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    Replaced the file, used new profile with FIAT and other mods. Same as above, Overall tab lockup seems fixed, Player Scavs' appearance more consistent (but not perfect, first tested Scav was spot on but second again had mismatched upper body). I guess that's all it was, then. Not entirely sure how the profile got corrupted, but at least I don't have to do an entire reinstall of AKI or something to fix this bug.

    Before I replace AKI_Data, I wanted to double check what would happen if I tried a new profile without FAIT but with the other mods. I just did so, and that seemed to fix both the Overall tab lockup, and the Scav model discrepancy (at least for the second Player Scav I tested, the first didn't seem to match). Take from that what you will, I don't get what's going on with this bug anymore. Okay, now I'm actually gonna replace that file.

    Also have you tried starting without FIAT to see if that helps?

    if it does send me your FIAT file and I'll comb through and see what might be wrong

    I haven't yet specifically removed only FAIT, trouble shooting this has been time consuming. I have tried removing all mods AND starting a new profile, which seemed to fix it. Removing mods other than FAIT had no effect. I just now tried using all the mods on a new profile, and while it seemed to fix the Overall tab lockup, the incongruity between the first and third person scav models continued. Specifically, it seemed now that the first person arms & hands didn't match the third person model, but the first person legs did match those of the third person. Strange. I'll try only removing FAIT, and report back soon.

    well, then my only suggestion is to ditch the save, as there are 619 errors in the log file and almost all of them are item deserialization errors so your profile might be corrupt/damaged

    I am almost certain those are caused by FAIT and how it generates gear for the AI. FAIT even has an option to "Mute weapon generation errors", which hides the log files from being listed in the server while it generates AI gear sets. I'm sure if I continue to use FAIT it would continue to happen.

    Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce that error on my end. -I'm wondering if it might be due to some damaged files in Aki_Data? You might try downloading a fresh copy of SPT, and pasting in the fresh copy's Aki_Data folder to see if that makes a difference. You might also try making a new profile for testing purposes, just to check and see if it's some sort of corruption in your current profile.

    Possibly, but if I remember correctly this issue has existed across a reinstall of AKI I did a few months ago. Back then I thought it was caused by another mod. I'll try replacing the Aki_Data folder as you suggested. I'll also try using the mod with a new profile first.

    I've never heard about this issue before, I'm afraid. If you'd like, you can either zip your FAIT folder and upload it to dropbox (If you've done anything unusual, like manual edits to the bot_inventories files or the advanced configs) or paste your config here in a spoiler, and I can see if I can use your settings to reproduce the issue.

    I haven't manually edited bot_inventories or the advanced configs, just the GUI config editor. I did a slight edit to mod.js to use faction armbands for only PMCs, but this issue existed before that. I'll paste my config.

    Do you still have a profile saved that has this issue occurring where the overview isn't available? If so can you please put it into a google drive and send it so that I can load it up to see if its your AKI build causing trouble or if its just corrupted

    Yeah, sure, my current profile has this issue. You just need the JSON file, right? Would it work for you if I just used to share it, rather than Google Drive?

    This is an issue caused by having a mod that changes appearance and then removing it before said appearance item is removed like if you have a modded shirt for your PMC and remove it without unequipping it, the chest will be missing and the overview tab will be blank, you will most likely have to go into your player profile and find the scav section and restore which part had the appearance mod

    unless you didn't have a model/appearance changing mod then I'm stumped

    I don't have any model/appearance changing mods, and haven't in the past. Closest mods I can think of that I have used in the past were JustNU's More Variety (which basically did the same thing FAIT does with AI gear) and Cross_Actual's ENVG REDUX (added a new night vision headset, but I never got to use it in-game and as far as I know it didn't replace any existing items). I stopped using them as they became deprecated. The bug existed for me before I ever removed them, though. I have never used a mod designed to change/replace Player Scav's or Player PMC's default models/appearances, nor those of AI Scavs and PMCs.

    Weird haven't had any problems yet with FAIT, but does it work if you remove FAIT only?

    I don't know, I assume so. Fin's Choking Hazard fixes a bug in how shotgun chokes calculate their values, and the two Faupi mods only affect the UI and minimally so. And if I remember correctly, this bug existed before I ever used Faupi's mods. It must be FAIT. I just tried disabling all gear changes, and like I suspected it hasn't fixed the issue. I'll try disabling spawn changes, as I have a feeling that's the culprit.

    Howdy Fin, I'm here again with an issue concerning your mod. It might be one you're already aware about, as I have a feeling it's tied to how your mod functions. Here's the link to my Support Forum post about it. Basically, having FAIT installed causes my Player Scav model to be different in-raid compared to the one in the main menu/loading-into-raid screen. It also causes the Player Inventory Menu to lockup until the game is restarted if you enter the "Overall" tab. Is there anyway I can use you mod and get around this?