Fontaine's Anti Cheat (FAC) 1.0.0

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Removes equipped gear/loot if you alt-F4 during a raid.

Fontaine's Anti-Cheat (FAC)

Inspired by Fin's old anti-cheat mod, but this is entirely written by me.

Find yourself spamming alt-F4 when you die in a raid to avoid losing your gear because you lack self-control? I sure have. This mod will delete the gear/loot you went in with and found if you don't exit a raid properly (except secured container and special slots obviously). So if you alt-F4, or the game crashes, you will lose your gear, just like live!


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  • fac.

  • Can confirm that this mod also works for 3.5.0 for those who have mods that otherwise wouldn't work with 3.5.2; cheers!

    Very nice mod!

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  • Been using this since it dropped. I hate you with a passion now. Absolutely despise you. Never in my life on SPT have I ever been so mad I walk away from my computer because I suck and now can't alt + 4. HOWEVER, this has kept me honest and has made my game so much more "live" like and I love the struggle. So yes, I hate you. But I also love you. Kinda like my relationship with tarkov. Therefor thanks. I think.

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  • Just a small bug/quirk to report, and it's probably a limitation of the engine if anything, when you're doing a scav run and you alt+f4, the inventory of your PMC gets cleared rather than anything to do with your scav (ideally it would just kill that character and start the cooldown for the next).

    Honestly, with this in mind, clearing your pmc's inventory is probably MORE of a disincentive to alt+f4 than losing your scav ^^

    • hmm maybe I can think of a way of addressing that in future

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  • OMG, why did you tell us that, now we are all cursed by the alt-F4 maneuver and depend on your mod to maintain self respect!! This is a conspiracy!!!!

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  • lmao this is great

  • I didn't even know you could save your gear by using ALT+F4 before I saw this mod. I should probably download it just in case!

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  • sad that you cant reconnect in spt

  • I know i need this yet i'm not gonna use it for obvious reasons

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  • Ashamed to say I needed this...

    btw user folder is named "users", idk if intentional or not

  • nahhh BSG inserted a spy 🙄🙄🙄💀💀💀

  • Ngl bro I rage alt + 4 harder than a 10 year old who just got told he cant have gta v on release day. So yes i will download this. Maybe then my play through will be more realistic than never losing a kit. I dont know why I am saying this but W mod

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  • Better anticheat then live tarkov

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  • It saddens me that I need this, but I do, thanks for making it.

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