No Fall Damage 2.2.1

Now you can practice your parkour without fear of breaking your ankles every time you miss a step!

Do you long to soar through the skies like an eagle (if only temporarily) without having to worry about what happens when you hit the ground? Then this mod is for you - it removes fall damage so you can jump off of WHATEVER YOU WANT.

  • Bro, are you planning to update your mod?At least until 2.2.2,please

  • need update pls, for Christs sake

    • The version I've just uploaded should work - let me know if you have any issues

    • works!) arigato sir

  • Awesome mod for us super casual players

    This is a great mod. It was the first thing i looked for and install. I know life gets buys so i am patiently waiting on an update to the latest version. Thanks again!