Gunsmith 2.0.8

sells gunsmith quest presets

sells gunsmith quest presets.

you might have to fold or remove magazine on some of them,

  • Make support thread with logs if you need support.

    • Clicking support thread just kicks you to the hub main page?

    • it seems its brocken atm, if you dm me with logs, ill take a look when i get to it

    • would Realism mess with this Trader?

  • Is there a way to change the way the name appears in the traders bit?

    It's a tiny thing, buuuuut I still felt the need to ask, it says "gunsmith" rather than "Gunsmith" but that really makes it look out of order with every other trader there.

    Is there somewhere I can change it? I was in one of the .json files trying to do it (maybe it wasn't a json, but I don't work in the morning.)

    It really is nothing, just me being all OCD, but if I can fix it I'd like too?

    Apart from that, nothing to report error-wise from it. (teensy bit of red text as the server loads, but I don't think it's anything problematic.) and I'm having fun / it's verrrrry cool. Thanks for the mod!

  • For anyone seeing only a couple of presets or perhaps having another issue with this mod.

    For either version 2.0.7 or 2.0.8, use this Load Order Editor mod to move Gunsmith to the bottom of the order (definitely after Realism and SWAG) but NOT below SAIN. SAIN should almost always be last as far as I'm aware.

    If you are using 2.0.8 you will still encounter the server error

    '[gunsmith] Preset items are not defined for preset: [object Object]'

    but it does not cause an issue as far as I'm aware. Possibly causing a hanging issue when trying to buy a gun in 2.0.8. Server error is gone in 2.0.7 as is the hanging issue.

    Hope this helps. Thanks to alex's pinned comment far down this comment section.


    Edit: When I tried 2.0.8, I could not buy the presets as my game would hang. I reverted to 2.0.7 and everything is working as intended. That could also because I'm running a lot of other mods. So try 2.0.7 if 2.0.8 doesn't work for you.

  • FYI The error at startup is because you use import * as presets which injects a "default" property that isn't what you expect.

  • Anyone else have every gun selling for 1 rouble? Or is it just me?

    • it’s with the latest version. I rolled back to 2.0.7 and the prices are back. Something on the 2.0.8 changed all the prices to $1

  • My probmel has been resolved by reverting Gunsmith to version 2.0.7 and putting it to the end of the load order. No server error about preset items not being defined either.

    It took a little tinkering to get it working but I'm sure this mod will save a lot of headache! Thanks for the mod

  • I don't know why but the first time I installed this trader, I could see every offer and it worked alright. After restarting the game I now only see 2-3 gun offers and they are all base weapons with no attachments. I also get the preset error when the server starts. Using realism and Raid overhaul.

  • get this error after nearly every raid and need to restart

    EXCEPTION: System.Exception: In response to Could not convert string to integer: 1716735603[object Object]. Path '[10].nextResupply', line 1, position 23682.

    • install correct version of the mod and client.

  • so i downloaded the 2.0.7 version and it working fine now (now missing pieces/random items)) but no Image for trader

    • Yea I did the same and it fixed the preset items are not defined bug, I think it has something to do with the newest 2.0.8 version because 2.0.7 works fine, especially since i do not use any other trader mods

  • Code
    Error: [gunsmith] Preset items are not defined for preset: [object Object]

    is not a bug that causes issues, most issues are mainly caused by conflict with other trader mods.

  • [gunsmith] Preset items are not defined for preset: [object Object] yeah get this error and the gun he sell isnt fully geared gun, only happen with the newest update

  • Ошибка - [gunsmith] Preset items are not defined for preset: [object Object]

  • Dropping this error : [gunsmith] Preset items are not defined for preset: [object Object]

    and sometimes freeze when i buy a gun , but works good :D xd

    • i couldnt figure that out, but its working so im not touching it :D

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    • it might be new version buggy bug .. :D

      Works ...?
      works .. no more question xD

    • same thing happened to me even in the last version of this mod. There are only a few guns and I get the error.

      Edit: Maybe because I'm not doing a mod load order. Tbh it's such a hassle to set that up and maintain proper order with all of my mods constantly changing versions and adding or removing mods. Any way around that?

    • load order doenst helped me , loaded first , mid , last , nah , smtg is "sus" in the last 3.8.3 aki version :D

  • There are like... 3 gunsmith traders rn lel, i think this one is the fourth...

    • This one is the original, the rest are copies or unofficial updates, you can see the posted date and author credited.

  • Hi! Love this mod to death. But does someone know how to lower the gunsmith trader's buying prices? I'm using a mod that shows me which trader buys my loot for most, and gunsmith ends up buying everything for the highest price, and I don't wanna sell to gunsmith.

    • it was an oversight left from testing, i might fix it for next update, momentary dix to this bug right now is "dont sell to him :) ".

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  • Hi, i install this mod, but on f12 doesn't apear. I install mod order i put it on last.

    Anything i m missing? This is presets, so will be on presets to build right?

    Thank you

    • This is the tader mod that sells the weapons of the gunsmith missions. After installing, enter the gunsmith trader from trader section and buy your weapon according to the mission. ;)

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    • But i dont have any Gunsmith trader. I have the normal traders, what is the trader that sells the weapons?

    • If you cannot see the mod in the game, either your SPT version is wrong or you are installing the mod in the wrong place.

      This trader mod for STP-AKI 3.8.0 (29197)


    • Yes i got the mod in Users and i have aki 3.8.0.

      MODS - Can check the mods

      Dont know why is not working.

    • The f12 key is entirely related to BepInEx client mods. This is a Server mod and has nothing to do with your problem. You have a problem with another mod.

  • I seem to only have access to the first 2 gunsmith guns. None of the others are available in the shop. Not sure why or maybe there is mod incompatibility somewhere.

    • just had a similar issue, probably cause by a conflict, the guns are loyalty level locked due to the trader only having 1 LL

    • This is just a standard trader mod, if there is a problem, it depends on the other modes you use :thumbup:

  • Huge Thanks to CilginDalgic for updating to 3.8.0.

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  • Hey , the "Gunsmith part2" is an AKS-74UN" not simple "AKS-74U"

    • Just fold it into the inventory and turn it in that way.

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  • 3.8.0 yay!!!

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  • Absolutely essential mod for skipping BSG's artificial time-gating in Tarkov.

    Looking forward to an update for 3.8.0 <3:thumbup:

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    • True so u dont need to close game, start profile editor, set to avalible to finish, save restart game and just find yourself in the position to get the next gunsmith quest and do all over again. Update would be very very nice


      use Skipper

  • Hey, is there any plans to update the mod?

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  • Item: gunsmith found in profile that does not exist in items db. You WILL experience errors, this can be due to using an items mod and removing the mod without deleting the modded items from your inventory. DO NOT USE THIS PROFILE. Open Aki_Data\Server\configs\core.json, edit 'removeModItemsFromProfile' to be true. This will allow the server to edit your profile and hopefully remove the bad items

    3.7.6. version

    • You should get SPT AKI Profile Editor and go to the "Cleaning from mods" tab
      Find the Gunsmith in the "Merchant" tab and select it

      Then hit "Remove the selected"

      And then remove the mod from the folder! Because this mod is not compatible with the current version.

  • I can't live without your mod. Please update 3.8.0 ...

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    • You could use SPT AKI Profile Editor to set gunsmith quests as available for finish, more tedious than this mod

    • I know, but it's a very tedious task.

  • i downloaded the mod and i have the gunsmith part 2 quest but the gun doesn't have the right build i'm playing on version 3.7.6 i don't know if this is a problem with my game or something else

  • working on 3.7.6?

  • This somehow breaks the game, when i delete this mod it still remains in the game no matter what, any fix?

  • Just a heads up, this mod (atleast, I didn't check your other trader mods) isn't adding the new trader to the `Traders` enum, as required in newer SPT versions. This is causing users to see an error in the console about a missing modded item.

    Example trader:…3AddTrader/src/mod.ts#L59

  • The MP-133 is always not available for purchase and out of stock for me.

    • it resets every 5 min

  • Anyone come across an issue turning in the weapon and the complete button is not there. The quest was finished as i see the blue check ,but cant complete it.