Energy Gun Shield AKI 355-356

from Titanfall 2,Mounted on the barrel of a weapon, it activates the gun shield, comes with health, duration, and cooldown,color will change as health changes.This can be changed in the F12 Configuration menu

You can buy the EnergyGunShield from Prapor,First press T to call out the icon. Check whether the icon is available according to its color, then press the middle of the mouse to start the shield(red/green mains disenable/enable)

Gun Shield default health is 1000,can changed in the F12 Configuration menu

The gun shield is not invincible. It will be disabled if it takes a certain amount of damage,The damage is determined by the bullet's own damage,This means better protection against bullets with high armor penetration

Place the 'AT.EnergyGunShield.dll' in \BepInEx\plugins folder

Place the 'AT-EnergyGunShield' in server mods folder(user\mods)

Note: that the middle mouse button will press if the weapon is stowed on the back while Gun Shield not turned off

  • Version AKI 355-356

    Thanks to Pettan for the translation

    The original failure caused by forgetting to upload the complete file has been fixed :(

  • Hello friend, is there any way I can make it work myself in the current version here?

  • I can't find Gun Shield in the ConfigurationManager.

    • Make sure your AKI version is 3.5.5 or 3.5.6

    • My version is 3.5.6. Maybe it's something wrong with other mods.

      By the way, all the mods you made are amazing. Thank you so much.

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  • Due to my oversight, the original version didn't work, but don't worry, it's fixed now killme

  • Amazing job. The quality is amazing, your skills would definitely be useful to BSG :senkosmug: