Customs instead of Interchange. I've updated the file and you can just replace if you'd like, or you can just hotfix it by searching for the Close and Personal part 2 quest in VCQ_MASTERY_1 and changing the location from 'customs' to 'interchange'. Thanks for the heads up, hope this didn't cause too much of a headache lol.

    • Hey good to hear. Not a problem at all! Thanks for the mod!

  • Would this work with 3.2.2?

    • Traps Custom Quests works with 3.2.5 and is 3.2.0, so I'd assume so, yes.

  • Thank you for taking the time to make these! They are great and youre right about pack 1 blending seamlessly.

    • Thanks for the kind words ^^. I'm working on a separate mod for quests atm so that I can use everything available to me. Means alot more features can be included in the quests so stay tuned!

  • I seem to be unable to place the Item required for "old Friends" no promt to place it appears in raid when i am at the correct location and idk what is causing the problem

    • Its the other bunker, Z-016.
      Author should probably update the text

    • Hmm, that's odd. The Zone ID is ZB-014. Unless Trap has accidentally swapped them around. Can you confirm that it places in ZB-016?

    • can confirm its ZB-016 as I just completed the quest and placed it there so it's up to you now Virtual which numbers get changed? otherwise cool idea for quests enjoying them so far

    • That's interesting, thanks for letting me know I'll change it now. And thanks for the feedback ^^