Realism Compatibility patch for Massivesoft's Tavor, Type64, M14, QBZ-03, and JAK-12

Realism Compatibility for Massivesoft's Weapons

Every weapon (except the 1911CE) should be balanced for realism use, Only issues I know of so far is the new 7.62x25 ammo is not scaled properly with realism.

Feel free to leave any balancing suggestions or issues in the comments

Plan to keep updating if Massivesoft adds anymore weapons

Drag and drop the folder into your root spt folder


  • The 7.62x25 ammo Is not changed sadly

  • Hey man everytime I try to launch the server, it says "Mod PETTEN-Guns_Massivesoft is incompatible with SPT-Realism" even with this mod installed, any fix?

    • Pettan's port of Massivesoft's weapons is incompatible with realism, to remove the error you need to remove "SPT-Realism" from the list of incompatibilities in package.json.

      If that seems complicated, you can use the files directly from Massivesoft's profile as they've been updated for 3.8.x (except for .308 KRISS Vector). This option also doesn't require a new trader for the guns as the guns will be added to the assort in the vanilla traders.

    • Not sure if this works with Pettans port of his mods. I would just stick with massivesoft's mods directly anyways.

    • Pettan is ridiculous, why be so against what people want to do with the guns that all he did was port?

  • Tried to do the new 7.62x25 ammo but I could not get them to work, might attempt it at a later date but for now this will be it. IF you want to edit the values within the mod itself, you can do so in "user/mods/Mass_type64smg/Mass_type64smg/items_clone/ammo.json". Keep in mind that if Massivesoft updates the mod again you will need to redo this ammo change manually again

  • Super glad this got made, but I noticed the 2 new 7.62x25 ammo types added by the Type 64 mod haven't been made compatible, they still have vanilla-ish stats.

    • Thanks for the kind words, had no idea the type 64 mod even added ammo. Am currently working on changing some stats around for the tavor and will add this and the ammo in the next update