Better Lasers 1.0.1

5 mW Lasers

Updated version of my old mod.

Makes lasers more visible.

  • is there gonna be a 3.8.0 update? Or is there a different mod for this?

  • Is this work on 3.7.4?

    • Yes. Working fine on the current 3.7.6 version also

      Late reply but it might help others.

    • Thx for the late reply. Will try it again :thumbup:

  • how to install ? sorry to ask, nice work.

  • Thank you so much :thumbup:

  • Forget about the bots, can I SEE THE F"N LASER is the right question, and this mod solves that period. Thanks for the effort.

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  • Do bots also can see it better? Or this is just visual to the player?

    • I guess that is not affected, but I'd like to know too.

    • Since I use SAIN might be just because of the mod. But I want to know if they can see it better now.

      Edit: Nvm SAIN doesn't work on 3.7.1. It says plugin is off. So it works as intended, just for the player.

    • Bots are blind to laser and flashlights

  • I have been waiting for this to be updated! Thank you!