Additional Gear - Vanilla Extension 1.0.6 (AKI 3.6.X)

Adds 12 retextured items (using already existing BSG textures) and 18 mesh (model) edits of existing in-game gear.

Requires my API mod.


- Adds 30 items in total.

- New items should be semi-balanced for mods that change armor stats (Realism mod for example)


- Add to traders (optional, true by default).

- Add to bots (optional, true by default).
- Adjusted following quests (optional, true by default):

1) The survivalist path. Unprotected, but dangerous.

2) Swift one

Imgur album of every item in this pack.

  • Newest Version doesnt show textures anymore, prior version worked flawlessly, no idea what is causing the issue

    • doesnt show textures on what items?

      issue was resolved on user end by reinstalling the mod

  • not showing textures it just has the doge

    • bv4uxTG.png

    • 0fZ5BHA.png

    • that's mega strange I have this issue with all custom guns, attachments, armor whatever item is a doge its really weird ?(

    • then i doubt its my mod's issue, i can recommend going to support forums

  • Is there any way to put the exact numbers instead of percentages in the armor durability section?

    Like a different script.

    • uhh, sure? i just did it this way to make sure it semi works with mods that drastically changed armor balance (like realism mod for example)
      just do blahblah.Durability = number; and blahblah.MaxDurability = number;

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    • The problem I was having is that I didn't know if the percentages are based on an absolute percentage (representing the total amount) or additive (which subtracts amount of armor).

      Sorry for my confusion and thanks for your time and for the mod.

    • ohhhh
      yeah, its the latter

  • *3.5.0 releases*
    Me: ''Pfft, no way I'm playing SPT with them garbage fashion choices''
    *JustNU updates mod packs*
    Me: ''Allrite streets... here I come!''

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  • Can you make a black version pleaseeeeeee

  • Do you think you could add an urban tan fast mt, its like the default one and imo looks the nicest…_83418.1671646798.jpg?c=2

    And something to consider: ULACH with rails and NVG mount…-Black-TQ-scaled.jpg.webp

  • Do you think it would be possible to see a version of the mod configured to use the armor classes and balance from SPT Realism?

    Love all the equipment, fills some missing niches in the existing armor 'ecosystem'. Great mod!

    • it should be doing that automatically, is it not doing that for you?

    • The items are appearing and are functional, but aren't inheriting the changed armor classes from SPT Realism. For instance, the original Bagariy rig with the BEAR tag is re-classed to Class 10 armor, while the three versions added in your mod (rig without tag, vest with and without tag) are Class 5.

      Are they supposed to switch? Another example would be the Trooper vest; the original item with the USEC tag does seem to have received both the SPT Realism stat changes (Class 7) and the title change from your mod, while the new item with the tag has distinct stats (Class 4).

    • They are supposed to switch, hmm

    • Just checked latest version of realism with my mod and it works just fine, are you sure you don't have some other mod that changes stats?
      can you show your mod folder? just upload it on imgur or something and link it
      can you also provide the pic of bagariy having wrong armor class?

    • The nature of the problem occurred to me laying in bed late last night, but I wasn't able to get around to fixing it until just now. I had SPT Realism loading *after* your mod - I'd added a couple Zs to the folder name to get it to load after SVM. Changing things around so that your mod loads after SPT Realism (which I'm sure is why you added the Z to your mod's folder in the first place) has completely solved the problem.

      Sorry to bother you about it - completely an end-user error. Again, great mod! Love the equipment.

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    • disable quest changes in the config files, as some other mod overwrote them