Heartbeat Sensor 1.0.0

Scan 180 degrees ahead every four seconds, up to 10 enemies 50 meters away

I don't know how to model it, it's just an original frame scope that's stretched out, so it doesn't look very nice :kekw:

You can buy the HeartbeatSensor from Prapor,Mounted on the left side of the weapon

Scan 180 degrees ahead every four seconds, up to 10 enemies 50 meters away

Fold by hitting T

Place the 'AT.radarmod.dll' in \BepInEx\plugins folder

Place the 'AT-HeartbeatSensor' in server mods folder(user\mods)

  • please update!

  • translated by the translator:

    Thanks for the mod, but it doesn't work. I installed everything according to the instructions


  • Yo, I dunno why but my sensor doesn't work as it should, I've installed the mod as instructed yet its just not scanning as it should. Could this be a mod conflict or something else entirely?

  • Hello Im sorry i think i may have installed incorrectly but al i have in game is a DOGE Block that completly blocks my line of sight when I use the heartbeat attachment?

  • Will you update this mod to 3.6.0 by any chance?'

  • Hi dear AT123 ! 1st big thanks for your mod.

    I wish to tell me, if i can configure 'key' for fold this atachment because 'T' is already used by 'Flashlights and Lasers' and by 'Malfations' combinated with 'ALT ans CTRL'...

    Thanks again bro !

    • If I had time, I would consider setting up a button to act as a switch bugcatworking

  • Not sure to post this here or not, but for some reason the sensor after killing a scav or pmc it will say there is a target in front of me but nothing is there and if i point in a different direction it will still say something is there when again there isn't. Help?

    • I know the only way to fix it. First throw away your weapon and then take it back, that's all. Have a nice game!

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  • will there be a version on this mod for other version spt ? 3.5.0 for example ?

    • Works on 350-356

    • on my3.5.0 doesnt work ((

    • make sure your 350 not BLENDINGEDGE

    • i just have bleedingegde ))

  • if i can get you a proper model that would feel like something BSG made, can you add it instead?

    • UZilXOt.png

    • No problem at all bugcatdrunk

    • yq2MVJx.pngit's getting there, do you have discord by any chance to get in touch with you directly?

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    • Can you upload to drive.google? I dont have discord

  • Uuu, is this the Aliens pulse scanner? I hope you bring it very close to that. :love:

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  • I wait for model upgrade so much! Also, how about making the screen less futuristic?

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    • I personally like sci-fi animefingerdancing

    • I agree, a more restrained style and perhaps the color of the panel itself (from green and bright to dark with white markings) will be more pleasant for the overall mood of the game. I hope the author will listen and finalize the mod

  • Honestly really nice mod but sadly that Heartbeat sensor just feels way too big for me :D

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    • This will shrink together when Redo the shape

  • good mod

    mw2 flashbacks

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  • Just tried it, it works pretty damn well. Would you consider adding a config.json where we could easily change the options (i.e. Trader, Scan degrees, Scan interval, # enemies, distance) or would we just have to find the values in the existing \db and \src files? Thanks in advance.

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    • The configuration will be added in subsequent updates. Currently, you cannot modify the src file

  • Will you do an update for the model? The sensor is awesome and works perfectly but the model really disturbs the immersion. You are very close to a perfect product tho and its a bit sad to see it like this. Anyway thanks for the awesome mod!

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    • I'm sure it will, because I'm not happy with the look either

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  • This mod would be amazing with a better model. But good job on the scripting!

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  • This is an interesting thing for Tarkov, but I think it would be worth repainting the scanner model itself in a dark color. To make the flaws less noticeable

    • I think its missing a texture layer, thats why its glowing.

    • Actually, I gave it a little glow effect, which made it look very reflective kanapoker

  • does this work on 3.5.5?

    • work on 350-356

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    • package.json, "akiVersion": "<3.6.9", ??? Planning on supporting for quite some time are we :)

  • kana_oO You got the directional radar working. Very cool animeokay .

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    • Yes, I did this with the existing tutorial bugcatfat

  • Ле че да руки откуда такие

    • Nanosuit mod.

    • the mod is 3.5.6 why not upgrade the game?

    • my spt on 3.5.6, lol kek cheburek

    • Make sure the files you put into the mod folder are AT-HeartbeatSensor animefingerdancing

    • You put the source code where the compiled mod goes.

      Click Download, then head to Assets and click on the `AT-HeartbeatSensor.zip`

      There should always be a package.json file in a server mod folder.


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