Featured Quick Move To Containers 1.0.2

Quickly move items between your inventory or stash, and any open container(s)

Have you ever bought a shiny new Scav Junk Box, and dreaded the thought of shift+clicking a bunch of items into your sorting table, then individually dragging them into their new home?

No more!

With Quick Move To Container, now you just need to open up your Scav Junk Box, and Ctrl+Click any compatible item to have it instantly teleported into that container. No more mussing and fussing with moving items around.

Can also be used to move items between two compatible containers by having both open, and Ctrl+Clicking an item (For example, sorting ammo between Ammunition Cases)


1) Open the downloaded zip file in 7-zip

2) Select the folder in the zip file in 7-zip

3) Drag the selected folder from 7-zip into your SPT folder

Demonstration Video (Yes, it's Quest Tracker, but the same concept applies to all of my mods, I'm not making mod-specific extraction example videos. No, you don't need to drop it onto LICENSE-Launcher.txt, just drop it into your SPT folder):



There is only one option, which I recommend leaving at the default value of enabled

Target All Open Containers (Default: True):

When enabled, Ctrl+Clicking an item will look through all open container windows for a compatible target.

When disabled, only the topmost window will be checked.


There are no currently known conflicts with this mod.

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  • Version 1.0.2

    This mod was written to be generic, and support as many future versions of SPT as possible. Currently only tested on 3.8.0

    - Don't add the current items container to the list of target containers

    This should resolve an issue where items would be quick-moved to the first available slot in their current container, instead of the inventory/stash

  • Version 1.0.1

    This mod was written to be generic, and support as many future versions of SPT as possible. Currently only tested on 3.8.0

    - Fix a potential issue due to not limiting the patch to just moving items between inventory/stash

    Remember kids, don't program while tired :sleeping:

  • Would it be possible to make a version of this that depends on the "com.stayintarkov" instead of the "com.spt-aki.core"?

    I really enjoyed this in SPT and now that im playing SIT im missing it.

    but even if its not possible, or you would rather not make a different version, thank you for your mod and the time you spent to make this.

    • No

      I'm glad you enjoy the mod though

  • So, weird question. I noticed that it seems like money auto-moves to Docket Cases (from WTT Pack'n'Strap) if i have them in my stash when I sell stuff to traders, which is cool. But i've been noticing that when I get out of raids, the money in a wallet in my secure container is also gone, like it's being auto-pulled into the stash somehow.

    Any idea if this is because of Quick Move to Containers?

    I am not sure what could be causing it.

    • This mod does nothing automatically, it just patches the destination list for items you Ctrl+Click on.

    • cool, good to know. thanks!

  • I dunno man.. it doesnt work for me??!!

  • Today I had a ton of stuff to move to a junk box and now I found this mod. LOL

    Thank you!

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  • The absolute best QOL mod that should have been a base game function. One issue I'm having occasionally is double click is equipping items, specifically weapons instead of inspecting.

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    • This mod specifically hooks into the code to find a location to move an item, it doesn't actually modify the behaviour of clicking

  • Guess I don't get the functionality. Control click just moves everything from storage to your PMC's storage regardless of item.

    • It will prioritize moving items to the currently open container, so if you open for example an ammo case, and ctrl+click ammo in your stash/inventory, it will go into that ammo case

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  • Very good idea!! Love it!! Thank you for your work! :thumbup:

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  • This is such a QoL improvement, thank you!

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  • this is huge big time big boss

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  • Best mod ever made

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  • Thank you for this amazing mod!

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  • Another episode of "Mods that should have been a default feature"

    Thanks for the work, man! <3

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  • thank you! i dont understand why this isn't a standard thing, do bsg not play their own game and see how annoying this shit is!?

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    • What, you don't like playing Tarkov tetris in the stash more than being in a raid? Crazy talk. :S

  • Any chance you could add a possible feature to this mod to move the items into a specific container using a certain tag on the container? In or out of raid??

    • No, if you want tagged based sorting, look into the Inventory Organizing Features mod

    • Sorry I dont think I explained it well. I guess im just looking for a mod that while in raid will let you Ctrl+Click an item to send it to a specific spot without opening the case beforehand, like sending dogtags directly into your dogtag case or money and keys directly into your docs or Sicc case

    • That is not the purpose of this mod. You can look at Inventory Organizing Features and see if it handles things in-raid or not, but that's not functionality I plan to add to this mod

    • Ok I gotcha thanks

    • you'll need to wait for cactus pie to update their mod for the @loot feature but they havnt updated any mods to 3.8 so im not sure how long its going to be

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  • Sexy

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  • QoL Mod 2024 in my opinion lol

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  • Hello, this mod does not work conversely, for eg: Ctrl + click does not allow putting an item from container to stash directly, instead it puts in the inventory of the PMC, in the backpack or pockets

    Otherwise it works perfect

    • The mod doesn't change the priority of the existing targets when you ctrl+click, so you're most likely ctrl+clicking an item in a container in your stash, which even without this mod would default it to go to your inventory

    • Oh okay my mistake, sorry for that.

      But if you could, can you make that happen in a future update? Thank you for your mods!

    • It wouldn't make sense to, if you open say your med case to get prep'd for a raid, you don't want Ctrl+Click to put things into your stash, you want them to go to your inventory (The current default Tarkov behavior, that this mod inherits)

    • Ah yes I guess that makes sense.

      Anyhow thank you for what you modders are doing for the Tarkov community, yall are a godsend fr

  • GOAT.
    This man sees every opportunity as a door that can be opened.

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  • Amazing. Simply amazing. :thumbup:

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  • OMG <3 :thumbup:

    You know what we need, and you make it happen :!:

    Thx for all your ups

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    TYSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭

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