Boss Feminization ♂→♀ 1.0.0

This mod feminizes gluhar,killa,reshala,sanita,shitman,costumes cannot be purchased, only used by bosses,The rest of the characters are in production

This mod completed by AT and 痴呆猫(chidaimao),All clothes were modeled by 痴呆猫(chidaimao),originally released in:

This mod was made possible thanks to the release of the SDK! If the SDK updates the character voice, the accompanying female voice will also be made(So it's still the original male voice bugcatdrunk )

Feminizes gluhar,killa,reshala,sanita,shitman,costumes cannot be purchased, only used by bosses,The rest of the characters are in production

ps:The photographer died many times to take the following pictures

Place the 'AT&chidaimao-BossFeminization' in server mods folder(user\mods)

This mod may be affected by other mods that modify AI

You don't have to use it if you don't like it, but don't insult this mod


  • Super cool mod but I got two main questions.
    1. Will you update this to 3.8.X?
    2. Will you add them to the options for faces for players? :3c

    • You can just copy the face code of the boss you like and paste them into the save file to replace your character's face slot code.

      You can also have the HALO mod which offers a female voiceline

  • Hoping you add the Goons, Tagilla, and as AT mention the possible Kaban on ODDBA. thanks

    • They already finished Tagilla

  • Thank you for making this mod! I've been dying to be a female OP and this with the skin switcher mod looks like it can do that for me. I can't seem to get it to work though. I installed it correctly but nothing is changed.

    • its only a reskin for the bosses

    • Just copy the face code of the boss you like and paste them into the save file to replace your character's face slot code.

      You can also have the HALO mod which offers a female voiceline

  • will we get the version on Oddba with the Goons as females on SPT Hub eventually?

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  • is there any plans to get this updated to 7.5?

  • Does this work on 3.7.4?

  • Would love to see this updated to the most recent version.
    We can't even get the original from the forums since it requires paying for a registration code (using wechat pay or alipay), in order to pay another fee to see the download.

  • Could You turn the Goons into females as well? or possibly Kaban?

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  • This appears to work in 3.7.0 to me. It'll flag as pre-3.7.0 (and then show up as outdated in the launcher). I just modified mine to say it's fine for 3.7.0.

    All it does is load in models and then sets those models as the respective boss models. (So I can't imagine this would touch anything AI-related. )

    As disorder1829 notes, you can also use the models for the player PMC by going to <SPT>/user/profiles and editing the .json for your profile (make a backup first). Then find the PMC customization block (pretty close to the top). Just pick a skin, leg and head (they seem to mostly work together).

                "Customization": {
                    "Body": "sanitaskin",
                    "Feet": "sanitaleg",
                    "Hands": "5cde95fa7d6c8b04737c2d13",
                    "Head": "gluharhead"

    Gluhar: gluharskin, gluharleg, gluharhead

    Killa: killaskin, killaleg, killahead

    Sanitar: sanitaskin, sanitaleg, sanitahead

    Reshala: reshalaskin, reshalaleg, reshalahead

    Shturman: shitmanskin, shitmanleg, shitmanhead

    (They'll still sound the same.)

  • Is that work at 3.7.0?

  • your work is wonderful.

    Please make all the characters beautiful girls.

    I would also like to see some nudes.

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  • Hello, may I ask why package.json is displayed?

  • me when free estrogen shots

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  • Will this mod ever receive an update? It looks like there's more to the mod on the Chinese website than there is on this site?

  • People really be going out of their way to comment hate on this, instead of scrolling past it, real mature guys. Good effort mod, hope more of these kinds of model changers would be more of a thing, not necessarily just "anime" or "female" models.

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  • The author just shows the rough model of Tagilla and hope it will be ready in few days or weeks

  • I love sanita's model. I manage to use her head model for my character. Will her clothes useable in the future?

    • how the hell did u do that

    • Open the mod folder, get into the 'db', and open the 'customization' folder. Finding the boss head you want to use, open it and copy the id. Then just use this id to overwrite your character's head id in the profile document

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    • This is an example of my profiles.


      "Customization": {

      "Body": "reshalaskin",

      "Feet": "reshalaleg",

      "Hands": "hands_scav_gorka4",

      "Head": "reshalahead"

      In this way, my character's whole body becomes Reshala. If you change your clothes, it will return to its original state, so do not move it.

    • did you get this working in raid? i cant seem to load in while I have the body and legs on my pmc

  • more like anime-ization

  • This is the first step towards a dark rabbit hole that will ruin the image of this community. This mod should not exist. Anyone who downloads this is a neckbeard.

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    • Why is it such a problem if they want to add woman? Are you Nikita?

    • Adding women isn't the problem. At first I didn't care abt this mod, until I actually read the comments and looked at the photos. Plus, the mod is more or less just another anime mod that this site has hundreds of.

    • Nobody is forcing you to download the mod or read its comments. You may not like the mod, but you don't have to play with it installed.

      Furthermore, the notion that this mod is gonna ruin the image of the community is laughable. People who hate SPT will hate SPT regardless of the content of any mod, and I doubt BSG is gonna sue SPT on the grounds of this mod existing.

      The claim about the potential of a "rabbithole" is also a bad-faith outlook on the rules and community. There are rules in place against any illegal or (subjectively and as defined by the developers) offensive content. I haven't seen any R18 mods on the hub and if one were to be submitted it would either A) be taken down or B) marked and censored as such.

      Also, I see two comments that would be widely considered as "perverted". There's a few trans jokes (not at the expense of transgender people in my view), a few negative reactions, a few positive reactions, and some feedback or questions.

      And the images are maybe a little lewd, bit certainly nothing explicit. They're anime-esque versions of the bosses.

      And referring to everyone who downloads this as "neckbeards" is just childish.

      TL:DR, Your arguments are bad and you can play the game how you want.

  • Now if only you could make a voice and player model mod for PMCs, if you do it'll take months but will 100% be worth it animehappynod

    • check out the new halo mod, it adds female pmc and voice

  • You dropped a bit of overwatch in my copy of tarkov, I demand a refund.

  • oh yeah, its all coming together

  • next injector should be estrogen shots, then I could forcefem scavs

  • Y'all need Jesus.

    • They need more than that. Maybe something more like an actual life. A little bit of grass touching, a sprinkle of human interaction, and maybe they should attempt talking to a women of any kind.

  • One question. This japan or chine website mods is only this language, or english? this site is huge, and lot of mods not this site.

    I want to take a look at it from here, but I don't know if it makes sense if it doesn't have English.

    • The site is aimed at Chinese players, so there is no English :(

    • :( lot of mods interesting and lot of modpack making this site...

  • Does it replace the models or just overlaps them? I would want to use these on my PMC.

    • It's not a replacement file,if you want to use these on PMC, the only way to do that is to modify the archive

  • war.. war never changes, or maybe it does? I don't know anymore.

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  • Oh hell yeah, this is awesome! ty