Boss Feminization ♂→♀ 1.0.0

This mod feminizes gluhar,killa,reshala,sanita,shitman,costumes cannot be purchased, only used by bosses,The rest of the characters are in production

This mod completed by AT and 痴呆猫(chidaimao),All clothes were modeled by 痴呆猫(chidaimao),originally released in:

This mod was made possible thanks to the release of the SDK! If the SDK updates the character voice, the accompanying female voice will also be made(So it's still the original male voice bugcatdrunk )

Feminizes gluhar,killa,reshala,sanita,shitman,costumes cannot be purchased, only used by bosses,The rest of the characters are in production

ps:The photographer died many times to take the following pictures

Place the 'AT&chidaimao-BossFeminization' in server mods folder(user\mods)

This mod may be affected by other mods that modify AI

You don't have to use it if you don't like it, but don't insult this mod


  • more like anime-ization

  • This is the first step towards a dark rabbit hole that will ruin the image of this community. This mod should not exist. Anyone who downloads this is a neckbeard.

  • Now if only you could make a voice and player model mod for PMCs, if you do it'll take months but will 100% be worth it animehappynod

    • check out the new halo mod, it adds female pmc and voice

  • You dropped a bit of overwatch in my copy of tarkov, I demand a refund.

  • oh yeah, its all coming together

  • next injector should be estrogen shots, then I could forcefem scavs

  • Y'all need Jesus.

    • They need more than that. Maybe something more like an actual life. A little bit of grass touching, a sprinkle of human interaction, and maybe they should attempt talking to a women of any kind.

  • One question. This japan or chine website mods is only this language, or english? this site is huge, and lot of mods not this site.

    I want to take a look at it from here, but I don't know if it makes sense if it doesn't have English.

    • The site is aimed at Chinese players, so there is no English :(

    • :( lot of mods interesting and lot of modpack making this site...

  • Does it replace the models or just overlaps them? I would want to use these on my PMC.

    • It's not a replacement file,if you want to use these on PMC, the only way to do that is to modify the archive

  • war.. war never changes, or maybe it does? I don't know anymore.

  • oh hell nah

  • bro what

  • Oh hell yeah, this is awesome! ty

  • too far, we have gone too far, strayed too close to the sun and burned our wings


  • "Therapist laces Tarkov's water supply with estrogen"

    Happy 2
  • oh well *unzips pants*

  • Why

  • They must be putting something in Tarkov's water supply..

    • "They be putting Chemicals in the water, that TURN THE FRIGGIN FROGS GAY!" *Alex Jone Grunting.Wav*

      Thumbs Up 1
  • really?

  • Oh yes asian girls yes ofcourse yes yes all like asian and anime girls yes yes cool wow yes


    • It's not mandatory to use the mod, you know

  • and of course its all asian/anime-ish looking females killme

    Thumbs Up 4
  • Works great with some headsets too.

    Its good to see some new character models and heads in the game. kanawow

  • Nice mod, I did not have any problems whit it on 3.54


  • Mate, don't pretend that you have no idea why you're here

    It does what it says on the tin. You will no longer be the one wearing the pants after downloading this mod.

    (I have died a couple times analysing the bodies ngl...)

    10/10 very hot

  • Nice mod, but...

    Wait, feminization? That is, they are not... Okay the mod is still goodanimeokay